Giuliani: I can't sit by and watch my country be sold out by Joe Biden

Publicat pe 24 ian. 2020
Rudy Giuliani joins the 'Fox & Friends' live studio audience show to discuss the Trump impeachment trial and his investigation into Joe Biden's 'corruption.'
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  • Reading the ignorant crap you dumbed down radical alt-right white nationalist trumptards write is hilarious you imbeciles even worship of all people the dementia infested Giuliani that nasty twisted incestuous trump loving freak who once married his very own cousin. YOU DUMB RACIST MONGOLOID TRUMPTARDS !!!!!

  • BERNIE 2020 🇺🇸

  • Fox news thinks you're stupid and won't actually look into what Rudy is spouting......... go look at the details...... Rudy is lying and making false accusations. Lets not forget that he funneled Russian money into the Trump campaign

  • Giuliani is a tiring man. Someone give him a chill pill

  • Rudy Giuliani is an honorable man. Everything he does is based on facts & truth. Thank God for him. And for representing the best President we have had in the USA in a long time. Its overdue to take out the vipers that oppose the will of the American citizens. Gods ⚖ justice is happening. God said HE will have justice on the earth. Trust His plan. Trump 2020 🇺🇸🗽🙏

  • tin tức hay quá

  • Love love love F&F never stop stay the course we the people appreciate your steadfast suport. And it still takes 5 years to bring down truth and justice. Almost NUTS.

  • all that money he's gotten scamming the world and he can't afford to have a matching jacket and pants?

  • And nobody even mentioned how creepy he is around kids Biden should be hide’n

  • Who the hell are theses newsie clowns to interupt Mr. Gullianni!???

  • Love Rudy!!!!

  • how much was obama paid ???

  • You go for it, Rudy! YaHoo! 👍😎🇺🇸

  • So julie backs the worst moron this country has ever seen. Trump has had a meeting with Putin where no other american present. He is bought and payed for , and julie is just a crooked lawyer in stooge mode.

  • Dems caught big time what swamp they are and money grabbing people frauds

  • It’s time to get rid of arrogant Pelosi 😝😡

  • If Biden’s were involved then you have to ask, what was Obama doing? I bet Obama knew it as well. Biden’s were working for Obama.😝😥😡

  • Fox News, Thanks Hosts: FOX & friends & Rudy Giuliani for this "MAGA" VIDEO!!! Subject #1. Viewers: Please, Listen to Rudy's INFORMATION Details!!! Date: 2/15/2020!!! God Bless, Fox News, FOX & friends, Rudy & Viewers!!! Subject #2. Giuliani: I Can't Sit By & Watch My Country Be SOLD OUT By Joe Biden!!! 44 years SES??? God Bless, POTUS Donald J. TRUMP, His Family & All Other AMERICAN Nov. 3rd, 2020 VOTING PATRIOTS!!!

  • Uuuu cl hip chop

  • TRUMP destroyed something bigger then THE COSA NOSTRA like organization. An organization who basically doing EXTORTION not from individuals but EXTORTION of NATIONS. IRAN cargo with cash.Who got this cash really? Maybe part of this ISIS received some this IRAN deal. Maybe CLINTON's, BIDEN's, OBAMA, SOROS and BLOOMBERG. After they moved, like parasite sucking the blood of UKRAINIAN GOVERNMENT . BURISMA was the facilitator. American embassy in UKRAINE used as HQ for this organization.Miss.Ivanovich???? Then after this pledge moved in ROMANIA. But here now is a president who likes TRUMP. So is not working. The next country on their list I think it was POLAND. Again here is a TRUMP admiror. Is not working for them. So solution; TAKE TRUMP DOWN AT ANY COST. And this , is BLOOMBERG. One of this MONDIAL COSA NOSTRA members. KNOWN by the name: CLINTON FONDATION. Who is really THE CLINTON FONDATION? And the members? Maybe we need again an old JAMES BOND to find out. CIA they have the capacity, if they want off course. Cert this can be a success MOVIE with the right actors.

  • He lies his friend Don.......Can't wait to seem him gone

  • Bernie / Turner 2020! Progressive Christians for Democracy in the Workplace! Peace and Love!

  • good job but why is no one investigating and persucting the bidens for it?????

    • Bcuz there are Swamp holdover thousands of them in govt still from previous administrations.


  • this is rudy's job now😂

  • This is absolutely entertaining. I'm starting to see what all the hub bub is about.

  • Integrity: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

  • Is Brian or his family members of his synagogue somehow also cashing in, in Ukraine ?

  • Nothing will come about from all of this damning evidence. It's called democratic immunity.

