I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

Publicat pe 11 iun. 2019
I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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  • haha grape

  • That hurted

  • *Like that smash button!* *me:* 😂

  • taking food for granite -Adam June 2019

  • y u so f***ing smexy and hot

  • "I WILL FUCKING EAT YOU!!!!" I can relate so much

  • ‘Literally couldn’t speak or breathe and was IN A BIT OF PAIN’ I can’t breathe now 😂😂😂

  • I need to have the same procedure done at some point :(

  • Are u loin or tiger When u we’re gonna eat your brother

  • *Grape confirmed*

  • 3:25 you always need to drink your chocolate milk

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  • Adam make a shirt that says "I am not a grape"

  • "like that smash button"

  • Like that smash button😂

  • 1:36 when you’re trying to fight with homework 😂 😆 That me also fighting with homework 😂

  • Like that smash button? You still on your medication? ....

  • I just had plastic surgery around my jaw area, I relate so hard. I didn't get my mouth wired shut but the pain is ridiculous and I can't fuckin eat anything except pudding and jello. I miss in n out so much 😞😭

  • “Like that smash button.” Adam 2019

  • i like the animation more when you don’t have your mouth animated as you speak like in this video, imo i think it’s bit more comedic/humorous.

  • 0:12 *no joke that's me right there*

  • man, I do like that smash button

  • 21:26 like that smash button?

  • Now you look more like Markiplyer :d (this is a joke)

  • I literally walked to CVS to get myself tomato soup because of this video.

  • Oh dat smash button REEE LETSA PLAY SOME SMASH

  • Sometimes I have difficulties with my jaw wen I eat and sometimes talk...

  • i had an exacly the same experience when i was on a liquid diet but i could only drink one type of drink for 8 weeks.. i watched other people eat food aswell so i can realy relate

  • Why is your character a devil

  • *looks at burrito* I know you said you’re like hella defensive of food buuuuuut........


  • 12:25 don't forget to like that smash button

  • Feel ya bud i have brases and not s plastic worse.. A. F- i mean uhhh A PLASTIC

  • I have to get surgery next year for this exact reason....at least I can hear somebody else's story

  • Thank you I hate tomato soup to xD


  • 4:00 PAUSE IT. Do you see it?

  • "Like that smash button" 12:24

  • “I am a human boy”

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  • tomato soup is gross and we agree

  • We know you are not a grape

  • I didn’t even realize it was 12 minutes long

  • Can you make a end game vid after the other vid

  • Happy birthday adam pls notice my friend he made beautiful fanart for you you should check it out 😀😀😀 #Shadowscott

  • I have the same thing😐

  • 6:55 that pose tho

  • Happy birthday

  • You have an amazing smile and sense of humor. Thanks for sharing. Brighten my day while my TMJ locked my jaw down again... Frickin Boost Shakes on tap again.👍😉

  • Grap

  • Happy birthday!!♥♥♥


  • This is better than the bible

  • Me:Friend touches candy* Me:I WILL FREAKING EAT U

  • I didn’t know he had glasses

  • Happy birthday

  • Happy birthday 🥳17th of June(I think because of famous birthdays)!

  • “Don’t forget to like that smash button” 👏👏

  • *I drank chocolate milk while watching this.* Oh? No one asked? Ok...

  • You did not censor that part ._. LOL

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! CONGRATS LOVE YOU AND YOU'RE VIDS ♥️ please so everyone can see?!

  • Easter egg from sponge bob Weiner hit juner

  • korean viewers: listening to adam mispronouncing 먹방 and crying adam: mUkbAAAAng

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  • Turn on captions and go to 4:55

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  • 0:09 ok WHAT IM NEW HERE Kinda BUT WHAT

  • Ha I know how it is except for 5 days my dog bit me and I had stitches on the side of my mouth so I had to eat on the other side of meh mouth and IT SUCKED

  • Me realising Adam has the same birthday as me. Oh f*&@ yeah Demonetisation logo: SLAP

  • Happy birthday. June 17

  • hey somethingelse shadow scott made you a edite for your b-day

  • Ate you like crowley from good omens

  • SOMETHINGELSE This person made a birthday gift for you! It's really cool! @ShadowScott

  • 2:54

  • I wasn't allowed to eat anything at all for 3 or 4 days straight before my appendectomy and I thought I was gonna Die. I can't imagine what not bring able to eat solid foods for 2 months is like..

  • Happy birthday 🥳

  • Shadow scott made you fanart look at it :-:

  • I didn't know you wear glasses

  • Adam sexually identifies as a grape

  • 12:24 I sure will :D

  • Happy birthday Adam! I came here because I saw an edit of you in a game... Check it out 'cause it looks cool! (If you want.) It's by Shadow Scott.

  • He said remember to like that smash button lol


  • HAPPY BORTHDA (btw I luv uuuuuuu)

  • He is just really into that burrito.

  • Couldn’t breathe eh ? Well I’m glad I don’t have that cuz I have a stuffed nose

  • What would you do if you saw 1 mil right in front of you? Adam:GET MY MOUTH WIRED SHUT

  • Normal People: Burrito's Me, An Intellectual: God's Cylinder

  • “ like that smash button “

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