Film Theory: How NOT To Train Your Dragon! (How To Train Your Dragon)

Publicat pe 23 mar. 2019
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Ever wonder what it would be like to have your own pet dragon? The How To Train Your Dragon movies have made us think it would be a fire-breathing good time! Except they never actually tell us HOW to train a dragon or if it would be a good idea in the first place. I mean, these are dangerous wild creatures! So today I'm out to give us a FINAL ANSWER! Should you try to train a dragon? Let's find out!
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • pocho the crocodile: "Am I a joke to you???"

  • Well I have a friend that has a very loving alligator

  • Film theory you forgot one thing. that this lizards or dragons are as big as people so of course they would have bigger brains than real life lizards. And in the side show series (I forgot it's name but it does go with the movies) toothless does get angry when he sees a skrill.

  • OK good vid but you are wrong cause dragons aren't big lizard with wing but the are big tigers modified with wing

  • Instead of having war in the comment section, why don't we ask Cressida Cowell

  • Maybe they evolve emotions from the queens

  • How to make a Lot of Fans angry

    • In Germany the movie Name is how to tame your dragon (1:1 translate)

  • This triggers me...

  • Actually you can train alligators.

  • I’m so sad 😞 these were my favourite films lol so sad :(

  • "these dragons are glorified cats!" "cats are real pets" "these aren't real pets!" the math aint addin up somewhere

  • 4:22 Ohhh you mean there was a such thing as dragons but then humans changed them into lizards. Good job humans you ruined my life!

  • What i heard in the intro "beauty and the beast cut down to one word"

  • You just went a bit too far for me soooo DISLIKE

  • You're missing the point. Dragons in the HTTYD universe are NOT just like lizards, they display near-sentient behaviour throughout the serious. And seem to even be able to feel and display complex emotional behaviour.

  • Dragons are actually birds, but hey, that’s just a theory-

  • im gonna teach a lizard how to shoot a gun, you cant stop me.

  • Read the books

  • U dont know but huccup designed a self contolled tail, but toothless smashed it. Plewse look in deeply in the short episodes before u talk shit pleade, thank u.

  • aren't birds warm blooded reptiles or something like that?

  • That would be badass though if you could have a lizard trained with to shoot a rifle imagine you just have a team of highly trained lizard assassins with rifles lined up and ready to fire ready to take out an entire enemy camp worth of officers from the shadows in the Treetops and they would be mostly hidden from thermal detection you could use local species of lizards so that it doesn't look out of place and you can disguise the gun as a that shriveled-up leaf stuck to its back

  • I've never heard the term lizard brain used as a term I've heard Birdbrain but not lizard brain

  • In the series created after the first movie Hicupp creates a tail that allowed Toothless to fly independently, however Toothless stayed with Hicupp and actually disliked the tail wing and threw it. Toothless stayed with a freewill so it may be assumed that it was wrong in d first movie however if u haven't seen the series it's incorrect to say that he had no will. I mean why else would Astrid had said something between the line of the third movie by saying " This didn't work d first time, why would it work again?"

  • Birds: Am I a joke to you!!!

  • While this is correct, it’s an animated movie that doesn’t follow our real world standards, so, they could be biologically different

  • I’m sorry Matpat but most of this video is invalid since dragons have more complex brains than your average reptile

  • Who's to say that reptiles couldn't evolve over time to become more intelligent, flying, fire-breathing... *AP Bio flashbacks* Oh, that's a lot to ask of a reptile isn't it. Well, that's why it's called DREAMworks, right? Because this would only happen in our DREAMs! (Sorry, had to do that)

  • 1) giving the dragons actual reptile brains is pretty lazy, since they show a more diverse range of emotions than a lizard 2) in the gift of the night fury, Toothless chooses to break it off. You can see him think it though. I think part of the reason Hiccup never tried again since then was because he wasn't sure if Toothless was going to break it again.

  • So what if dragons weren't reptiles? What if they were more closely related to birds? I know you can train birds, so if they were more like that, then you could

  • Cough cough they are basically cat cough


  • What are you trying to prove here?

  • what if dragons are not reptiles i mean the movies look like a reptile but they are caricatured like dinossaurs and dinossaurs were birds so maybe hey are some other kind of species like an massive fire shooting featherless bird

  • Your premise that dragons only have a reptile brain is completely invalid because of the very obvious social structure seen in the movies. The mere fact that dragons appear to be social creatures mean that they would have evolved areas of the brain needed for social interaction independently (convergent evolution, think bats and birds). This is also obvious when we see that Toothless stays with his mate after impregnating and raising their young. These 'social' parts of the brain would allow them to feel affection for their humans and make training them, like one would a mammal, possible. The animals we choose to domesticate are usually social animals. Cats (yes, even cats), dogs, horses, cows, sheep, chickens etc. are all social animals. And as we see in the movie dragons are in fact social creatures capable of complex emotion, unlike other reptiles.

    • Oh, follow up, these dragons are endothermic. Only endothermic animals curl up in order to conserve body heat as we see Toothless as well as the Terrible terror doing in the first movie.

  • booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooo

  • Matoat

  • 🖕🏻you are a mother f@cer

  • Why does this have more likes that dislikes!!!!

  • With all due respect, ARE YOU SURE YOU WATCHED IT? LIKE, AT ALL?

  • Um, you have to consider that A: These are supposed wild animals, warring on a tough, hardened tribe so Hiccup doesn't know how he's supposed to treat creatures. Also, in Gift of the Night fury, Hiccup does give him an independent tail, but Toothless declines it, because he wants to be together. It's only when he has something else--A mate, the Lightfury-- that he wants to, because it is then and only then does Toothless actually have something else besides freindship with Hiccup. His instincts then take over. You're also forgetting that this is a DRAGON, not just a lizard or snake. In fact, most of the dragon models were based of mammals, birds and insects. For example, Toothless was based off horses, cats, and dogs.

  • When ur that girl who still hasn’t seen the movie cause ur parents won’t buy the dvd

  • I think the biggest question should be how did the vikings not die from altitude sickness

  • Ok cool learning about the brain but toothless brain is more evolved then a gecko or a crocodile

  • I can't make my gecko shoot a 1911 i are sad now

  • The original book had toothless a small green dragon without any teeth and to train him they talked and so on

  • I love you matt

  • Matt pat: no stupid bad idea

  • He’s a “slave” and so are injured tigers, eagles, every other animal in the entire freaking world

  • While I was watching this I got an ad for the new how to train your dragon game😂

  • I got a httyd and on this video