  • Trump has turned the economy around and trying to make it safe for Americans. All while the Democrats keep lieing and trying to sabotage him. It's hard to work with a one hundred pound sack on your back. Plus the presidentcy is bigger than any man so Democrats stop crying you lost and try going to work for once

  • That’s my we ever had in NYC...he saved the city and built it to what it became with law and order. This is a man who went after the mob at the height of its power. He’s one of the most successful brilliant prosecutors NYC ever has had the pleasure I assure you what he is saying is most likely correct.

  • Let him talk

  • I really love this...the hosts were shut up lol..

  • Now look at all the Evidence against Obama Biden Hillary and the coverup by Reid Pelosi Schumer Schifft Nadler Waters Feinstein Romney CROOKS

  • Shut the hell up and let Rudy speak. Assholes

  • God I miss that man as mayor of nyc. It’s a mess now

  • "God is an invisible spirit that cannot be seen by human eyes, therefore he does not exist". - Jesus Christ (who was not God his father.)

  • Giuliani would rather sell us to the russians. Joe Biden is a decent family man.

    • Bob you are behind the curve, nothing can stop the truth.

  • Giuliani is a hero

  • Looks like the host are scared of what Giuliana is saying.


    • Yep, because they heard it all when it was going on and kept their pieholes shut the whole time.

  • The difference between Fox News and CNN Fox News exposes corruption CNN tries to cover up corruption for example Hunter Biden admitted to taking millions of dollars from Ukraine before the whole world so why won't CNN acknowledge the truth

  • RUDY I love you you are the best!!!!!!

  • Thanks Rudi, you are a great lawyer and patriot!!

  • They say there is not smoke without fire, No Drug addict gets dismissed from the Military and land a Job paying Millions, it just does not happen. What are the Elephant in the Room, Hunter Biden does not speak the language, has no former experience, how did he get the Job???. That is just a matter a fact, the TRUMP attacks was to destract the people from the REAL CRIME, its called a bait and switch, to lead the people in the wrong direction, to cover their tracts it happens all the time. While the wrong person is being watched, they are getting away with the real crime, why get people to look in the wrong direction.

  • Rudy has the proof, so why have the Bidens not been arrested? Come on! DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES!

  • Watch next they’re going to say Giuliani killed him self.

  • Shut up snd let Rudy talk. Sometimes I wonder about FOX, I realize they are corporate news but there needs to be at least one that isn't totally in the pocket of the globalists. Go Rudy, don't ever stop weeding out these corrupt piles of trash.

  • I hope he has protection. The people he is exposing are the type who would have no problem arranging an epstein hanging. We need to clean house in our government. With Trump and Giuliani we have a good start. Giuliani should run for president after Trump. Trump has show we don't need a politician to be a great president..we just need man willing to stand up for our country against the evil scum that has made its way there.

  • Mayor Giuliani please run for president after Trump! Sick'em Mayor!


  • Brian's face when Rudy asked "would you like me to give it up?" 😂

  • Giuliani is Under Investigation by the Federal Government, and the NYS Bar Association on Multiple Crimes. He's facing Disbarment and Prison time.

  • This guy should be fitted for a tinfoil hat and forced to take a lie detector test. What a corrupt, self aggrandizing Nincompoop. I feel so sorry for Joe AND Jane Americans, you deserve so much better than these slanderous lies from the Trumpkinites. Am no fan of Biden myself, but everything he says about Biden is actually true ABOUT TRUMP, unless you are equally corrupt , and have lost all your senses. Even foreign allies are starting to publically denounce him and Britain recently said that Trump is trying to extort other foreign governments for personal gain. You are LOSING and HAVE LOST, foreign policy credibility around the world.

  • Sorry to say that Senator Graham wants Giuliani to give his information to the corrupt intelligence committee. This tells me that Graham knows more about the corruption of Ukraine and how the intelligence committee are involve. Sounds like Graham who says he wants to uncover corruption is truly wanting to cover the mess up because too many people are involved in Ukraine corruption including some Republican Senators.

  • Attn.Giuliani, the great investigator exposing the Crooked American in the USA Government! Democrats! The Deep Swamp with deep pockets! Prosecute each one involved in this crooked COVER UP, it's been going on for Years! Time for JUSTICE HAS COME,!

  • Is me or is it obvious that this Brian guy is a Deep State Actor?

  • If Trump retires after his 3 turm next president should be Gulieoni

  • Anybody who watches Fox News and believes this crap should have their head examined.

    • We'll see when Biden gets investigated ;)

  • Rudy Giullani what a brilliant guy

  • Please pray for Rudi Giuliani. His testimony is huge!