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Juicy J - Neighbor (Official Audio) ft. Travis Scott

Publicat pe 26 sep. 2018
“Neighbor” feat. Travis Scott out now:
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  • 0:22 when you get knocked down in fortnite

  • 0:21 when you hit your pinky toe on something

  • I feel like asap rocky on this song would have been nice too 0:22

  • Runescape Autumn Voyage is the beat

  • 0:22 When you get set on fire in Minecraft but hood mode is turned on.

  • with Tay k and Gucci mane in it too

  • Hey Jucie can you make a Neighbor remix feat murda betz, Busta Ryims Young thug And lil Dicky

  • That's a ufo yo...the truth is out there know the truth I am sure you need drugs...cuz that's your love

  • 0:21 when you failed miserably at pulling out

  • Dan I Feel Bad The Innocent People/Men......N Jail...... .. ........

  • ⚠illuminati

  • 0:21 when you stub your toe on the table

  • Whos still bumpin this with me in 2018

  • ☁⚡

  • 0:21 When you wake up late asf for school

  • 0:21 When you squeezed out the first piece of shit, then realize there is no toilet paper in the bathroom... and no one else is home. LMAO

  • Is that a frisbee or a ufo over cali causing dew

  • something is wrong here, this song by takeoff - insomnia and ths one have the same instrumental

  • Here at 3.9m views

  • Travis Scott roubou meu flow!

  • When u tell the wierd the wierd kid to 0:00 then he pulls out a 9mm 0:20

  • travis the dopest in it right now🔥🔥🔥

  • Shut the fuck up! Yeah mane We still gettin' this paper Jet to a check, aw, hit it in cash, hit it n' dash (Yeah, yeah) Flash, she a dancer (Flash, she a dancer) Stack it and fold em' (Stack it and fold!) Forty-two acres (Oh yeah) fuck on my neighbor (Uh, yeah) Told her don't say shit (Say, say, say) Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck (Alright) Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck Dawg I'm stuck (Yeah) feel no drugs (Yeah) That's my love in a cup (Yeah) keep it short (Yeah, yeah) Got the Dawgs in the cut (Yeah, yeah) Really off balance, heard they got talent (Uh) Really ecstatic, moon walkin' backwards (Uh) Plane it got wood floors on the cabinet Hit the flight attendant diamond status Keep a actress on the addicts daily Looking like Boogie Nights in the 80's, ayy Jet to a check, aw, hit it in cash (Yeah ho!) Hit it n' dash (Yeah ho!) Flash, she a dancer (Yeah ho!) Stack it and fold em' (Yeah ho!) Forty-two acres (Yeah ho!, uh huh) Fuck on my neighbor (Yeah ho!) Told her don't say shit (Yeah ho!) Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck Fuck, fuck, fuck (Yeah ho!), fuck, fuck, fuck Dawg I'm stuck (Yeah) feel no drugs (Yeah) That's my love in a cup (Yeah) keep it short (yeah, yeah) Got the Dawgs in the cut (Yeah, yeah) Yeah, yeah I go live like Kodak (Like Kodak) Niggas keep dyin', fuck Xanax (Fuck that) I kill shit, what's next? (What's next?) Nick can't stop my flex (Can't stop that) Stripper put it on her chest (Right there) She even want no check (No check) Got Cartier on me like Offset (Offset) Ain't even gotta rap, nigga, I'm set Get to a check (Yeah, yeah) I ain't even cash (Ain't even cash) Fresh to death lookin' like I stepped up out a casket (Out a casket) I'm gon take my shot you gon' pass it (You gon' pass) My bitch classy and she look just like Cassie but she nasty I'm fucked up, stuck, still fill up a cup Woke up like what the fuck is up, let's turn up (Yeah) Fuck a buzz, yeah, I need drugs, let's turn up yeah Keep a torch, yeah, I'm a dog you a mutt, yeah Jet to a check, aw, hit it in cash Hit it n' dash (Yeah, yeah) Flash, she a dancer (Woo) Stack it and fold em' (Uh, uh) Forty-two acres (Uh, okay) fuck on my neighbor (Yeah, okay) Told her don't say shit (Damn, uh) Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck Dawg I'm stuck (Yeah) feel no drugs (Yeah) That's my love in a cup (Yeah) keep it short (Yeah) Got the Dawgs in the cut (Yeah)

  • 0:21 when you can't find the spider you tried killing

  • lmaoo I typed fuck fuck fuck fuck Travis Scott and found the song

  • lyrics are trash

  • 0:20 when she on her period but you was already on the freeway

  • Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

  • 0:21 when your trying to hide snacks from your little brother, and then he found out

  • Oh and ironically, i ran into my neighbor today! He gave me a run down of what was going maybe I'll not have to suffer this again any time soon...

