FUNNY SITUATIONS THAT EVERYONE CAN RELATE TO || Relatable Awkward Situations by 123 GO!

Publicat pe 15 iun. 2019
Ah, life. You know, that thing full of awkward situations, messy accidents, and general confusion?
Look, we all go through it! And no matter what difficulties you face in a day, take comfort in the fact that everyone deals with the exact same stuff.
Hey, we’re only human! So sit back, relax and find out why these everyday situations are oh-so-relatable!
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  • It's very funny and good👌👌good job👍👍

  • Woah so many rocks 1:24

  • No

  • I love the hacks but the narrator is cringy af Like if you agree ⬇️

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  • Your video are so funny

  • 123 go: youtube is so addicting I watched 4 videos in a row! Me: noob

  • When her phone was 4 percent mine was lol 🔌

  • So funny super

  • get a popsoket for the phone to stand up

  • The texting one happens to me so much because my cousin takes FOREVER to replay and she says “yeah!”

  • 🥳🥳🤩🤩💅💅😍🥰


  • I’m not just human I was born with a problem then I had to had surgery to get off me I was half half person I have to have surgery on my portal and also my head and some of my brain Miranda cat years it was normal brain functions and the cat year like I was have a cat but I don’t like being a cat so I had surgery to get it help me

  • at 3:02 i read the message and its not even funny

  • i wonder what they sound LIKE in real life

  • Dont by one online!!!watch my video to learn how to make one!

  • Olivia "please stop rocking!!" Vicky wakes up Vicky grabs shoe other wise a chancla and says "Olivia u about to get smacked in the face girl" Olivia"😱😱😱😱😱 😵😵😵😵😵💀💀💀"

  • 😊😭

  • (pan rocking) PICK IT UPPPPPP

  • I like your video ,123 go

  • Alivia:ahhh nice to have a meal /a sec later/ uh oh noooooo Pan:yay my first time rocking we woo we wooo and aswell I don’t care if you get in trouble hahah loser Friend:/fake crying/ u made meh sad no I am not I will kill u u better run or DEATH IS NEAR Alivia:why the hell are u doing this to meh RUDE get the pan he made then noise Pan :/seilent/ ummm... get her she can walk she dropped meh I can’t even move I am used to cook thank u Friend:oh alivia u will have to be toasted meat now Edit Pan:hahahhahahahahha loser dosent know what to doo ahh blood can I move PLS Alivia:ahhhhh shall I stand still yeah umm.. pan can u help pls she is stabbing meh

  • why must why?

  • How old are you guys

  • Soooooo Relatableeeeeeeeee

  • It is not that hard to pick up the trying pan

  • You said piss

  • It's a pan

  • Not all of them are true for everyone. I don't have a roommate, I only get 1 rock in my shoe, I have a popsocket, my stomach barely grows no matter what I do, I'm confident.. most of the time.. yeah, that's it.

  • Who else realised that the phone was standing without all that stuff


  • Omg Vicky is so me

  • 2:01 why does Olivia struggle a lot even if the video shows you how to make a phone stand

    • @Farah kabir 10 lol my brother has a phonestanding phonecase why you asking

    • @Maddie the Gacha Gangsta well you are weird how old are you by the way

    • @Farah kabir girl if you're watching a movie,and then the character doesn't know how to put on sunscreen and the movie guides her,you guys that dumb?!?!(no hate on 123go!)

    • Maddie the Gacha Gangsta because this is not 5 min craft

  • Ya know she could've picked up the frying pan

  • Golf. Channel

  • Pan:rock rock rock Me:JUST SHUT UP Friend:hammer time

  • At 1:07 u can here her swear

  • I never new they swear in these vids 😕😬

  • If the video is stupid then why are you watching it

  • My name is Emily too

  • YASS i have to face very awkward messy situations and lots of messy accidents too but somehow i like getting though them! Ik im wierd but who cares?? ( ME)im one of those people who are very neat i HATE messy stuff and sadly im a very picky eater... so if u ever see a girl with a bob freckles crazy teeth thats me!! Byeeee

  • Hi

  • Oh my God

  • Lame

  • She needs a pop socket

  • Jjjjjjjjpkooo

  • P

  • Oh god she typed soooo long and all she say is haha:)

  • Who like this vedio before watching or suscribe????? Me😍😍😍😍