How Jonas Brothers Created Their 'Cool' Music Video | Billboard | How It Went Down

Publicat pe 14 mai. 2019
The Jonas Brothers reveal how the music video for their song "Cool" came about, as part of the "How It Went Down" video series.
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  • Porqe me ponen al churro de joe

  • Yes Nick we all know u have very sensitive eyes

  • Biodegradable confetti!! We stan an environmentally conscious band of brothers.

  • I normally listen to this song when riding my horse :) it just comes on and I can't help but Bop to it xx

  • my babiessssssss

  • Was it just me or it sounded like he said Miley ??? In :20

  • Love my boys, still can't believe they're back ❤️

  • Nick.- « They’re HAPPY Volcanoes! » OMYGOD YES!!! 😂❤️👍🏽 Love you guys!!

  • I so expected them to say Miami at the end but they said Nashville where I'm going to see them live in a couple of months 😱

  • I live in Nashville! Love that shout out!😁❤😂

  • 2:18 awwwwwwww


  • Cool video

  • How Jonas Brothers Createt Own Hell For 30 Silver Coins.

  • Now I want Sucker how it went down!!

  • that Sansa kissed Joe in front of the iron throne is everything >

  • "How do you want people to feel when they hear this song?" Nick: oh man....i got this....ive been waiting all my life for this...yall ready..."I WANT THEM TO FEEL COOL"

  • Nick is really very sensitive and intense

  • Amo il video cool molto anni 80 e molto magnum pi 😍

  • Joe really looks more handsome these days.

  • Yeah , I'm feeling so cool

  • there was a big man and I felt small classic Kevin being always classic

  • I see Joe, I click ! ❤

  • Nick: I hope they feel COOL! Lol emphasis of cool

  • love this brothers

  • Very nice video,congratulation Jonas brothers.Nick your ugly doll i watched,Thanks.

  • lol nick ain't lyring about his eyes i was just watchin a video of him at the premiere of ugly dolls it was sunny and his eyes were tearing and he kept trying to look away from cameras

  • Why Nick always looks so serious

  • 1:03 till 1:13 and also 1:28 I think Joe has like an eye twitching thing if you see it there his eyes twitchs hard and his eye brows moves unintentionally, also Kevin but Kevin is even more because I've seen it in so many videos

  • Great energy

  • How is nick sensitive to light when his eyes had the light on them at all times in the music video for right now lol 😂

  • 😘😘🤗

  • Hi babes Jonas!

  • Fans of post Malone??? Why???!!! 🙄🤢🤢🤢

  • This video is so cool and I love this when they describe their song cool

  • 💖

  • Shoutout to whoever the hell edited this video LMAO, made it even better.

  • "How do you hope people feel when they hear this song?" "cool" *goes into an in depth description of what the person should feel like*

  • "I felt very... inadequate." "that must be how it feels next to Joe and I." *heavy sigh* "yeah- they wish"

  • 😍😍😍💕💕💕❤❤❤

  • They seem tired and sardonic in this promo but it's all good.


  • Ah! I love them so much. This makes me so happy. Fan since 2006 on TRL and now here we are.

  • Bts is taking over.

  • im one of the people who thought it was 'sheen'

  • I love you guys so much. I couldn’t stop laughing when you guys were roasting each other 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wolf of Wall Street 😍

  • Love the Sophie/Joe animated kiss lmao

  • Joe is SO hot !

  • 1:02 kevin: i felt like i'm a very small person nick: a lot like being around joe and i I'M DONE

  • Good job for the creator animation 🙌🙌

  • Love jonas brothers😍

  • I love it.

  • The dance part is a meme in México 🤣

  • I hella thought he was saying Sheen this whole time, as a reference to Charlie Sheen haha

  • They're so cute 😭

  • I see Joe, I click. I see Iron Throne, I click!

  • I'm like if I go out on the street... This song has to be on an earpieces... Or I don't feel cool

  • So true ...I feel cool when I listen to it .... Since before

  • I no it was new school seen