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Juicy J - Neighbor (Official Audio) ft. Travis Scott

Publicat pe 26 sep. 2018
“Neighbor” feat. Travis Scott out now:
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  • yes

  • Mom:take out the tra- Me: 0:01

  • nobody: kid me using a chinese finger trap: 0:21

  • 0:21 when somebody parks too close

  • When i first heard this i was like nahh. Now i fuck with it

  • when teacher gives class papers and tell them to write their name on it 0:22

  • When your the school shooter, but you show up on a Saturday 0:22


  • *Uber ride* costs 18 dollars Me: 0:21

  • Travis Scott copiou a música FVCK do Raffa Moreiro

  • Even though Juicy has a much better verse than Travis, this is still basically Travis’s song.

  • 0:20 when u wake up to a fat white bitch in the morning : (

  • Mom: if your grade is lower than 70% you will be in trouble *grade is lower than 70% * Me: 0:22

  • Niggas keep dying fuck xanax

  • Boogie nights >>>>>>>

  • Why is it the same as insomnia by Takeoff?

  • 0:21 When you miss the bus and have to tell your mom

  • Roses are red, Violets are blue All the comments are about 0:22

  • Everyone making comments about 0:22 but the best part of this song is the chorus followed by "YEAH HOE" after every bar

  • 0:21 when you lay down to go to sleep and remember you had homework...

  • Prod by forgotten is better tbh

  • Ya'll tell me which version is better. lol

  • 0:22 when Jaime sees vegetable Bran Stark in his wheelchair in Winterfell

  • 00:22 When your realize almost every comment talking about the fuck(x10) -_-

  • When you realize all the comments are about 0:22

  • 0:21 when you hit your pinky toe on the heel of a shoe

  • 🌩⛈🌙✨😎👁✋🏼😇😇😇😆

  • 0:21 Travis Scott possuído pelo Raffa Moreira

  • 0:21 when you hiding from a murderer in a dark room and your light up sketchers go off

  • This uses the same beat as Insomnia by Takeoff the fuck

  • 0:22 when you have to write a full essay for English and you present the next day but you forgot the papers

  • 2019?

  • i counted. 47 times they said fuck. is that a record?

  • 0:22 when your parents find that weed stash in the closet and they begin to link you to Pablo and other narcos....

  • When yo taxes don't hit🤔

  • 0:21 when bae ask what you tryna do but you got tourette syndrome

  • Three 6 x Travis

  • Chicklet brought me here😂😂😂🔥

  • When you just now notice that you not in the storm circle 0:22

  • Holdup is this the same beat as insomnia takeoff?

  • 0:21 when u got the worst grade at school

  • 0:21 When Travis forgets what to say in a freestyle and is thinking of what to say

  • 0:21 when you get arrested

  • This song sucks

  • 0.22 When you open that letter saying your the babydaddy

  • FUCK! × 13 🤘😎🍻

  • 0:22 your mom when i fuck her

  • 0:21 when your mom asks you did you take the porkchop out the freezer


  • 0:21 when you read all these comments on RO-tv all you can say is..... Juicy J wit another banga!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • When someone takes the comments you were gonna type 0:22

  • 2 Chainz woulda killed this beat

  • 0:22 when you realize your hairline wasn't the way it was before....

  • Why can’t this be 5 minutes long ?


    • you should listen to the takeoff remix

  • 0:21 *When the toilet water hits yo ass after a big ass shit falls in*

  • *Yeah Hoe*

  • #ShutTheFuckUuup

  • cur

  • detach a flying nia&e clip men

  • 0:21 when your side bitch and your girl in the same room

  • So many fucks

  • 0:21 when your mom rolls down the window and says wow to you when ur crush I around because you're crush is cute! (It's happened to me)😭🤦🏽‍♀️

  • When blue lights start flashing in the sideview mirror in the trap caddie

  • Always wear a condom before 0:21

  • 0:21 When you’re going 98 in a 65 and see red and blue lights behind you

  • 0:21 when you takin a big shit

  • Comments: About 0:22 - 99% Other - 1%

  • Nice keep the same energy

  • 0:21 when she shows u a picture of Cardi b on ingstagram and ask u if u choose her or Cardi b

  • Daughter: dad, I want you to meet my boyfriend, Jermall Dad: 0:22

  • When your girl asks what you want to do :22

  • love you

  • 1:29 that flow is insane

  • Juicy stopped the xans? "I'm on them Xanax Bars, my Weed is medical, and I ain't had nothing to eat but some edibles" was my motto in college.



  • YEAH HOE!!!!


  • 0:21 when you stub ur toe

  • Insomnia>>>>>>>>>>neighbor

  • 0:22 when you stump your toe on the bed and scream FUCK out loud and you’re parents hear you.🤣

  • 0:21 when you thought you farted but instead you shit yourself

  • great song

  • 0:22 when you get knocked down in fortnite

  • 0:21 when you hit your pinky toe on something

  • I feel like asap rocky on this song would have been nice too 0:22

  • Runescape Autumn Voyage is the beat

  • 0:22 When you get set on fire in Minecraft but hood mode is turned on.

  • with Tay k and Gucci mane in it too

  • Hey Jucie can you make a Neighbor remix feat murda betz, Busta Ryims Young thug And lil Dicky

  • That's a ufo yo...the truth is out there know the truth I am sure you need drugs...cuz that's your love

  • 0:21 when you failed miserably at pulling out

  • Dan I Feel Bad The Innocent People/Men......N Jail...... .. ........

  • ⚠illuminati

  • 0:21 when you stub your toe on the table

  • Whos still bumpin this with me in 2018

  • ☁⚡

  • 0:21 When you wake up late asf for school

  • 0:21 When you squeezed out the first piece of shit, then realize there is no toilet paper in the bathroom... and no one else is home. LMAO

  • Is that a frisbee or a ufo over cali causing dew