Justina Valentine's Hilarious ASMR 💆| Wild 'N Out

Publicat pe 11 feb. 2019
Justina Valentine takes a jab at autonomous sensory meridian response, talking music, chocolate, & more. 💆💤
#WildNOut #JustinaValentine #ASMR #MTV
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  • Funny as fuck

  • she sounds like the evil witch that will poison you.

  • 4:54 5:06

  • She kinda looks like jeffree star.

  • What are you doing later life

  • that peice of foam in her hair is *triggering* me

  • Wtf......mom I'm scared

  • She actually pronounced *ASMR* I’m crying.

  • hella red eyes

  • I literally love her 😂

  • “Asthma”


  • She said asmar😂😂😂

  • totally reminded me of jeffree star’s asmr

  • Yo dc wasn’t wrong about your voice😂😂🤦‍♂️

  • gOd i love watching A S M E R

  • All I heard is a dirt bike

  • 6:38 lol

  • Can you PLEASE do a video of cast reactions of this video? Love you Wildn out!

  • 11:15

  • Get Jeffree Star’s brother outta here

  • 4:55


  • I loved this lol so good but y'all show some respect stop saying I'll tap that or I'll smash that like shut up

  • *Use Me , for a "Dah Fuq?" Button.*

  • Is it just me or does she look high asf lmao😂😂

  • she looks like jeffree star no offense lol

  • asmer lmao

  • 4:56 and 5:10 😱😝😳

  • 11:16

  • 5:24

  • I've never had a harder erection....

  • I love asmr, I listen to it everyday but omg this is just weird

  • She still sounds like she smokes 3 and a half packs of cigs a day

  • This video was so dirty , LMFAOAOAO big ole freak , big booty big ole treat😂😂

  • Welcome to asthmar

  • Okay cause like she had pure sex jokes😂😂😂😂

  • This didnt give me tingles but this was funny as shit 😂

  • Who put viagra in her food?

  • The hard pill shaking was not relaxing. 🙄🤔

  • She’s too funny for asmr

  • Would still smash

  • The pill part made me extremely uncomfortable...

  • Was she horny while doing this ?

  • 7:45 dis hoe dirty af😭🤮

  • 4:20 flushing the toilet

  • Well, I'm sure wet.

  • Was this shit a rhyming concert

  • She’s not even good at it & honestly she’s just making fun of the community. What a joke, this “famous “ yet untalented woman 😂

  • Idk why i laughed so hard🤣🤣

  • My ears feel violated

  • All I heard was a dirt bike

  • Wtf just happened This girl was eating all kinds of stuff Stuff you not suppose to eat

  • I know know what charlie brown was talking about when he said pretty red-haired girl😂 But thats beside the point wtf is Asemir?

  • I want a part to

  • 2:32 how she grabs the mic!!!

  • Nickelodeon probably didn’t see this yet 😂

  • She went insane half way through this

  • This might just be the best video on yt

  • Nigga huh