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Jason Derulo x David Guetta - Goodbye (feat. Nicki Minaj & Willy William) [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Publicat pe 22 oct. 2018
‪Jason Derulo‪ x David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj & Willy William “Goodbye” Official Music Video.‬
Directed by : Jason Derulo, David Strbik and Jeremy Strong.‬
‬Produced by Derulo and David Strbik
Edited by David Strbik
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  • Cant find it on spotify help mee

  • j ai trop aimé ce sons

  • I don't speak english but i like because i am stupid 😅

  • Why did you copied that from boceli?

  • Sucks

  • I am really disappointed that this masterpiece has only 100m deserves way better

  • يتنحاو قاع

  • King good get

  • why is Jason showing his sparks

  • Who is watching it in April ❤️😁

  • quel beau gooss

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  • LOl

  • hee iam doun loving this dope ,plz stay four the nyt😉

  • When I put this song on it was 3:00 and on his phone it said 3:00 lol

  • Role model.. Nicki the drippest

  • Good song luv u young money good work

  • wsm fajna muzyka

  • 100 view to 200 view

  • Nicki singing so amazing in this song!

  • aww tht girl in boys cut she is so cute love her ps nikki looks queen no doubt

  • Nicki l love you so much👑👑❤

  • Do they realy know what mean: ¿cuánto amas este CULO????. Derulo, i respect you, and i love your music. Like for you.

  • 3:02 La Nicki nunca deja de ser vulgar

  • Donde amaste te qulo qulo

  • Nice

  • wowwww

  • Goodbye everyone have a good night

  • The music is inspired to "Con te partirò" of Andrea Bocelli


  • I dot not crown for you a turn nor Benefit from Your Lord

  • Whom ever is Thankful, then He is thankful to Himself

  • Wait so essentially he is late to the dinner right lmao

  • Nicki the queen 🖐️✋

  • Umm no hate to Nicki or anything but she's not only one on the song

  • Only a few of y'all noticed this so I'm gonna have to put y'all on blast SORRY NOT SORRY this is a POPULAR REMAKE of a OPERA called " Con Ti Partido " by Andrea bocelli & Sarah brightman 🇮🇹

  • OMG, How much is sexy Mr. Jason! 😍

  • Congratulation 100 million views

  • Who listing this on Sunday easter ??like

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  • I Do Love The Beats In The Background Of That Song

  • I Do Love That Song And This Is Going To Be Another One Of My Favourite Song

  • I Love That Song And It's Also Make Me Want To Dance And Sing Along Too

  • Felicidades por tu 100M de vistas😁

  • So he's a dick but it's ok because he can sing? He had a drink in his hand for 75% of the video hanging with hoochies and flaunting his fame but some market store roses you stole from the hallway will make up for it. He looked like a total ass the whole vid.

  • we shall always b bsde u no matter wat ,,,,am in east africa i lyk ur songs so much

  • buh derulo z not having a promoter,,,,y he can't get an award,,,,,y GOD


  • 2022 ? 😂😂

  • You completely ruin this song

  • Les. Aparecerá. Número. Desconocido

  • hola. llamen. al. número. 666👿

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  • That ratchet hoodrat Cardi could never! Nicki is the Queen!

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  • Derulo ft. Alvin and the Chickmunks

  • Its the QUEEN bitch


  • Nicky Minaj sucks, I like more the tøp version or the original, sorry.

  • who is only here for nicki minaj lmao

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  • *yes Barbie*

  • Love u for a 1000 years Shreenidhi 💗

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  • This is Nicki’s 49th video to hit 100M ❗️ Most for any female artist, second over all 🔥

  • 100M YASS !!! 🎉

  • One word "Dope beat"

  • Nicki slayed this song... as always Nicki, David and Jason are a power team

  • 100m Views Wow Cogratz Jason👏👏👌💪

  • Still love this fucking song.!!!

  • I could watch Jason derulo sing for hours

  • 2019!!!!

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  • Omg... Queen Nicki 😍😍👑👑👑👑😍😍

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  • Yeeeey 100 million wooow I’m the one who watching this song every day and I love the song jason

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  • lol things Nicki didn't show ass but Jason showed abs👊👊😂😂

  • I love the way Nicki is singing but at the awards ceremony in Europe , she didn't rap/, sing it well

  • I love this song and the video: but Nicki should do better in the music video , she was simple right but stylistically , she did less than what she could ! By the way , she save 80% of the song ...

  • 100Mil+ 😍🙌🙌🙌

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  • Jason is one fine piece of meat 😍

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