  • me when travis fucking stop saying fuck 0:23

  • 0:21 fuck

  • When you stub your toe 0:21

  • 0:21 this nigga deadass stole Raffa Moreira's flow smh

  • 0:21 when your stalking someone one instagram and like a picture from 37 weeks ago

  • 0:21 When you have a busted tail light and a cop is behind you.

  • My guy juicy j went off

  • 0:21 When u feeling every pocket individually and u cant find ur phone

  • She asked me what i want to do? i said 0:22..

  • The hook 🔥🔥🔥

  • Love that south american flute sound. Picturing traffickers in Peru listening to this out in the jungle.

  • Juicy verse🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • This comment section too much lmfao

  • When you run out of toilet paper at a guests house 0:22

  • When the teacher is reading a book and calls on you to continue but you don’t know where to read 0:22 😂😂😂

  • The legend with the new superstar. What a duo. Very soon the translation on my channel

  • Travis has the same flow everytime. It’s so old now.

  • 0:21 when you realise your girlfriend have dick

  • 0:21 when you get home with your report card and you’re moms waiting for you with the belt at the door

  • When you stub your toe 0:21


  • Been my shit since the first day they dropped it.. it still hasn’t pick up but once it does it’s lit!!!!!

  • Nice! this might replace my new #1 favorite song of Travis $cott

  • Rouba flow do raff Bro num fode !

  • When you got the bubble guts the runs

  • 0:21 When the assignment is due in one minute and you haven’t started

  • 0:21 when new windows update come out, you download it and it fk's up your computer

  • I'm gon take my shot you gon pass it

  • Okay

  • Me

  • I dare you

  • Say it again

  • What better. This or Takeoff

  • Neighbor is a Dope song! Kindly give a listen to our remix here

  • 0:21 when u have another bitch up on you and your girl opens the door

  • 0:21 when the white bullied kid says CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE

  • Producer is trying to make what’s hot right now . This sounds like that new ASAP song “ I came I saw” or w.e mixed with Kodak’s new shit . Producers be biting like a mf

  • When you ask for nudes and you receive a red.snap 🤤 0:22

  • When a white person listens to 6ix9ine and they don't know what he's saying they hear

  • 0:21 when your man asks to see your cell phone and you forgot to clear your call log and texts

  • Breakfast club brought me here mid Juicy J interview

  • Shuttfup😂😂😂😂

  • I feel like this song has been out for years

  • "I'm fucked up, stuck Still fill up a cup Woke up like, What the fuck is up? Let's turn up ,yeah Fuck a buzz, yeah, I need drugs, let's turn up, yeah"

  • 0:21 when Kylie says “it’s either me or Uzi”

  • 0:21 when you don't have enough money for chicken nuggets

  • 0:21 When the Patriots win another Superbowl

  • 0:21 when coming in from outside with no shoes on and it's cold as hell. And hit yo toe on the cold as concrete step....


  • 0:21 When storm falls of a roof

  • Breakfast club bought me here of legend juicy j

  • :21 when you throw a pick on madden


  • Oh shit this do bump...i owe someone an apology

  • 0:22 When your girl find your second phone


  • :22 when you hit ur pinky toe on the side of the bed


  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Using 2:11 because I can't fall alseep

  • 0:22 when you at work and ain’t sure if you locked your front door.

  • 0:21 when you bite your damn tongue

  • This same beat is on Takeoff’s album on a song called “Insomnia”

  • 0:00 Heard someone screamed SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • The beat is wild asf



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  • TraSH.

  • I think juicy does songs with young artist to shit on'em. So serious there is a large gap between him and most artist he does song with. Def a great