Film Theory: How NOT To Train Your Dragon! (How To Train Your Dragon)

Publicat pe 23 mar. 2019
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Ever wonder what it would be like to have your own pet dragon? The How To Train Your Dragon movies have made us think it would be a fire-breathing good time! Except they never actually tell us HOW to train a dragon or if it would be a good idea in the first place. I mean, these are dangerous wild creatures! So today I'm out to give us a FINAL ANSWER! Should you try to train a dragon? Let's find out!
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and BanditRants
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  • but matpat, they aren't reptiles they're just cats with wings so

  • hiccup and toothless: *become friends* MatPat: TOOTHLESS WAS TRAINED BY FORCE!!!

  • Dude wtf


  • Matpat Sry if I dislike u but Dragons show emotions And the people that like the movie is offended

  • Um how do i put this dragons may have or not different organs then lizards do so they might have a similar brain of a horse but I could be wrong but I still think dragons have fisticated brains than other reptile do

  • But again it’s just an animated movie for little kids

  • Four words disprove Toothless is enslaved: Gift👏 Of👏 The👏 Nightfury👏 You watch that holiday special, Toothless gets that self working tail in the holiday special and then proceeds to ONLY use it to go get Hiccup's lost helmet and then proceed to destroy it because he WANTS Hiccup to fly with him. Hiccup ONLY gave him that tail because he knew the Lightfury would only accept him if Hiccup was absent thus, self activating tail. Dude, you gotta see it.

  • Worst Theory ever.

  • Anyone find that article he uses at the start 😂

  • DRAGONS BELONG IN THE WILD!!!!! or... in a fictional universe that they live in...

  • While I also disagree with this theory, please, fellow commentors, while you have all rights to voice your opinions about said theory, instead of just calling it downright bad, I advise that you give a list of things that you thought were weaker points and try to come up with ways to improve on them. - Or, add in your own input and knowledge about real life in order to counter this theory! Also, to those who are disagreeing with FTGHTATYD for the sole reason that they love HTTYD too much or were raised around it, you're being unfair to the content creator because your bias is closing you off from this new idea about said franchise. I appreciate the reasonableness that has already been shown in this comment section

  • toothless is much smarter!!!

  • hiccup hurt toothless on accedent!!!

  • and its tailFIN

  • i hate you now. i ADORE these movies and you just ruined it all

  • I am so glad that someone is finally standing up to these movies and have prove!

  • How dare you make this video

  • Well, I mean, he did do this so the dragons weren't being killed. So if the dragons understood stuff like that, they may have preferred that to being killed, no disrespect, love you Matt!!!!!

  • The game that sponsored him was actually really good

  • I got a Stockholm syndrome add

  • One problem with the theory.The dragons could have evolved to have the limbic system because they are far more advanced than some lizard.

  • Okay there are a lot of things wrong with this this so I'm gonna make a list: 1. You edited the 3rd movie into your hand in the beginning 2. You said yourself that Dragons are like glorified cats then say they are like reptiles even though cats have complex emotions 3. This is another universe so just because the dragons are reptiles doesn't mean they act like them. 4. You are using select pieces of information like stuff that last a couple of seconds over things that lasts for minutes that say otherwise What am I on? 5? Lets just go with that. 5. You say that hiccup trapped him when he couldve made a tail thingy for him in the first place. Guess what he couldn't he was just experimenting to try to help him he finally found something that worked that happened to need hiccup to use he tried to make one that he could use on his own but it failed. Then later in the third movie there was a use for it so he made it and it was lucky and worked 6. They bonded it wasn't Stockholm syndrome!

  • I would compare them with more of birds and mammals than actual reptiles

  • Just stop it’s a movie You don’t have to be so mean

  • Dragons wouldn’t be reptiles. :| They’re endothermic, so might possibly be closer to birds. Like dinosaurs. Or, since they’re make believe... like cats, as they showed.

  • It should be called how to domesticate your dragon

  • But the dragons literally trust them have u seen riders of Berk ,defenders of Berk ,race to the edge and in defenders of Berk toothless was given a tail that he can fly on his own but toothless doesn’t want u send u don’t know the series

  • First video of yours I disliked and that is because you only told the information you wanted to. Like the tail, Hiccup has made toothless a tail that is fully controlled before in the shows but toothless did not want it because of the relationship they had... I feel like you did not watch two of the major HTTYD series.

