Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer

Publicat pe 21 nov. 2019
Return to Half-Life in VR, March 2020.
Available for pre-purchase on Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/546560/HalfLife_Alyx/
Set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Alyx is a new full-length game built from the ground up by Valve for virtual reality.


  • Neat

  • Holy Crap

  • Me: patently waiting for a new half life game. Valve: releasing a new half life game that is vr only. Me: ight imma head out

  • "Ha! No, you don't!"

  • What did we loss to get this masterpiece, what was the cost for it? The future of Team Fortress 2, Unless Valve does a big "SURPRISE!"

  • Remember, march is THIRD month of the year

  • Well,I can not see HL2 graphics the same ever again...

  • When does Team Fortress: Steeve come out then?

  • Valve, you've got a lot of people to please, and a lot of people to let down. I trust you know what you're doing. I'm excited and scared to see what you're going to do with the platform. I honestly think this might make or break VR gaming as a whole, given your previous work in expanding game design. Do what you do best, Valve: a good game.

  • Please release this universe on all X-Boxing / Sony / PS platforms !!!

  • Где русские комментаторы?

  • You can keep your Half-Life:Alyx, I want Black Mesa VR.

  • Where is Freeman ?

  • The card game: battle royale

  • No fucking way this game is made on Source engine...

  • I Jizzed

  • So... Is this Half-life 3?

  • Me: Mom i want half life 3 Mom: we have half life 3 at home Half-life 3 at home:

  • now to take the VR experience to a whole new level they shoud make a game where the player is a headcrab-controlled zombie

  • March is the third month of the year... *HOLY SHIT HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!!!*

  • No one cares about half life anymore, should make a fortnite prequel instead

  • I really hope it's not spesifically for the Valve headset, 'cause I think I'm getting an Oculous for Christmas.

  • Ебана ждем

  • Oh jeeze is this it half life 3

  • "Follow Freeman!!!"

  • oh mate there's a Kiwi in there as well , check out me deck.

  • Do this is half Life 3?

  • about damn time!!

  • I'm happy for both of the people who have Steam VR and will get to play this game

  • Ну ясно, ютуб прохождение намечается....

  • Play Alyx and save Freeman = next game is half life 3?

  • Lol valve good one. A bit early for april fool tho...

  • And black masa

  • Finally. Atleast I'll have the time and an excuse to upgrade to VR.

  • Damn the Gman looks awesome

  • Am I dreaming?

  • So this must take place before half life

  • "They've got Dad." Me: epic

  • good thing i bought my vr yesterday

  • I waaaay to broke to buy a PC VR headset *sighs* *3am youtube lets play binging begins*

  • Feel like that I have waited half of my life for this half life....Yet it still isn't half life episode 3...

  • uhh how is this not trending?!

  • but why on VR ;(

  • Can we all appreciate the after all these years and changes... the health dispenser still sounds exactly the same as before

  • I'm going to put this out here right now: I'm pretty sure what they mean by "An unrivaled experience" is that you, the actual player, will be able to *ACTUALLY* smack and manipulate NPC's, like you can run up to a Combine Soldier and push them, causing them to stagger, or how you can grab a Headcrab and smash it up against a wall. Not only that, but you'll wounder around the world, which means its prob really, really open compared to 1, 2, and the episodes.


  • Where is portal 3?

  • Hier ist der deutsche Kommentar den du gesucht hast Alter wie geil sieht das denn aus???


  • *"DoN'T u gUYs haVe vR hEaDSetS??"*

  • So after that looong time, you raped half life just for headset money?


  • well now i dont wanna drink anymore

  • Please don't make the VR exclusivity a negative thing . Be happy that there is a new Half-Life game . Please just be fucking happy .

  • Funny...now whens the new portal game coming?

  • Why you don't do anything for L4D2 10 anniversary? :(

  • I honestly can’t believe Half Life is back at all

  • Fans: Gabe we need something new about half-life, anything Gabe: ..... *10 years later* Fans: ...... Gabe: Oh yeA Bois, there w3 habe a new half life VR Gam3


  • I have waited so long I never thought I hear that another half life game is being made