First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite: New Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family

Publicat pe 10 iul. 2019
A new addition to the Nintendo Switch family will arrive on 9/20. Nintendo Switch Lite is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take on the go! This dedicated handheld device lets you play all Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode. It will be available in three different colors.
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  • the switch lite is basiclly a next gen 3ds with steriods and down on gen with the nintendo switch! :(

  • This is coming out right after my birthday

  • Were are all going to raid Area 51 just to find it’s a storage facility for switch lites

  • Yo Nintendo should stop bringing out new stuff so quickly no offense or anything though. The switch was only out for 2 years and they already made a new version of it. Although, Nintendo do make very good games.

  • i love the yellow

  • Ooh yes plz gimme gimme

  • take my money ;-;

  • nintendo switch is better

  • Me: I already bought a switch. Nintendo: *Breaks Switch* Get switch lite *:D*

  • So basically a Game Boy Advanced, but better?

  • Nice move. the new fully portable Wii U is their newest product.

  • I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I look forward to the original Switch getting cheaper so I can dig into it too;)

  • That looks amazing 👍

  • Better hope those joycons on the lite don't break cause you ain't taking that off.

  • Nintendo is secretly planning to raid Area 51 with us and they built the switch lite too play in outer space. Coincidence? I. Think. Not

  • *breaks a joy con and has to replace the whole thing*

  • finally! A switch I can afford

  • I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

  • ARE U KIDDING ME?!- I - bro the yellow one looks pretty aesthetic,

  • Diet Nintendo switch

  • Its no switch its a gameboy

  • Since we are getting a dedicated handheld does that mean we will be getting a switch that is tv only?

    • @Daniel Garcia made* The Switch isnt made to be a console. It's made to be a hybrid. Turning a hybrid into a console is the worst mistake they could make. Turning a hybrid into a dedicated handheld works.

    • @Gabriel Bennett well they make consoles too

    • Why would Nintendo ever make something as idiotic as that? Nobody would buy it.

  • Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy u can't play mario party >:( ima start playing play station Sony Sony Sony das wat u want ima play Sony if u release more colors f**k u make tomodachi life dx to make me better I prefer normal Nintendo swich 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • Are you going to make the lost game never shown at e3 are you going to make a remake of it?🤨🤨🤔

  • please super mario sunshine 2

  • les fishers is a fisher apparently

  • Its comin 9ut on my brthday

  • Joy Cons break on Nintendo Switch. I'll just go buy some new Joy Cons Joy Cons break on Nintendo Switch lite..... DAD?! WHENS CHRISTMAS

  • *its basically the Nintendo switch but a little bit smaller* *no other features on the device, can’t connect to the tv* *and you need other controllers to play 2 player games* *this is so great definitely not a rip off*

  • Look, I'm just interested in this new console as the next person, but I have one major question that could be a deal-breaker... If the joysticks have the same design as the regular joycons, what happens if they start drifting?! With the normal Switch joycons, the controller could be replaced. But if the joystick starts drifting on this console, you basically have to buy an entire new console, as the side controls can't be removed. 😕

  • this video reminded me that I can charge my switch by putting it in the dock, ty nintendo senpai

  • Nope i prefer nintendo switch because i love switch's portability, and feature hahahaa

  • Pepole who complaine about price need to stop complaining. The switch lite is for those who like the gamepad and Nintendo lowered the price not because they pepole dont have money but because it's a smaller switch so pepole that dont want to pay extra for what they dont want.

  • I stick to my normal Nintendo switch

  • It looks lame. Why? 1. As was said in a wideo, it can't connect with a TV, which is the worst, because you can't play for example "Super Mario Party". 2. Also, I bet you can't unlock the secret boss in "Undertale" with it. 3. If you want play with friend, they have to have their own Switch. 4. C'mon guys, it's not even cheaper in half! 5. Only 3 colors and no special designs?! So, yeah, it's actually a Switch version of 2ds...

  • Who plays video games outside tho

  • Ok you can go cheer and all but what about my drifting joy con analog

  • im just happy they didnt name it nintendo switch mini

  • I kind of get people's argument on both ends and the pros and cons. Its kind of underwhelming. I mean for example when the 3ds came out, that was big. When the 2ds came out, it was kind of "meh" especially since children already owned their own 3ds so it kind of defeating the point of the bigger blocky version. Then the 3DS XL and 2DS XL came out and that was great too. This is kind of like that 2ds. Kind of a bit of questionable choice and such. The other question Id like to knw, does this overheat more or less than the regular. My switch gets hot and the common complaint of the heat causing cracks on the casing and bending the casing is a bit concerning. I'm already on my 2nd switch because my switch got so hot it cracked and the case pretty much fell apart. But I'd also like to keep my original switch for tv play BUT also have this smaller one to carry with me. I hope Nintendo can make a way for the account to be shared.

    • Also that trailer was very cringe worthy. Those people are waaaaaaay too excited over a simply game.

  • That sad moment when your just getting your switch back because you lost your controllers and then they make a new one

  • So the whole city has a switch

  • Shut up and take my money!!!

  • This is upgraded version of Wii U controller..

  • No red version? No buy

  • Hey Nintendo sense Nintendo switch is coming on September why not make like a Mario and sonic at the Olympic games Tokyo 2020 or Luigi's mansion 3 can you let me know if it's a problem or you can do it Nintendo for life

  • How bout fortnite

  • Yoshiaki Koizumi: players of the world over are already enjoying nintendo switch. India : am I a joke to you? Please release it in India nintendo because i am an indian.

  • Fix the joycon drift. =\

  • Nintendo will nintendo switch lite release worldwide? (for all countries)

  • this is goining to go as the original 2Ds a faliear

    • except the 2DS sold tons of copies. Also this is not a downgraded regular Switch but a distinctive handheld system. It doesn´t need TV output.