Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

Publicat pe 21 mai. 2019
Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro breaks down the various ways we communicate non-verbally. What does it mean when we fold our arms? Why do we interlace our fingers? Can a poker player actually hide their body language?

Check out Joe's book "The Dictionary of Body Language"
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Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED


  • Dad: now tell me son, do you have a girlfriend? Son: n Dad: before you tell me, i need to let you know that my job is to catch spies. So if anyone lies, i can tell. Son *in his mind: Crap! what do i do what do i do!!!!!!!!????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

  • that's why my sister was leaning when I asked her about that God darn hersey bar

  • the man's never been at a church worship service. You're standing. you have no idea what to do with your hands.. your grasp, play, etc with them

  • This is what my parents watched to catch me lying.

  • I was disappointed, he really didn't say much.

  • body language reading would scream help me if you tried to get in my head

  • Me: blinks Him: arrest that mf

  • Well I have tics sooo..... it’d be weird for moí

  • What i did is i act the same way either when telling the truth or lying, they will never know

  • The different way of holding flower reminds me of the movie "Inglorious Bastards" where one agent gave away his cover by ordering 3 beers using 3 wrong fingers (index, middle, ring) while the correct way of ordering in Germany (as per the movie) was to use thumb, index and middle finger.

  • So his most amazing story is the flower story? I know Denzel Washington wouldn’t have been impressed with this in training day smh

  • Lol watch this so you can avoid these body languages to make it difficult for the FBI

  • How to encounter someone's smartness it's so easy just stand steal and keep eye contacts on him and stare at him like a robot

  • How to encounter someone's smartness it's so easy just stand steal and keep eye contacts on him and stare at him like a robot

  • Genius

  • I blink sometimes. Am I a serial killer

  • lets hope ballpen thieves dont find this video

  • “You blink on average 8 times per minute” *blinks like 50 times*

  • Never trust a mole with flowers.

  • Whenever I get interogated I always think to my head "I'm innocent....omg what if I act like I'm guilty!?...calm down...calm down...CALM DOWN!!"

  • Joe Navarro - “for example if someone gives a 👎🏻, we know they’re 💩heads.” 😂

  • This Man aint got the answers

  • Me: What if they just don’t move ? FBI: *DON’T MOVE*


  • absolute garbage

  • Why would a former FBI agent reveal secrets on RO-tv? Guys, come on now....

  • You'll have your look, your pretty face. And don't underestimate the importance of BODY LANGUAGE

  • Imagine dating his daughter.

  • But no one in their right mind would dress, like this, look like this, etc.on purpose. Without absolute control, to be forced, to look like this for a particular purpose. Etc etc etc

  • The countless things done, to create a profile, a look, etc. All of which in my opinion has been absolutely, intentional. This includes in the medical care, etc.

  • The extremely wrong assessments, what is thought is being done. Following my church, fully, etc. But also being moved to where we were moved to.

  • As many times, myself, in jobs, or before with other family jobs, family jobs, etc.

  • We had to have the back ground checks, etc.

  • Now my family, our veteran status. Who we were forced to hire, in saving the house, etc.

  • When our family was relocated, to Ohio. We were packed out then relocated, to Ohio. Everything was gone through. On both ends, and following that submission. Etc.

  • No longer. Social environments improvements, enough to appease what have to go through. Etc.

  • This state does not deserve people that serve in positions. Or in the military, etc. But by all means no one would wear, what they have to wear, what is available. Or do without basic needs, dentures. Teeth, etc. Hair care. I literally cried, when I got my Paul mitchel again. After yrs of being forced to live with suave hair care. You cannot possibly imagine the abuses. Or buy a make model of a vehicle you would want to buy? That is laughable in this extremely abusive, state.

  • Financial controls, are the foundational basis, to the very fact that, Ohio loves to control lives. Hates disabled people. Loves to abuse disabled people. Etc. This is the most disgusting state, most cruelty. Etc.

  • Ohio absolutely, makes sure you will not have needs. O the ability to have the type of clothes you would choose to wear, etc.

  • Not everyone chooses, the clothes they wear. Especially if they live in a state like Ohio. Or if they have their basic needs. Etc.

  • Former FBI : if they're crossing their feet that's mean the question threatening them . Also Former FBI : 6:58

  • 6:35 ..” i look at the legs..” proceeds to strategically lay the doll in a semi suggestive way across the top of the book while subtly revealing a leg.

  • 😮

  • Why am I imagining myself in school just telling everybody off for lying and stuff when this clearly won’t happen

  • Dude thx now I know what to do at the principals office

  • Me:*Typing This Comment* FBI:"Open This Fuc-

  • Dumbest spy ever lol. I was born in eastern-europe and that is indeed correct 100% but it is a very stupid way to be found out, shows lack of cultural knowledge of the country you are trying to spy in. I guess could be a force of habit or something.

  • *watches 15 minute video* FBI Spy Hunter

  • The only body language I’ve really noticed is with myself and it’s when I’m nervous or in an uncomfortable situation I fiddle with my watch and if it’s not there I fiddled with my wrist

  • Sherlock 😂

  • Bruh I didn read his name in the video I was so focused on his face and when the book showed, I was like "Its the same with Joe Navarro's What every body is saying" and I look at again at the beginning of the video and saw ITS ACTUALLY JOE NAVARRO HIMSELF IN THE MF VIDEO 💀💀💀😂😂 my man Joe

  • *breathes FBI: T H I S M A N I S H I T L E R

  • This is staged.Girl playing poker had a brown shirt and then changed to black

  • Did anyone notice this guys feet??? They're moving around the whole time!! LIAR

  • As an Eastern European, I can tell you that we in fact do not always carry flowers around like that ,and that we’ve never cared to think about the way we hold it 🗿😂😂 him: that’s how they hold flowers in Eastern Europe The entirety of Europe : _bruh_

  • This guy’s body language is all over the map.

  • The way you're shuffling in the chair denotes bit of anxiety you're going under

  • I would hate to play poker with him.

  • why did the woman’s shirt change???

  • Does he have a book?