Everything Wrong With Moana In 15 Minutes Or Less

Publicat pe 13 oct. 2018
*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 4/25/17*
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What can I say, except... we found some?!
Next week: Something comic-y and something sci-fi.
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  • Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

    • CinemaSins can you please do middle school worst years of our lives

    • +72marshflower15 #cuckflakes

    • +PersonGuy3000 thank you I'm telling them that now

    • +PITTSBURGH GIRL lisa ROXXI sandoval I know we all downright *HATE* this video

    • +Saad Sufian Finnaly an intilect of a higher power

  • But the water isn't cold at night???

  • Also what about when moana was screaming at the ocean and maui didn't hear shit?

  • And that litle piggy stay tiny even when moana grow up

  • I found one that you missed when Maui stole the heart in the first place he struggled getting through that small crack as bug but when the island started to become dark and crumble away he has no problem to get out😞

  • 0:18 The Bible says that the entire world was covered in ocean once! THE BIBLE SAID SO!

  • Those coconut pirate things are based on creatures in puerto rican folklore(I think) and are supposed to fear the color white.

  • 3 out of 1000 is the odds

  • Wait is cinima wins related to your channel or did someone just copy

    • I’m quite certain it’s related

  • Do. Bolt.

  • 10:51 WANT TO DIE

  • 5:36 that guy doesn’t have any nipples. In fact no one has nipples. Sin for incorrect anatomy.

  • Speaking of this movie, here's a dark joke. It's about pork and Pua. Pua is sad when he hears the compliment about the pork, as if he knows the fate of pigs is to be delicious when they die.

  • But let’s be real; and just appreciate the amount of research that Disney put into this movie to make it as accurate as possible to Polynesian mythology and culture ✌🏻💙

  • DO YOU KNOW THE WAY the song proceeds to say WE KNOW THE WAAAAAAAAAAaaay

  • The burying an eel and getting a coconut tree is part of polynesian mythology. 1 sin off

    • Polynesian as in Maori Polynesian?

    • It might be Polynesian but this is based on Maori things

    • Polynesian? Isn't this based on Maori things?

  • the lava monster didnt have the weird spiral thingie on her chest before they returned and put the heart back in there

  • Turning into an evil lava monster who will destroy the whole world doesn't define her because,... female empowerment?

  • I agree with everything you said about Tudyk

  • Middle finger to science? The movie is based on Hawaiian mythology you dense fuck

  • upskirt

  • The coin master advert: that person seem dumb

  • Hi

  • Why do these Polynesian ppl speak English as their dominant language??

  • Before watching video: Me: you say whaaaat? After watching video: Me: oh..............

  • Not trying to annoy you but the world was just water and then islands started to form. And science proved it. Love the vids, there funny!

  • Imagine being THIS guy while watching a movie.

  • .-. Yes there was a time it was only water and no land were to exist above water but that was..... before the Cambrian explosion

  • 8:52 I love that laugh

  • 5:19 It's a Samoan talipalau drum... So it's a drum

  • Marijuana, make way, make way!

  • Science says the ocean was completely in water

  • 1:55 basically he survives this

  • This dudes laugh is iconic

  • 6:54 this ALSO exists *ding*

  • 5:15 this is a drum you dumb fuck *ding*

  • 2:52 this actually happens, I live in a tropical country (PH)

  • There actually was a time where earth was only water, you stupid idiot

  • The crab is bioluminescent btw since you to correct every mistake soo don't be mad k You make some good vids keep up the work

  • In the beningging

  • I kind of wish you guys took office in for the whole shiny sequence. Not only is it just a good Disney villain song it really does paint a good picture of who Maui is. In this song it basically reveals that all of Maui's false bravado is just a cover up for the fact that deep down he feels worthless and he really doesn't like himself that much. Which is amazing in the stark contrast of tamatoa, who was someone who started out not liking themselves very much and then actually got a sense of confidence. That's some good writing Disney

  • Another sin would be that how the heck HeyHey the chicken even got on and in the boat. Not to mention how it took this long for Moana to find him. I would add 2 for that DING DING.

  • This guy would be a great dad.

  • I have no idea why but I think Moana is sexy like if you argee

  • People: were dying Moana: what if we go farther The dad: NO Moana: why? The dad: THE OCEAN IS A DEADLY LAZER

  • Some pigs can swim

  • You should do one of the first episode of game of thrones

  • that baby turtle found a mom ????????????

  • You missed the massive statue of Maui in the boat place. DING

  • Dear Cinema Sins, why do you mark a sin for narration

  • The whole “planting eel guts and getting coconuts” thing is actually part of Polynesian mythology. In the myth a god named Maui ( yes that is his real name in the myth.) recuses a maiden named Cena by killing a eel and burying its guts. Also when Maui buries the guts a coconut tree sprouts from the ground and that’s how we got coconuts.

