Hairstyles tutorials for girls | TOP 28 Amazing Hairstyles Tutorials Compilation 2018 | Part 21

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Hairstyles tutorials for girls | TOP 28 Amazing Hairstyles Tutorials Compilation 2018
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- Easy Hair Style for Long Hair
- Party Hairstyles
- Hairstyles tutorials for girls
- Hairstyles tutorials compilation
- Hairstyles for short hair
- Beautiful Kids Hairstyles
- Cute Little Girl's Hairstyle Tutorial
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  • Semuanya bisa dengan rambut panjang :)

  • And what about the people with curly hair...

  • 2:56bgm please

  • I wish i have a pretty hair like that 😫😭

  • These al hairstyles look so......... easy, but when we try they never go successful

  • Wow me like /wow me gusto 😎😘

  • Que color de cabello es ese? Lo quiero :"v

  • Where did u get that wig? All the ppl I know have short hair so I can never do their hair so I want a wig to do hair on

  • I'm not even a girl. I just like hair looks XD

  • The hairstyle looks great on me from the back but i always look funny from the front 🤦😂

  • muchos peinados se repetian buuuuuu

  • I'll remember to show my brother one of these! Thanks for this video

  • Okay but like... am i the only one that was hearing "wanker" all throughout the song...

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Oh my god I didn’t notice it was a mannequin

  • These hairstyles are only amazing in wig 🙍

  • Na minha prima deu certo

  • คิดว่าผมคน กะผมปลอมเหมือนกันหรอออแ!?? ผมแห้งไม่สวยไม่เรียบไม่เงาจะไปทำได้ไงงงงงงงงวะ คราวหลังขอคนจริงๆเหอะะะ

  • Yes. They did beautiful hairstyles on a mannequin.

  • Ich hab viel zu lange gebraucht um zu kapieren dass das ne puppe ist😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  • It only works on that doll. I tried and fail.... Waht a waste

  • Ramburnya kayanya alus bnaget itu

  • Me : hmmm... looks easy Tries it our : ooh that took me 2 hours, let’s see how it looks like.. WhAT!!!!! It looks like SHIT!!!

  • I didn’t even realize it was a mannequin until I read the comments

  • **tries to do it** Me: mom how does it look nice Mom: um sweety did u have fight with someone what happened to your hair?

  • 0:47 did anyone notice the bug on the hair😂

  • I just noticed that that's a huge doll with pretty hair

  • The girl hire is jos.I have no words

  • I just don't understand how you take the hair out after

  • Me: *Watching In I Feel Normal* Me After 1 Min: *That's Not A Human :")* Me After Watching 'Till The End: Whatever dude, im not a mannequin :)

  • Who the f has perfect silky hair like that???? Dude.

  • I just realized it was a mannequin oof

  • Selamat kamu mendapat kan komentar saya😂🤣...pasti dari tadi nyariin😝

  • I'm so happy and grateful my hair is kinda like this xD its soft, it smells good, and its *thicc* so I can do these *hAhA jokes on you guys who don't have hair like this*

  • Me: *has short hair and watching this* nice....

  • Damn, i love how this is easy compared to the others

  • I love how she the hair

  • Why does it look like your styling a sim avatar

  • Cool video but I actually hate the music.

  • Her necklace is backwards I think.

  • جميل جدا العربي لايك انا مو عربيه

  • First one is amazing

  • When you try and do the hairstyle the the rubber band gets stuck in your hair

  • That's so satysfying

  • What happens when you don’t have the person behind the camera doing your hair

  • welp thats not gonna help at all because our hair its kinda messy and our texture of hair is kinda messy so yeah

  • 4:48 ……バナナ

  • 99,99999% Of the comments are about they thought it was a human. 1% is other random stuff😆

  • 1:44 is the easiest and also pretty hairstyle

  • Is this a ash gray hair color?lol

  • 0:00, 1:59 my favorite

  • 髪の量少ないからボブのやつとかできないんだよね〜

  • Where is my curls

  • The hairstyle at 2:05 legit blew my mind

  • Who else thoght that it was a real person

  • Wants to make the bow hair do at 1:20 WHAT I NEED TO PUT EFFORT INTO THIS im out.

  • Ước gì tại Việt Nam có đội cứu hộ

  • Que musica es esa?

  • Would be nice if it was actually as easy doing this on your own hair....

  • صرت اتمنى نفسي لعابه على هذ الشعر

  • Where csm i buy the mannequin plz

  • I hate when there’s video links blocking the screen at the end, like bruh I can’t see what’s happening

  • If you're a boy and you have long hair: Don't try this. Please. It says "for girls".

  • If i have a sister i would do this but i don’t have 😣

  • where can I get a wig like this?

  • Klass❤️❤️❤️❤️🤘🏻😝

  • Can somebody tell me what song is this at the beginning 2 minutes

  • So Beautiful and song?

  • Shes really..bootiful!! Her hair is so smooth!!! Edit: Took me 2 DAYS TO FIND OUT THATS JUST A MANNEQUIN.😑

  • Tem umas partes que eles mostran umas coisas tao aleatorias;-;

  • I can’t even make a simple half up half down style...

  • Amazing i want Thai hari Style oof I have fluffy hari

  • *curly hair has left the chat*

  • 2:00

  • 99% if the comments Oh it's a manneguine

  • Oh this is just a doll

  • Wow she have a beautyfull hair 1 moment... This is a mannequin????? Omg (Im spanish :/)

  • Wait.. that isn’t a human??

  • *Step 1: have beautiful hair" *Step 2: u can't..*

  • *يجنــن*

  • 6:17 like

  • Такие чудеса, просто волшебство.

  • Like Kita at ISUsubscibe Kita please ilalike Mona man video ko lht at subscribe mo ko thanks for you😍

  • 0.00 what song?

  • Which song is this

  • Me: looks simple Also me: I can't do this!😭

  • Esta usando una muñeca?😕

  • What’s the song called???

  • Newsflash people it's hair! Why would there have to be a real person to do hairstyles on!?!

  • This would work if i dont have such curly ass hair and no hair straightener

  • When you don’t realize it’s a mannequin until you read the comments

  • me: ow ow! you’re pulling my hair! ugh its going to suck pulling these plastic bands out! oW! it look some of my hair with it! why are there so many loose ends? gotta restart this sucks! how did i forget this strand of hair? hey it actually looks good! *falls and messes up*

  • Most of these won't really work on someone's hair. Many people have less hair than that mannequinn and it's usually not that straight, so it'll mess up lol

  • 👑💕👧🏻😊🥰🥰🥰💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • *i want that hair* but ill never succeed ;-;

  • I know it's a mannequin, but I really want that hair color 😍

  • 5:20 is a amazing

  • Tücklh ķarazet ūřüzkj țfşřýk müşfękjds😍😘❤

  • Whoever made up these hairstyles didn't think of the people that only have few thin hair. Nobody has that much hair. And that's a fact. :P

  • Wenn ich solche Haare hätte💭😌