HTC Vive Cosmos Everything You NEED To Know 2.0

Publicat pe 13 sep. 2019
The HTC Vive Cosmos is now available to pre-order. In this video I'll tell you everything you need to know about the Vive Cosmos so you can make an informed decision on whether the Vive Cosmos is the right VR headset for you...
00:53 - HTC Vive Cosmos History & Basics
02:06 - HTC Vive Cosmos Ergonomics & Headstrap
03:00 - HTC Vive Cosmos Audio & Headphones
03:23 - HTC Vive Cosmos Display & Lenses
04:44 - HTC Vive Cosmos Controllers
05:56 - HTC Vive Cosmos Inside Out Tracking & Passthrough Mode
07:26 - HTC Vive Cosmos Compatibilty With Vive Wireless Adapter
08:13 - VivePort Infinity & Vive Origin
09:21 - HTC Vive Cosmos Price
09:57 - HTC Vive Cosmos Conclusion
10:43 - HTC Vive Cosmos Final Thoughts
You can pre-order the HTC Vive Cosmos here;
Let me know what you think of the HTC Vive Cosmos in the comments below? Have you pre-ordered?
Thanks for watching []-)
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  • I don't have any VR at all, and all of these choices are starting to overwhelming. Which one should I get as a first timer!?

  • This just shouldn't exist at it's current price point. Why the fuck are HTC this awful at pricing things correctly?

  • Controllers take AA batteries? Seem like a step backwards to me.

    • @Joo-foh Well if that works for you then great, but personally I prefer to charge my devices after I use them rather than have to be bothered replacing batteries. To each their own I guess.

    • It absolutely IS a step forward imo! AA batteries, common as muck and available in every single local store, 5 mins away. Plus most (like myself) only use AAA and AA *rechargable* batteries for *every* electrical item that uses them. I already have about 30 in use and 2 chargers. Use them in my Logitech G305 mouse, which lasts about 2-3 months and have about 10 spare, sitting fully charged on my desk! Battery runs out on my mouse and within 10 seconds I have a new one in. Couldn't be more convenient!

  • vive cosmo and index got the same resolution as shown on video, hello???

  • can anyone tell me if the Cosmos is better than the Index? I understand that some of the specs come down to a personal preference but I would like to know other people's opinions as well!

  • I've read and watch a lot of reviews before deciding to buy the Cosmos. I can tell you the tracking works great for me as long as I turn the lights on in my room. I have 4 LED down lights for my study room which is 4m by 4m. I've owned the original Vive, the Vive Pro and now the Cosmos and I can tell you the Cosmos is hands down the best VR experience I ever had. I played beat saber and the tracking is just so fast and faultless. I don't know why some people complain about tracking issues which I've had none whatsoever. I also love the fact that I don't have to turn on the lighthouse sensors as the cosmos requires none. My Vive Pro sensors used to make buzzing noises and it's annoying as hell. HTC has nailed it this time, the Cosmos is a clear winner with higher resolution than the Valve Index VR. Those worries about AA batteries costs, no need to worry, I already ordered myself a set of 8 energizer rechargeable AA batteries with charger for just $60 off eBay.

  • why is it more expansive in the eu wtf

  • Clickbait

  • October 3rd it's released.

  • I'm definitely gonna buy it if it actually costed 699 USD(50,000Rs) in India.....but the original vive cost at launch was fuckin sick in India- 1300USD (92,000Rs )...Fingers crossed🤞 for 699$ price in India for the vive......

  • All this improvement and STILL using crap lenses!

  • Alright, no matter what I'm going to buy this. So, where do I sell my Kidneys?

  • Price way too high, and I very much doubt the regular vive will price drop after launch. Were looking for vr kit as a family, and after purchasing a spec pc, the choice is a used vive at 1/2 rrp. Shame.

  • Rift S -> 450€ Cosmos -> 800€ Choice is easy for me. Still wondering if the Rift S is ok for me with an IPD of 65/66

    • Peoples pay thousands for phones but they can't spend the $700 on a VR headset

  • I think for many that will kill this, is the 2 hours of battery life of each controller. I mean seriously 2 hours????

  • i really dont like the halo headstrap. i started with the cv1 and love the comfort much more.

  • This product deserves death for its lack of improvement over previous generation.

  • So it will support full body tracking?

  • HTC you've done goof! Probably the last VR headset you'll ever do!

  • I'm dumb lol, does it know if u lay down or if u crouch

  • I need to replace my CV1 as the damn right side headphone stopped working again and I doubt Oculus will send me another refurbished HMD. I got the CV1 late 2017 and dealing with Oculus support only 6 months later was a no thanks. All I do is sim race. Sometimes a friend will try room scale but 95% of the time I’m sitting down in my racing simulator. The RiftS is a no go. The fact they treated audio as something not really necessary for VR is a major turnoff for me. I don’t want to mess around with external headphone. I was thinking about the HP Reverb but so many QC horror stories have surfaced I don’t wanna touch it. What should I get? Room scale isn’t important. What is important is ease of use and image clarity out at a distance. It’s a must to be able to identify track markers and brake lights. I also don’t wanna spend $1k on an HMD.

  • Will an adapter work for using USB C Virtuallink?

  • If they come out with a wireless headset that can also track feet, I'm getting it.

    • thatll be really expensive lmao

  • How does the sub count thing in the background still work?

  • I want vr to be like this: Wife or husband sitting at the table, limited space on bedrooms for pc room, lots of kids and very limited production time. Whack these head sets on, start typing, wanna start 3d modeling cool, wanna start watching the kids while reading a report cool augmented reality built in, need to switch back to 3d cad mode sure, you spot a issue, type it up on laptop or in vr options yours, need to type a document up on train sure, tired of neck pain bending it's okay we got you there. Return to family life.

