Fox News Live: Senate impeachment trial of President Trump Day 3

Publicat pe 24 ian. 2020
The impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump resumes Thursday, Jan. 23 as Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts presides over the U.S. Senate. The House managers will continue delivering their opening arguments, which are expected to continue through Friday. #FoxNews
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  • Imagine being ''President'' and being on show trials in your own country lol. Democrats think that they are Stalin,and that they can just purge Trump or send him to Gulag.This is such an insult to US Presidency,it's making that office look weak.

  • Adam Schiff is a pencil neck liar

  • Why did the House managers get to vote in the senate?

  • Time for this orange piece of lying corrupt racist bastard cadet bone spurs Trumpfuck and his lobotomy head supporters to all drop dead of a heart attack or stroke and throw their carcasses into a landfill with the rest of the garbage!!!

  • Lord God protect president trump against the dnc

  • These republicans have the nerve to think they can fool the American public., Because they won an election based on race baiting. One would have to be an idiot to not see that Trump withheld tax payers money to get dirt on the opponent !! He did that and a lot worst. They are now blocking the witnesses and evidence . This have to be the most naive country in the world not to see the truth! I am shocked that there is not more lashing out for the truth to come out.

  • Why is Schiff-Head on here lying to us even more

  • Our president will overcome this. Shame on the Democratic Party. Trump 2020

  • Roberts is finally is closing his eyes God is moving in his heart.

    • Lol, even I had to laugh at the reach of that statement and I'm Republican

  • For this reason Bush administration, Obama administration, r not guilty,. Trump is not guilty,.

  • Foreign policy is determined by the sitting President. These bureaucrats are pissed because Trump went around them. It is perfectly legal to withhold foreign aid because of suspected corruption. WE ELECTED President Trump because we were sick of the "standard" corrupt bureaucrats. Now those same bureaucrats want Trump impeached for sticking to the platform on which he ran and was elected.

  • trump supports have to be in desperate circumstances to support and believe Putin's/Tumps lies. EVERYONE KNOWS TRUMP CAN'T TELL THE TRUTH IF it's NOT FLATTERING HIM

  • Advertising is expensive, very expensive. Dems got it for free. The media is bashing trump 24x7. Over 50% believe he is guilty. God help us if Dems Win.

  • Duh....what am I missing? Since when does investigating a treasonous act become a "scheme" and not an investigation? Rudi Juliani has investigated an act and relationship between leaders of our country that are both corrupt and treasonous. Since when is that wrong? Just because it benefits Trump? No it benefits OUR COUNTRY! Trump's motives, once again, are interpreted according to the standards that political dinosaurs have for themselves!

  • Every sentence one lie start counting

  • Vote R.E.D this year. Remove Every Democrat!!!

  • Obama gave the Ukranians no weapons at ALL - only blankets. Needless to say, Ukranians armed only with blankets don't fare very well against Russian tanks. And, speaking of "Quid pro quo", shouldn't Biden's admitting ON VIDEO that he did EXACTLY what the Democrats are trying to remove Trump from office for preclude him from even RUNNING for president? How do the Democrats justify allowing him to run, and possibly become president, when he's done what they're claiming Trump needs to be REMOVED from office for? It makes no sense whatsoever.

  • These hoaxes are starting to expensive and boring. Demotax need to pull something new out of their asses.

  • Donald Trump. over 16,000 documented and certified lies. More lies to come from this idiot in charge. How can anyone , even the Evangelists allow this evil person to keep up his fake Leadership.

  • (¯`'•.¸TRUMP IS A FLAKE!!¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´¯)‹(•¿•)› Trump's Own Words are the Most Damning Evidence Against Him and everyone knows that's the truth! REPUBLICANS post up like CRIPS in an LA gang fight to defend Trump and they all look pathetic! 😆 TRUMP deserves the big boot of CONGRESS up his a$$hole and the whole world knows it!! 😊

  • (¯`'•.¸TRUMP IS A FLAKE!!¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´¯)‹(•¿•)› Trump's Own Words are the Most Damning Evidence Against Him and everyone knows that's the truth! REPUBLICANS post up like CRIPS in an LA gang fight to defend Trump and they all look pathetic! 😆 TRUMP deserves the big boot of CONGRESS up his a$$hole and the whole world knows it!! 😊

  • Biden 2020!!!!!!!

  • The reason Nancy Pelosi waited for 30+ days to send the articles of impeachment to the US Senate was to give the house managers the time to fabricate the fictional screen play they presented these last three days. I have to say I was impressed with the well written script, the polish each presenter displayed and their very disciplined delivery, with the only exception the short man from New York, the chairman of the house Judicial committee. He must be suffering from a napoleon complex, you would think he would have grown up enough to deal with the emotion of the day instead of in it. Their story and performance should be put in book form and I am sure it would be on the New York Times best seller list in the Fiction Category with in a week.

  • I posted a comment about how all people listening to fake news come to this video and dislike it. I got so much hate and I was just laughing the whole time because it just proves my point.

  • Adam Schiff is a pencil-neck meatwhistle blower!

  • What this country needs is a Presidential assisination.

    • @waitaminutedoggie , Shoot both of Putin's puppets, and have President Pelosi.

    • So, you want Trump as a martyr and Pence as President. That would be the last nail in the coffin of the Democratic Party.

  • 9 hours and 32 minutes long i fell asleep after 2 minutes snore snoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • When are these idiots going to figure out that we the people put him in office not Congress. They say they have all this proof but were is it at. Its hypocritical for any of the left to persecute our president when they have way more dirt on them then President Trump.

