Experiment: XXL Firecrackers in a Big hole

Publicat pe 22 ian. 2020
#MyExperiments #Underground #BigHole
Today I will test various firecrackers underground.
Do not try to repeat what you see. Safety comes first, I use face protection.
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  • А что если в яму положить несколько петард, потом кинуть туда одну и посмотреть что будет??

  • We used to lay a small piece of wood on top of the big firecrackers and put a full can of soda on top of that to see how high it would fly....

  • You don't get the class 5's in Russia? A little smaller than a baseball?

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  • CEO of not using firework as a toothbrush

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  • Está muy bien eso por favor más si te doy los comentarios que hace y para todos

  • I know you guys did this all for fun and curiosity but one thing you guys should know that firecrackers are not good for our environment and while doing this experiment you guys polluted both the air and soil.......😔😞😟

  • cool

  • The best thing that you do: Throw all rest to the rubbish Thank you for your videos and thank you so much for clean the place x3

  • Thanks for your job

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  • Its look like a erupting volcano

  • this is how australia got caught on fire IT WAS YOU

  • this is so stupid nothing even happened next time do it all at the same time

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  • I guess you could say it’s a blow hole

  • Un español aquí

  • Me: And you Sir, what type of leisure activities do you do in your freetime? Russian Doomer:

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  • Now air is polluting

  • Ya the last one was soperrrr perfect

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  • I want to see the inside of that hole

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  • The last one was so perfect

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  • Don’t you idiots understand putting sugar in the ground kill polar bears

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  • Experiments: slime vs bomb, bomb vs car truck, bomb underground ro-tv.com/tv/video-zWp5nvHk70c.html

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