  • Dragons are fictitious creatures. Because dragons are fictitious creatures, the author has free reign to create their level of emotional & intellectual intelligence however they wish in order to fit their story. You are equating them with real world lizards. Which is the equivalent of equating humans to apes. Yes we do share some traits, but humans are not apes (mostly) and apes are not humans. By the same token, dragons are not lizards & lizards are not dragons. Even though the animal is called a komodo dragon, it is in fact a monitor lizard.

  • It's called Loyalty.

  • Plz make are dragon real I’ll love that video

  • I want a snake i get bullied hey come to my house i got a present for you

  • The dragons in the movie act like dogs so I think you can train them

  • Mat, these dragons are clearly not emotionless husks running on instinct only. Its shown in the movies that trust and friendship can be developed. And to call Toothless a slave would be too far-fetched. True he does fly away once he gets his tail back but hes clearly not as dumb as an animal. Have you even looked at the way he interacts with others ?! he understands that hiccup tries to help him, or at atleast knows hes not trying to hurt him. And for Hiccup, this is the first time he constructs these sort of devices so it would take quite the time to develop a prosthetic self-functioning flap. Hiccup trying to mount toothless is quite reasonable considering the sittuation. Toothless understands that without Hiccup he cant fly, so he allows him to mount him. Eventually, these two develop a bond that i could compare to a horse-rider bond or even a stronger one. Also for the Snoggletog special Toothless literally destroys the self-functioning flap to stay with Hiccup. In other words, you ignored obvious evidence which throws your whole "you cant train your dragon theory" out the window.

  • books or movies? *cough cough* books

  • Matpat you reaching hella hard

  • It f**king sh!t

  • Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this theary

  • Toothless is not a dragon he is a giant scaled cat with wings 😡 its common sence

  • your fucking up my childhood shows dude XD stoppppp i only subscribed to your channel because it actually makes sense but get off these childhood shows cause their fuckin with my brain lmao

  • I guess you can't assume the dragons don't have emotion just because real life reptiles don't.

  • I'm sorry but the story is based in the Viking era not now

  • Dude...please don't do this to people...Oh you did it

  • What if those dragons are saurapsids,now extinct reptile-like MAMMALS

  • I want an iguana reckon expert

  • Bad theory, yes sure. But to MatPat's credit, he did say he hasn't watched HTTYD before he started working on the theory. He probably did this just to capitalize on the movie. Not a good thing either, though.

  • HTTYD: Toothless HTTYD:THW: Toothpaste Only movie-goers get it So no MatPat Sorry but true

  • I now hate Madpat

  • Madpat:YOU SHOULD NOT TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. ,,Me: don't you start this shit

  • Wow are u fucking kidding me

  • Did he even watch gift of the night fury he refrences it but incorrectly like he just tried to ruin the movie for views without doing proper research or work

  • While it's a good theory and is well researched, it has been proven that the dragons in httyd can feel emotions and in Riders/Defenders of Berk Gobber has said that dragons have "very complex emotions" they are able to hold grudges and form bonds. Toothless has shown that he loves Hiccup and is visibly upset when (Spoiler for httyd 3) He says goodbye to Hiccup and also expresses joy when they fly or mess about. This also goes for the other dragons.

  • It's either a meme or someone that is annoyed at his theory. You did a fantastic job with your research, but I'll have to say, you missed a few parts. While in the movies it is not shown, there is a part in the 3rd movie when Astrid says that last time he rejected it, which means that the other parts of the series are canon. Which pretty much means that : 1. Dragons do feel emotions, although they aren't as good at showing it as the people on Berk or Toothless (he's legit expressing human emotions at this point) 2. Toothless could fly on his own, but decided not to. Like Hiccup said, he didn't need it. The theory itself is really well thought, and even if it had mistakes, still a 10/10 from me.

  • If toothless could fly away on his own (in the gift of the nightfury), why did he come back to hiccup and CLEARLY wanted hiccup to put back the "prothetic tail"?

  • Dragons in the movie are as intelligent as the people. They have emotions, are smart, all of that. The only thing they have not is ability to speak. But they understand every word the people are saying and react to that appropriately.

  • For everybody who wants to know,TOOTHLESS DOSE HAVE TEETH.

  • Excuse me while I go watch an Iguana act like a dog.

  • So the movie chooses a wrong title. How to domesticate your dragon. got it.

  • Hiccup actually gave thoothless a tail he could fly alone but turned down the offer due to the relationship they had before the finial movie

  • The dragons are sad cause you think there as intelligent as lizards. SAY SORRY TO THEM NOW OR I'LL TELL ASTRID TO SPANK U >:0

  • I think you forget that toothless has a personality like a cat and inelegance and feelings of humans. The movies aren't the only things in HTTYD there are shows which further their emotions. You can't compare these dragons with komodos which aren't EVEN DRAGON. Their brains are different and evolved. Also if Toothless WANTED to be free and "was being imprisoned" he would of just run away. You didn't watch his facial emotions either. Toothless loves hiccup enough that he'll let hiccup ride him again after toothless was already free. I think you missed some facts on this on...

