FUNNY SITUATIONS THAT EVERYONE CAN RELATE TO || Relatable Awkward Situations by 123 GO!

Publicat pe 15 iun. 2019
Ah, life. You know, that thing full of awkward situations, messy accidents, and general confusion?
Look, we all go through it! And no matter what difficulties you face in a day, take comfort in the fact that everyone deals with the exact same stuff.
Hey, we’re only human! So sit back, relax and find out why these everyday situations are oh-so-relatable!
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  • NARRATOR: No Emily! No🤣🤣🤣

  • Why can't u just pick the pan up instead of letting it just Rock

  • Why are there always sounds in the backgrounds???🤨

  • The faces that the people make on diy.🤨lol

  • Haha

  • Shut up with those swears

  • Why do you swear my child was annoyed and so was I please stop swearing my child loves this chanell

  • Hey you guys are crazy

  • Hey you guys are crazy

  • BLOOPERS: rips donut off string and eayebit

  • I think we all saw the donut on the string but HOW did it not rip

  • Olivia: shush pan Me: pick the pan up

  • Pick the pan up 😂

  • I love this show💎🎂👗

  • 1:08 pissed is a swear

  • Gavin and Simon

  • One time I had to eat apples for my birthday... everyone else got to eat SOOOOOOOOO MUCH CANDY AND CAKE

  • This 123 go channel is the best keep it up you guys

  • How many rocks were in her shoe plus a big rock

  • How many rocks were in her shoe plus a big rock

  • My birthday is on november 👍 if yours is too

  • Does anyone else get weirded out by the little sounds in all of there vids


  • Olivia looks cute in braids

  • Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!😉

  • Oh olivia is so greedy,😁😁😁😁

  • That was hardly even a sit-up.

  • My phone was at 1% and!I mean over sister wooden gave me the charger when hers was at 100%

  • If it was my birthday and I was on a diet i don't care if I'm on a diet i will still eat cake because I'm gonna be the one that put my self on a diet 🐼🐼🐼😊😊😊

  • i Love your videos So much

  • Q the first time I’ve ever been

  • I love there’s hacks

    • Is piss a swear word because I don’t know

  • Just pick up the pan

  • Or you could get a popsicle

  • Oao

  • Why didn't you pick the darn thing up?

  • My big sister loves 123 Go!

  • ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  • Hi

  • When ever I am having a bad day I watch these videos.

  • 0:57 can't she stop it ??? 😊

  • Anyone know why a damn LAUNDRY basket or a basket was in the middle of the KITCHEN FLOOR

  • But at first why the girl in the beginning of the video she should pick up the pan she such a dumb ass tell Vicky I going suck her dick

  • I am mommy girl and I love this show

  • I can't eat salad on my birthday while someone else gets to eat cake😕

    • Yah you should get to eat your own birthday cake on your birthday

    • I would say give me the cake 🎂

  • Oh crap! Im at 2 percent! Charger:check! Ipad:Check! Puppy who flopped her head on my foot:Check!

  • As in sexy as in GOOD

  • Vicky y are so so so so so So so SEXY am going SUCK YOUR DUCK BITCH


  • that frying pan is so totally FAKE LIKE IF AGREE

  • X

  • Why could you not pick the pan up?!?!!

  • Is this a kids channel if it is then your stupid because you said pissed off so

  • #relatble

  • Three girls is very good

  • I'm related to this


  • I definitely can relate to the packing tape issue 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  • just pick up the danm pan cring she a dimwhit

  • The thumb nail made me look at my battery percentage which is 14%