Publicat pe 13 iul. 2019
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Produced By: Brice Rivera (instagram.com/bricerivera/)


  • The toilet one we so funny

  • T

  • 2:26 Brent is still asking! 😄😆😂

  • Bet that he wouldnt go that fast for ben or lexi

  • What does brent’s shirt say?

  • you should do i lost me memery prank on brent

  • TBH i think brent will look good with grey hair 😂😂😂

  • Why did u block out what’re it’s said on the back of brents sweat shirt

  • I wish I were sponsored by sour patch kids

  • I tried the fish tales

  • I prank Brent I pranked BRENT

  • I accidentally once went into the boys bathroom at the airport!😂😂😂

  • Why did you have to blur the back of brent's shirt

  • Hi

  • Hi there I love your videos

  • Lexi I want You to do a part 2 and prank Brent and use Bruce's pranks

  • At 5:21 and 1:57 you can kind of see what’s on Brent’s hoodie if you pause and go in 0.25x speed P.S if you do the same at 4:17 you can see it all actually

  • And also prank Blake

  • Please prank Brice

  • you deserve it brent you always annoy ben and Lexi

  • Omg loved these pranks

  • Very curious what’s on Brent’s hoodie

  • omg

  • PLEASE make longer videos

  • Prank time : 1st Prank: 1:22 Reaction: 1:42 2nd Prank: 3:04 Reaction: 4:15 3rd Prank: 4:57 Reaction: 5:23 I know it didn't Help😌

  • 4:16 5:35 sorry just trying to look at brent's back Edit: I think its *Guess* in white colour and the red i dont know the first letters but just last alphabets are: *Bras* dont know the first 2/3 Letters What do you guys think what it is?

  • I love you guys i love the video's Lexi the video's is nice I want more video's Lexi love yaquelin 😄 haha LEXI you are my best friend and you too brent haha

  • i like your channel better than Brent’s! #girlsquad

  • P

  • Y is brents shirt not allowed to be in the video???????

  • Why you dont you have a boyfrend?? because you are so beautiful❤️👑

  • You and Ben should Do a pregunta prank on Brent

  • wait wat does brents shirt say

  • What did Brents shirt say?

  • Girls for the winning

  • I had sour patch in the same day

  • Does anyone else love Lexi's videos like there the best than my life💖💖💖💖 just saying facts💖💖💖💖🔐👐

  • Hahahahahahahahahahaha♡♡♡


  • Is it me or does Brent remind you of drake bell