  • Just a few personal nitpicks: - Hinging the argument on "Dragons wouldn't have emotional complexity because existing reptiles don't (not can't, just don't) have it" isn't very solid grounds for a theory. People aren't going to be satisfied with that because it's a pretty shallow argument that only accounts for one single possibility and ignores any other. - Not allowing Toothless control over the prosthetic tail fin could have a variety of reasons. Maybe Hiccup didn't know how to make one that could at that point. I mean, he was what, 14? And he wasn't well trusted with crafting judging by comments on it in the first movie's intro scene. He definitely knows how to make a human controlled one, but not necessarily how to make one that a Dragon could control. Also worth noting, Nightfuries _are_ regarded as the most dangerous and mysterious Dragon on Berk at the time. Giving Toothless the ability to fully fly on his own could have been disastrous for all Hiccup knew. - Having control over the fin in the special can be explained by how they're, at that point, pretty solidly a team and work together when flying. They both have moments in the series where one makes a better decision in flight than the other, and neither has full control on their own over that flight. - A better analogy to compare that to real life would be hunting an animal, injuring it in a way that effects the animal's mobility, realizing you can't hurt it and feeling a connection to it as you begin to understand there's more to them than what you were told, and attempting to care for that animal by helping them do the things they can't due to the injury. Sad and awful initially? Yes. Anything like using a shock collar to have control over a dog? No. That won't ever stop producing distress, shock or even pain, if it did it would lose the effect. Any attempt to fix the mistake of injuring the animal would likely distress the it in some form as they adapt to it, the goal should be keeping that distress as minimal and temporary as possible. Toothless adapts to being ridden extremely quickly, and with far less distress than something as normal as breaking in a horse (wild or otherwise) for riding would produce. It's not that unethical assuming that the reaction Toothless had stays the same. - Lastly, Toothless was netted in the middle of a Dragon raid on Berk and his injury caused by the crash landing. It was an action taken in defense and ignorance of why the Dragons did this that never gets repeated to train the other Dragons. Other Dragons seemed to be "trained", in the sense they're docile and allow people to ride them, when they were approached carefully and calmly, and given good scritchies. They're basically sky doggos.


  • Good theory but how do you know if made up species of dragon has the necessary parts of the brain or not?

  • Tim’s father is Ash

  • Dragons are dragons not real life lizards

  • Hey what is dragons wave do you have that thing

  • but matpat in the third movie while hiccup was making a tale for toothless hiccup and astrid was having a conversation about pickup already doing that a tail that can be used by toothless alone the astrid specifically said that they already did that and toothless didn't want it so you're theory just goes downhill because it is already addressed in the the third movie that he already tried to do that but toothless did not want it but in the third movie toothless has a reason to want it that is actually what you need to be looking for details in the 3rd movie

  • Weeeelllllllllll this is... accurate, as always, I would argue things like the books that present much more advanced species of dragons that have somehow developed mammals characteristics and complex thoughts and emotions (not to mention they can speak) but then again, the movies have nothing to do with the books so yeah, you can only argue that dragons could be a superior evolution of lizards that have the beginnings of neo-cortexes that allow them to feel simple emotions

    • Dragons in the movie are as intelligent as the people. They have emotions, are smart, all of that. The only think they have not is ability to speak. But they understand every word the people are saying and react to that appropriately.


  • Hmmmmm....... I hate you now good bye

  • Now someone is just very very strange.......0:17

  • People in the internet are just weird.....0:11

  • Birds (which are just fluffy reptiles): Am I a joke to you?

  • My bearded dragon loves me!

  • Why doesnt Toothless kill Hiccup?

    • Because Toothless isn't evil. And because dragons in the movie are as intelligent as the people. They have emotions, are smart, all of that. The only think they have not is ability to speak. But they understand every word the people are saying and react to that appropriately. So Toothless know that Hiccup freed him from bolas and he knows that Hiccup brought him a food.

  • 7:00 i died

  • how do you know that dragons dont have the brain part that makes them love you

  • Decent points, but i was just thinking how much shit they would drop on the houses..

