Justina Valentine Reacts to Her Audition Tape 👏 | Wild 'N Out Reacts | MTV

Publicat pe 17 feb. 2019
Justina Valentine appreciates her hunger she had when she auditioned for Wild ‘N Out, and knew she was bound to be a part of the squad. 🙌
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  • one of the best ppl on this show💙.

  • YASSS Justina meant for this!!!

  • Take in she flashed her boobs to show nick cannon wagawn


  • Breast 😍

  • She’s so sexy

  • I love this bi-yatch she is good

  • Her break up was fucking incredible

  • who else here after Tim's mukbang

  • Her boob is dope

  • I love DC

  • I love DC too

  • This girl is beautiful. After everything here she should build a legacy like Kelly Rowland or something so she stays.

  • 0:30 thought she said I got cum dripping down my face

  • Dc is probably laughing hard at this hard when she’s singing

  • Is she still on wild n out

  • We need runiktv on wild n out

  • A white teyana taylor🤗

  • I love herr‼️💅🏼

  • she is the freestyle queen lol love her

  • Why are toaster strudels in a fridge

  • The most beautiful breasts in the business. 🤔

  • My favorite wild n out rapper

  • Justina's a trailblazer Sharper than a razor A legendary MC People can see beyond how sexxy she be Cuz they are fond Or her raw talent Out with the old In with the bold Her bars are cold She spits liquid gold. Much respect now And in the future To someone who somehow changed Rap culture Ten fold An always wows the crowds

  • Justina sounds like Cardi B... Is it just me..??

  • Honestly Justina's voice just reminds me of one of my aunties so I don't really get how it sounds like a dirtbike...

  • the beginning tho

  • Why does she remind me of a better version of Jowwow

  • She better rapper /freestyle /wildnout, than singer is my opinion.

  • My mom says she looks like Lucile Ball. She’s beautiful!!

  • Who else has been waiting for this

  • I can only take her appropriation in doses

  • Them breast look good 😂 like it need a squeeze me sticker

  • 😍💓✊

  • 4:20 I wasn’t ready for that👏🏼

  • See one of my favs! She's so freakin talented like omg and she's fine ash

  • She’s soo beautiful

  • Didn't know she could sing damn

  • This was cringy asf. I remember everyone went off on justina saying she sucked now she hype to yall?

  • Shes just an older Bhad Bhabie. I can only cringe when I listen to her.

  • Cringe the entire time

  • The old justina low key look like the host from ridiculousness 😂😂😂😂 rob something lol🤣🤣🤣

  • DC and justina are my favorite💯❤️they funny asf

  • I bet her butt smells wonderful. 😁 💦

  • People come at her voice but forget that Ashlee Simpson has a voice just like that and hit her first album platinum 🙄

  • Well she's definitely not a singer.... and please don't INSULT The Holy Spirit like that. 🙄

    • Id like to see you hit some notes. Also dont the bible say thou shalt not hate or some shit? So tell me why you felt the need to make a comment just to hate on a women. Is it because your stupid fucking bible told you to? Get fucked 🖕🏻

  • Damn Justina is the lightest black girl I have ever seen. I think she has vitiligo

  • “The Holy Spirit just hops in my body and I start moving my lips” *2 seconds later*....“Toaster Strudel eat it up...he wanna beat it ahhhhp” Bruh, wuuuuut 😐

  • let's see her audition tape with nick cannon

  • She has nice breasts tbh I'm not gonna lie I was stareing i couldn't help it it's not my fault im a heterosexual male and she's an attractive female with attractive breasts and I like breasts I mean don't hate don't hate y'all know you were stareing too don't lie like you can be honest it's ok but like fr she has nice boobs I like her boobs they're nice boobs thank you justina your very kind I like your boobs they're nice boobs ok bye now but really they some nice boobs ok ok im out

  • Love her voice

  • Are u actually a trans

  • The white Cardi B lmao

  • We all know what we came for

  • I don't think the holy spirit was in support of those lyrics... Not even a little bit 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jessica rabbit 🐰❤️

  • I'd smash.

  • Classic case of butter face

  • Beautiful of course talented of course keep it up love ya. Amarillo texas

  • "...that bitch was hungry... " Funniest shit!

  • She mad fine to me and her voice hella sexy 🤷🏽‍♀️🥰🥰🥰😩

  • Her voice remind me of the woman on the nanny

  • People be hatin on her but shes so super talented and beautiful. @justinavalentine

    • @Jolie Aranda you a real hater y'know some people can be beautiful w/o makeup but you ain't one of em

    • Something called makeup

  • Let my holla: Justina, I cant freestyle but that dont mean my mouth not talented 😈 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • I’m here because of the thumbnail

  • I just wanna suck her titties so bad

  • They need to leave their faces alone🙄

  • You’re white

  • Mixture of j wow and cardi b

  • Dirt Bike voice havin ass lol jk love your voice

  • I appreciate how she is to herself.. I don't appreciate her in the show, I find her too dam annoying.

  • Anyone else need a married with children remake just because Justina exist

  • Omg you’re not smart lol that’s a third grader rhyme scheme dude jeez “My brain works like that” Ugh cringe

  • None of that show is improv PERIODT and she def wasnt flowing that hard in the audition

  • She so pretty

  • She looks like Jessica Rabbit 😍

  • She's a wannabe black girl

  • I love Justina ☺️💯 Dc young fly is funny as shit 😂 and I’m sure Meek would’ve loved that hunger u had

  • She's sexy ass fuck

  • Yooo that Ex Line was FIRE. They need to use some if what they did in their audition in the show

  • Thot but so hot.

  • "Pressure makes diamonds and honey, I like to shine"

  • She's pretty but her voice makes her sound like a man

  • The Queen of Freestyle😍❤😍😍❤❤❤

  • Justina go vocals 🔥

  • Shes my cousin’s friend and she is a so nice

  • Justina is QUEEN

  • Your voice made me have a fave part 5:23

  • Her freestyle was lowkey trash

  • “The holy spirits just hops in my body and I move my lips” proceeds to freestyle about eating and beating it up😂😂

  • They should make them do the same prompts they did when they auditioned


  • I like her voice actually it’s so cool

  • Ok I got good news and bad news, you wanna hear the good first, ok the good news is you have a Really attractive ex, the bad news is, that it’s ME bye! 👋 Hahahaha #PoorOmond 😂

  • My love for Justina ❤❤❤❤❤

  • ❤Justina❤

  • Titties on massive

  • Justina is bae😍

  • I love her, she is tooooo cute personality wise

  • If she had less raspy voice she’d be perfect!