Justina Valentine's Hilarious ASMR 💆| Wild 'N Out

Publicat pe 11 feb. 2019
Justina Valentine takes a jab at autonomous sensory meridian response, talking music, chocolate, & more. 💆💤
#WildNOut #JustinaValentine #ASMR #MTV
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  • 6:26 Delicious 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • She looks like Merida from brave

  • *HUH?*

  • She is sexy

  • Does it mean I’m hard to swallow or take away your pain? NAH IT MEAN YOU ANNOYING ASF 😂

  • It's not called asmr is called ASMR😂

  • Is it just me but...Justina looks like Mera from the movie Aquaman


  • 5:23 oh, so she really is high 😂😂

  • lol didn't think justina had the ability to be quiet!! shes always yelling

  • How tf this pop up after I look up "very swag epic gamer moment asmr" !?!?

  • WET

  • how is she still loud even as she’s whispering ? 😂💕

  • Faced one too many blunts this morning I see

  • Ay yo who else got hard when she put the life saver in her mouth lmao

  • 😂😂

  • This girl has me dead from 0:00 to 12:59 haha 😂

  • ”I’m here to welcome you to the wonderful world of asmr” 😂😂❤️

  • Asmer 😂 0:12

  • Wtf she Styrofoam! I'm shook totally SHOOK😱 Eve fucking donelly left the chat 😶

  • i wanna tare justina valentine up ill make justina valentine call me daddy

  • I love u ❤️ Me encanta, llevo 5 años escuchando ASMR y ver algo que salga de los estándares es muy refrescante.

  • She looks like she sucking on a d@#$ when she's using the mic

  • Normal people: asmr Justina: **ASSSMAR**

  • We not gonna talk about how she just bit the fork like that?

  • bitch is this the JOKER

  • Are we just not gonna talk about on how she made asmr a word 😂

  • You can get very weird

  • nobody: Justina: AS-MAR 😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀

  • The one time her smacking is enjoyable😹

  • i actually got tingles so thank u

  • 0:12 asmer

  • She needs to do porn ASAP

  • I know sis DID NOT say assmer, SIS it's A.S.M.R

  • I wanna smash Justina Valentine baby 😍😎😍😎

  • Why is every weird person an aquarius tho

  • She just said asmer 😂

  • Idk who this is but I'm big mad she doesn't go by Justina Valentina

    • Also just watched all 13 mins and I gotta say she could have her OWN show

  • Taking huge breaths and them pills were loud af

  • Why does she remind me of jeffree star when he did asmr😂

  • The styrofoam had me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Last time she had 3 black things like that in her face she was auditioning for Wild 'N Out

  • I don't know why but she's good at ASMR but she's hella sexual

  • That chocolate bar wasn’t even a Milky Way.....😂😂it was snickers

  • i was like "ig this is genuine asmr, ima click off" and then she straight up eats styrofoam

  • Is she jeffree star's sister or -

  • Y did she make the asmr sexy like when she was eating the life saver she was moaning! Hahaha 😂🤣

  • Justina just meant to do ASMR

  • Lol she to funny

  • ...........

  • She's Hot though, i think

  • I'd bang Justina. 😂

  • She is hilarious and reminds me of Merida

  • I love you music so much good music

  • Hands up who's imagined they were one of the mic's?

  • You are gay 😀

  • Are you gay

  • *This is what porn will become in 3000*

  • 4:55 5:06

  • this bitch sound like fucking winifred sanderson tf

  • The fact that I wanted to watch this for a laugh but actually had ASMR from it really pisses me off.

  • 😐

  • Why is so sexy when she eats

  • Pause at 7:08

  • Does it mean I'm hard to swallow 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀💀

  • *_She doesn’t Know what Asmr Is_* 😂

  • Bet her foreplay game before and during sex is AMAZING

  • Wtf did I just watch😂

  • If the packaging matches your nails then you know the ugly because if the packaging is not always that cute. Mostly if it matches from A candy rapper

  • I feel like she was trying to hard

  • She loud she can’t whisper 😭

  • Justina, I love you but never do this again ok boo thxs😂😂

  • 6:23 she eats the staryphone

  • I swear she turns anything sexual 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • She is having way to mych fun with that life saver 😜

  • Lol why dose this remind me of Jeffrey star

  • Definitely not Justina!

  • She did good but I have one question did she ever get the foam out of her hair lol 😂

  • this has to be someones fetish

  • This so funny love the jokes btw

  • Mad WEIRD...lol

  • 4:54

  • Get this bitch some visine

  • I have never been more jealous of that LifeSaver. If I was a LifeSaver I would ask her to put me in dat mouth🙈

  • The wonderful world of ASMR (AzMer)😂😂😂

  • This is like a hot Joker asmr role play

  • All these problems and nobody pointed out the pill bottle 😂🤔

  • Okay.... but... she did good she was living her life during this 😂

  • She cute af n all but y she sound like a Lawnmower w a silencer

  • Damn she a freak freak

  • I feel like her breath cold

  • 4:53 😍

  • She looks like Jeffree star😂❤️

  • This is the best Asmr ever made ahahhahah fuck sake this woman is incredible. x'D

  • She was breathing mighty hard when she was eating that lifesaver.

  • Lol I can’t get tingles from a motorbike

  • She breathin so hard i almost drowned

  • She was on some rituel type shit

  • justina had an orgasm doing this

  • 🤣🤣🤣Justina😭