  • God damn it mat pat, I didn't want to watch this theory before I watched the movie, turns out I didn't need to since you only looked at the first and oh my no, you overlook the dragons are clearly shown to have a lot more advanced brains then reptiles, enough to compete with humans. Sure, maybe Hiccup was a bad trainer, he was the first one to try in the universe though and had no research papers or hindsight to call upon so was going at it from scratch. Sure he injured the dragon but in the end didn't kill them, would you call the humans who first worked with wolves a good example for modern people to use on dogs? But he still tried.

  • Love your channel. But this theory is on par with the ness is sans theory in levels of absolutle bullshit. There was a guy a while back that saved a crocodile and the crocodile clearly responded with *kindness, trust, and affection for years.* but well shit according to this shitshow of a theory, that is simply *impossible* . Seriously though. This theory is just embarrassing on how bad it is. Link to Chito and Poncho the Crocodile: I get that comparing universes and creatures from different universes to our reality is kinda your job, but this is one of those scenarios that just doesnt work. These dragons obviously dont fucking act like the reptiles in our universe. They show affection, trust, and kindess, along with other emotions to such a degree like a cross between humans, cats, and dogs. Did you even watch the fucking movies or animated series or any fucking thing relating to the series Matthew Robert Patrick?

  • Maybe I watched the video wrong. I thought he was theorizing training an actual lizard and how it wouldn’t work in real life. He’s not wrong. A course in the movie world you can train a dragon. But I’m pretty sure he just meant irl.

  • We may not be able to create giant flying lizards, but could we create giant flying dogs? Edit: also, to everybody freaking butt-heart about one guy's theory, he's talking about how POSSIBLE it would be to TRAIN or even create a real life dragon, not entirely based off the ones in the movie.

  • How come your theories always have a lot of dislikes? They're really good theories.

    • This theory is kinda bad. Dragons in the movie are as intelligent as the people. They have emotions, are smart, all of that. The only thing they have not is ability to speak. But they understand every word the people are saying and react to that appropriately.

  • The books are better

  • Matpat: reptiles can’t form attatchments to humans Me to my tortoise: .....

  • A dragon that can’t fly is a dinosaur

    • Well, dinosaurus means horrible lizard. So yes. :)

  • What most people dont realise that the relationship between drags and vikings is absolutely horrible. The dragons are not just like your friendly samoyeds. If you watch all 3 movies, you will realise that the dragons are intelligent creatures, capable of expressing emotions and logical thinking. For example, when hiccup was rejected by light fury, he was sad and tried to get outta her friend zone. So, how would you think you would feel if you knew you had to listen to humans like they were your masters. The relationship is like rick and morty. Morty loves going on ricks adventure, but starts to dislike and at some point hates rick when he realises that he was just a tool used by rick to hide from the galactic federation. Its like being aware that youre a slave but cannot leave.


  • y all da h8 4 matpat

  • Welp that’s another child hood movie that is ruined for me by matpat jk love you

  • You are assuming too much about how similar dragons are to real reptiles. They're warm-blooded, presumably, so they aren't exactly the same.

  • But if they are smart, can't you develop a codependent relationship with them? One in witch if they needed you to fence from a predator and you needed them to fence from another, being together and moving together would be tho only way to carry on. Couldn't a lizard acknowledge that?

  • I like this theory, I really do. But one hole I have noticed is that you are comparing dragons to actual reptiles, seems fine, however... They are being mind controled by a much more massive dragon. How does that happen when it comes to brain power? Endorphins? But the mind control cant be endorphins or something of that nature, because toothless ends up resisting it. I'm curious on your theory on that to be honest, since it wasn't addressed here. o-o

  • Made good points, but he ignored the brotherhood they gained

  • 0:59 Forgot Godzilla Also, later in the video, Matpat became yeah...not a good theory...

  • A dragon who can't fly is a dead dragon? Speed stingers aren't extinct... Prove that theory, bitch!

    • That quote is directly from the movie. :)

  • You ignored the fact that eventually Toothless started loving Hiccup and all the other dragons that didn’t rely on their humans could leave and attack whenever they wanted. But they didn’t because they didn’t like their old lifestyle. Also they were safe from dragon hunters. And in the short Toothless didn’t want to leave. He only wanted to fly with Hiccup. Your beginning points were correct but everything else was easily debunked. The reason they released the dragons in HTTYD 3 was because they found a safe place for the dragons with no danger of the dragon hunters. All the dragons realized that they had a safe place to go and why stay when you can be safe basically forever. The humans realized that too. You only skimmed across everything they were doing not going into depth.

  • You are wrong... Toothless wouldn't leave him, he didn't want the tail that hiccup made for him, until he fell in love with the light fury