  • I feel like I'm a freak for not finding the vive wands annoying, they are strange shaped but for the most part are alright.

  • So WMR technology for twice the price. Got it. Good review though!

  • Less than the HP reverb

  • So this VS the Valve Index

  • Is this worth upgrading from the Vive Pro with the Wireless Attachment?

  • im still waiting for full dive htc

  • Didnt they promise eye tracking on cosmos aswell?

  • Look forward to a comparison between this, the Index and Reverb. Thanks Mike

  • 110 fov! Wtf!

  • It's curious that they bumped out the mobile support. Like you said that was the main feature which was pulling out cosmos from the masses. Being able to have both quality experience and "on the move" experience for the same investment would have been a great addition. Hopping this feature will come out later, cause cosmos is 800€ here so might instead save a little more for the index.

  • If the headset can track fingers then it would be possible for it to track the rest of the body as well. I think we will se body tracking in the future with this technology!

  • The whole discussion is quite simple for me: I own a Vive Pro and I am quite happy with that. Never had any issue whatsoever. I have the Cosmos on order, if it is not better (sharper) it will simply go return to sender, otherwise I will keep it and sell the Pro. Regarding the other brands and with all due respect as what I say certainly does not (!) apply to all or even many (!) of them but: Whenever I come across issues on user forums it is all about them. I have not yet come across somebody who had trouble getting the Vive /Vive Pro to work according to spec and expectation. Maybe that's a reason why they are still in the market and I agree, much more expensive than their competitors. Purely subjective though, it seems users tend to like their own HMD most and most of us do not have the money to test or own all of them. I would love a place where I could test them all with my favorite application and settings....

  • Thanks Mike! I'd consider buying one!

  • yall so lucky to be able to do VR. i'm saving for a quest... Good idea?

    • I owned a Vive, and sold it after a year. When push comes to shove, its the games that matter. I would get a PSVR if I did it over again. I would buy a quest when it drops to 200. I have no problem waiting. All the specs dont mean anything, if all the games are a trash demos being sold for full price games.

  • The Cosmos is almost double the price of the Quest and doesn't come Wireless? why?

    • valve index is triple the price of the rift s and quest and doesnt come wireless

  • In Canada you'll be paying out the ass no matter what you pick, so you may as well go for the best. That'll have to be ordered online, of course.

  • thats...not a powerful pc...

  • Happy to see FOV complaints. Exactly what I thought too... 130DEG FOV at least. It's like notches in phone screens these days. As long as the major players have interrupting notches they ALL can get away with such garbage. Same with < 150DEG FOV.

  • hi mike i know that you might not do this thing for me but i dont have a vr hedset and i dont have a nough money for one so yea im broke and i have ben a subriber for about 6 months and i wish i could get the oculus quest but i think il never get it

  • cosmos is usable with the base stations does that mean the controllers are interchangeable? ie cosmos controllers with vive/pro vive wands with cosmos?

  • Ну почему такие уродливые,и дурацкие контроллеры?

  • The resolution is quite the same like Oculus Quest, so I don't know. On Oculus Quest was the pixels visible. But who knows?

  • So HTC have straight up copied Oculus across the board so far as i can see. Fair enough the vive is marginally better in terms of tech but, wow.

  • "Powerful" computer? I5? Good joke. And Oculus Home doesn't exactly suck. I'm sure you are quite versed in VR but i wouldn't touch a VR without an I7 and i roll with 32GB RAM just to be certain. I still say the Rift Touch is an undervalued system.

  • Eating my words now. Cosmos is shaping to be a great PC headset. They finally have controllers on par with touch, nice over ear Integrated headphones, super high res LCD and options for outside in AND inside out tracking. checks off a lot of boxes for me and definitely more boxes than the Rift line up. Only downside is the $700 price point. HTC has always been horrible with pricing and With the entire index bundle being only $300 more this will be a tough sell. I still don’t know how they can sell the vice pro for $100 more than the index when it’s not nearly as great of a headset. Hope HTC has some tricks up their sleeves with this one.

  • I definitely pre-ordered it! I've played the Rift S and enjoyed it but the the upgrades the Cosmos has over the Rift S made it a no brainier for me. I found the lack of IPD adjustment and the audio on the Rift S to be puzzling.

  • I won't buy a new one until at least 130 fov. My image quality on my Rift S is good enough for now.

  • to sum it all up in a BALL SACK.... index seems is still the best in VR.

  • I going do video this week I got b haptic suit working with oculus quest it working well

  • Anyone else thinks this looks ugly?

  • I think the ultimate at the moment would be to get Cosmos (with a Wireless Adapter and basestation adapter), and the Index Controllers. I would get the Index if it was wireless. It'll never go back to wired roomscale after using the Vive Wireless Adapter

  • $699! LMAO! RIP Vive - You just made Oculus #1.

  • Delivery? Try mid-October and all pre-orders will get inside the box a code for a free year, $99 worth, of viveport membership.

  • The cosmos probably rocks, but at my budget its just not economical compared to what else is on the market

    • rift s man. its really nice.

  • Dude.. im so bummed, I just got a Rift S a few days ago and for the first few hours it was absolutely fantastic. Then, bug after bug crept in and now the thing is unplayable. Crashing black screen, the "right controller battery low" error which closes the games and the displayport disconnect issue...... everything seems to point to a software thing, but, i think im going to return it and just wait for the Vive Cosmos... (if anybody has any sure-fire solutions for the issues i stated please let me know)