Halsey - Road To Manic (Episode 2)

Publicat pe 14 nov. 2019
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Music video by Halsey performing Road To Manic (Episode 2). © 2019 Capitol Records, LLC


  • I wish she came to New Zealand


  • Hey ma'am, ppl are anyway going to say based on different kinds filters they have put on, you really don't have to worry about what they feel

  • Omg I just noticed some part of beautiful stranger is alr in this vid even b4 it's out

  • 2:17 she's keeping it so real I love herrrrrr I wish I could hug her n tell her I GIVE A SHIT

  • 0:10 Oh trust me halsey I know how that feels😩

  • the snippet of beautiful stranger 🤭 she's so sneaky

  • 1:09 "you got hips like jagger" lmao gotta remind myself where to find the part of the snippet

  • i love you

  • Wow halseyy

  • 1:08

  • I seriously can’t help it I love Halsey so much she is absolutely hands-down without a shadow of a doubt my all-time favorite artist I just love the human being that she is🖤

  • "what is my whole existence" Same Ashley same.

  • What do u MEAN what is ur whole existence bitch u ARE my whole EXISTENCE!!!!

  • 1:29 omg she smells like frangipani that's beautiful

  • 😍

  • Wish it was the road to me !!!

  • I love how she showed not really liking the tie dye outfit and then showed herself wearing it but the sweater was cut into a crop top I dunno why I noticed that but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Thanks for bringing understanding to BD in such a human way ❤️

  • Idk, I just wanna hug her, she's so cute and wonderful and aaah I love her so much

  • I so badly wanna know why she was angry bc I felt her frustration

  • You are amazing as an artist.....both ways... love you..

  • Why was she yelling at him like that? I would quit her team so quickly if she spoke to me like that

    • S. Jay she wasn’t yelling at him. She was expressing frustration. At least that’s how I took it

  • 🤗💛💛💛

  • I just really wish to see you in real. Makes me cry knowing that you won't be touring the country I live.

  • She looks like Lea from the good doctor

  • am actually crying this human right here has suffered through a lot and i will forever be her fan, my friends tell to listen to other songs then i comment about them is "its not halsey so its ok but NOT HALSEY"

  • Come Turkey queen

  • 1:13 G EAZY PARECE

  • 1:01 what is she mad about?!?!

  • Love you halsey I will maryy u😘🤗

  • Alright so I'm here out of confusion. There was a Halsey live performance with her and another female doing what could be considered "provocative" dancing. I can't seem to find it anywhere and I was hoping to find some guidance lol

  • That "hips like Jagger" got me losing sleep. Why do you do this to meeeeeeeee???

  • Manic tour in the Philippines please!

  • When she said “get me the fuck out of here”

  • wow so intense, I feel beauty and anxiety at the same time after watching this

  • I love you

  • I know it would probably just be way to much but I would SO love to see more videos like this!!!! I love the behind the scenes!!

  • Halsey! ⭐️

  • Lol "What is my whole existence"