  • Why did you not sin the fact the the green girl was the lava person so she was in too spots

  • 4:01 I would also add 5 sins because geysers mean there is lava under the island(and probably an volcano in the close area), it means they live directly over/close to an volcano that could errupt anytime and destroy the entire island, but they are too scared to swim too far because there can be a storm that could sink a boat, LOGIC

  • This video is so insensitive jeez. Yoy guys did next to no research and subsequently disrespected many cultures in the process. Nice one.

  • At a point in time earth was an ocean ;)

  • I'm pretty sure some of the things you sinned were from the actual mythology the movie is based on- not saying that it was wrong, just that it wasn't the movie's fault.

  • Technically, there isn’t a fish hook CONSTELLATION but there is a fish hook ASTERISM and Polynesian people did use it for navigation

  • 15:38 Lol wot

  • Animation meme sins

  • Maui's backstory is based on an actual Hawaiian legend about an actual demigod named Maui. Do your research before sinning

    • again these sins are comical so he may know about them but he's just doing his thing.

  • the whole movie is based on myth and culture every single part in maui's song from maori myths including the part where he kills an eel and it sprouts a coconut tree

  • Jesus threw 3 possessed pigs off a cliff so yeah, it’s Biblical

  • This video was so offensive and ignorant and narrow minded... And not like it was for comedy, you guys stopped being funny a long long time ago

  • You forgot that how the pile of rocks on the mountain will someday be too high and loose it balance . Another thing is how you know how moana put a sea shell on that pile ? Well what about the next chief ? They would have to crush the shell ! 😂

  • What else can i say exept? THE N WORD

  • "Maui's mother tossed him into the water" No wonder he did the same to moana

  • Let’s not forget the fact that their teeth is literally perfect and they have NO hair on their body. How?!

  • BUT there is so many things wrong with movie I agree with you

  • I don’t care if the video is re-uploaded you shouldn’t have uploaded it in the first place. (*infinite sins* for trying to ruin the reputation of Moana LAZZZY I dislike this.

  • My sister thinks the is NOTHING wrong with Moana and she reported this video because of you trying to ruin Moana’s reputation and I agree with her sorry

  • @CinemaSins actually, when the world was flooded (just after the meteors stopped hitting earth so much) and there was no land around until loads of volcanos erupted and became land.

  • Back in high school I had a friend that could break a coconut open with his bare hands. But he was bigger than normal. Still cool to watch every time.

  • 8:52

  • Did anyone else see the sun drop flower from tangled near the end when the camera pans to moana's parents

  • Moana's Father - asgore Moana - frisk Moana's Mother - toriel *sorry* -not sorry-

  • 12:12 2016

  • Actually the earth did have only water at one point

  • It's 100% because plot

  • If I was doing CinemaSins: *the movie is about to end* Me: Buuuutttttt, Lin-Manuel Miranda helped make this move so remove ALL SINS!

  • My BruDDas tHEy knOW dA wAe!

  • Have they ever eat anything except for the banana while they were sailing??

  • This movie gets played at least 10 times per day in the house. THATS WHAT my niece and nephew LOVES OVER AND OVER

  • "Pigs hate water" Then I guess every single mini pig I've met, seen and owned were fatass dogs in disguise.

  • Maybe the God of the Sea, Poseidon, is controlling the sea and chosen Moana.

  • U missed a. Sin the giant. Snow monster from frozen is in the daycare

  • “It’s Ocean god...I think” Me:” *OcEAn MAn TAkE mE bY thE HaNd* “

  • 20 sins because CinemaSins has no concept of Polynesian culture

    • Mmmmhhhmmm yes he doesn't know of Maori Polynesian


  • Read the real Maui book

  • what if jim parsons went "bazinga i hate gays" and killed his husband

  • Everything wrong with moana in 15 minutes or less...... video is 16:10

  • 6:03 water will go through you, how could it carry you?

  • 8:17 Thats based off actual hawaiian mythology.. I have family there :p

  • What if the buddy was more than a "buddy". That's why he is so hurt

  • 8:16 that's in polenisian culture, it's very unsin worthy, unlike my spelling of polenisian

  • The odds are 1 to 859,000

  • Everything wrong with Moan (a is blocked by time stamp) oh yes daddy

  • You put a sin because you would write a clitche joke about trying to save a cute creature and indirectly sending it to a even greater danger? Hipocrasy at it fullest. Also i like this channel.

  • "This movie does flirt with the mystical." Nah not really. The volcano god, the building sized singing crab monster, the underworld, the plague of death, the literal living ocean, the demi god, the actual god of life... just some light flirting

  • Wow, he doesn't believe that the world was only ocean at some point! It's like he's never watched Moa... Wait...