  • This whole thing is the Democrat attempt to interfere in the 2020 elections themselves. They can’t beat him so they want to get him out. They are accusing Trump of exactly what they are doing right now. Reprehensible. God is going to judge the democrats for this action.

    • God will send Republicans to hell.

  • Fox News: Pre-selection on live chats? Turning off comments? Invite only? (Real news is objective. You've been subjected to Twumpbola).

    • The front door is wide open, Brenda. Your voice here isn't any less than mine.

    • @waitaminutedoggie It's called "sneakin' in the back door", doggie. Woof!

    • Your have been allowed to post your opinion here.

  • a lot of ifs and buts and maybes and no substance, Shift is lying again I do not trust him

  • I'm putting my money on Trump ....WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!

  • S.O.S. Different set of lips.

  • If only they could read words for what they meant with the 2a.

  • If Trump cares so much about American citizens then why is America giving $10.1 million a day to Israel? When they have free universal healthcare and free public college. Why are we not doing that here? There are ways we can pay for it. Plus the richest 1% haven't been paying their fare share in taxes, the average American citizen is getting pooped on!

  • Adam Schiff is our modern day HERO! He is a man of honor, truth and trustworthy unlike the wannabe mob ring leader AKA President of the United States. Thank you Mr. Schiff for putting our country first!

    • Now we have a country, and a common morality? Globalism is supposed to dispense with these things, but I suppose it's necessary to appeal to old values for just a little while longer.

  • This is interesting. Foreign representatives are advised not to engage in US domestic politics but US can do whatever it wants in any country. These Democrat politicians were part of Obama's international politics as well as an effort to "help" Ukraine to defend itself against Russia. Unfortunately during that period (Obama's period) Ukraine lost Krim and eastern provincies. Finally came Trump that gave the Ukraine the weapons they need ťo defend themselves and for that he must be removed from office. He is obviously a Russian spy. Who else would try to really help Ukraine? Only the Russian spy would do it!

  • We the people to sue dems for wasting tax dollars and for not doing there jobs for three years charges of treason to come.

  • Tulsa gabard sueing hillary Clinton 50 million dollars slander

  • Banana republic about to begin . Trump 20/20

  • I just had a perfect phone call with my dentist. I told him I would be paying my outstanding bill, but first I needed a favor. Asked him to drill an extra hole or two in my crooked business partner's grill when he has his next check-up, and then I'll pay. What? It's just business, amiright?

  • Watching this is like being stuck in the Groundhog Day movie.... Same regurgitated crap over and over...

  • over 9 hrs of this. i"m so exited. hope they gotta lot of political commercials. how ever i do have my own neuralizer like they got in MIB. gotta use it every 5 seconds though. i bet ya a hunerd dollar bill over half them there pollyticians are higher than a kite ta not doze off. i bet they gotta starbucks tanker in back for the rest.

  • You people amaze me, How quick to say you stand for what's right and even quicker to dismiss the Presidents wrongdoing. Right is Right no matter who states it. If a republican tells a lie it is okay, if a democrat tells the truth it's a lie. Give me a break, The Bible says...Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. I don't support a party , I support truth.

    • Well if you would give me some names of these angelic beings, I'll gladly vote for them.

    • They are already here, they appear inside all parties.

    • OK, why don't you vote for the "truth party" when one appears, until then you'll have to live with compromise and maybe choose a flawed man over those that are openly hostile to Biblical truths and those that practice them.


  • Trump should have one of his kids go work in Ukraine to prove a point. Democrats would 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • I am all about the rule of law, bring on RICO. Giuliani says he has a "RICO Chart", I made a map, with enough guilty pleas, to turn the whole lot of them into one "ENTERPRISE" under RICO, then to keep it "civil", go after them ALL for treble damages. The "richest country in the world", is over $20trillion "in debt". We don't "owe" them a darned thing, they are the one who took it, gave it away, laundered it back to themselves and family members. They are the ones who treated the US Government as if it was some sort of "magic money fairy", with a blank checkbook, with an unending stream of check kiting ink. So how is anybody working in the "budget office" worth a dime, when they disregard the budget? They ALL tie together, and they voted themselves money, a great danger to our country. First and foremost, they defrauded the American people, second they defrauded the government.

  • Polls! Lmao... Trump wasn’t worried sleepy joe would win... the Democrats are the ones worried trump will win! Vote dem out!

  • The people can tell that this trial is the democrats way to interfere with the up coming election! They are abusing their power and we hope they get arrested for attacking our president.

  • Schiff is loving the spotlight, and repeating himself. After this impeachment Schiff show, no one will hear from him again.

  • they dont allow religion in our schools,,,why do they pray here ?fukin ridiculous

  • McConnell, please end this circus where the Dems are saying the same things over and over, day after day. We get it. They want Trump gone and believe that if they tell the same lies over and over, we will eventually believe them. So have a vote, exonerate the president, and then get back to the real business of the Senate.

  • The Biden issue is a separate issue. Nepotism is dangerous and corrupt and its something our current president also does, quite evidently. It should be investigated; but this trial is about a corrupt president. Trump does not care about corruption. He only cares about himself and he is deeply corrupt - just look at his life and business practices history!

  • The Managers have completely destroyed the defense team. The only hope for trump is that the senate saves him, which would be corrupt in itself.

  • Someone pllllease get rid of Trump and save us all.

  • I'm selling trumpy bear paw cuffs with black and white striped prison suit for only two payments of $49.95 . Order here . Pence bear with cuff with prison suit will be available shortly.

  • This is almost identical to yesterdays speech and the one before that and the ones before that! Can those Pelosi pens be used for more relevant statements. THIS IS BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Not supposed to be entertainment.

  • Why did you not impeach Barry Obama


  • Hey Penguin this describes you to the tee