Publicat pe 28 dec. 2018
Нірвана близько, як ніколи!
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What do you see? If I escape will I be saved?
Can't estimate when you'll fade, tell me I can't wait
I'm learning fast I can't turn back
I died a million times when you left when you said goodbye

What do you see, can you speak will I be saved?
My hearts on ice can't think twice tell me why oh why
I'm falling fast stuck in the past
I try and understand it hurts so bad how long will it last?
I'm flying through the storms
The answers in the sky
That 'everything I am is because of you
But I know I won't die
I'll live without your love
I take back every word
Every woman’s tears
What do you feel? Say it loud, speak into my soul
A winters day never fades that`s what I was told
I lost myself without your help
I fell straight back to hell or is it heaven? Maybe, I don't know?

Lyrics: Laura White
Music: Andrii Ignatchenko, Serhii Yermolaiev
Production: Iksiy Music
Booking and management:
NIKITIN Talent Management
+380 50 388 47 77
+380 50 310 23 32
© 2018 Peer music & mamamusic
℗ 2018 mamamusic
#KAZKA #плакала #plakala


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  • Oooooooooooooo

  • Nice!

  • Romania asculta multa muzica.. asta e clar :))

  • Bă, am 10 minute pentru videoclip. Nicio problemă, se face😂😂😂😂😂😂 Piesa e ok, chiar dacă videoclipul este o bătaie de joc🤜🤛

  • Klipteki kızın amacı nedir?

  • Cool taaaaaaarrrrrreeeee

  • I don't understand Ukrainian but the Ukrainian version is so much better lol

  • I'm here because of the short video girls dancing on instagram

  • Cine mai este roman? Jur acum da like ca ai jurat sau o sa mori👌😑😂

  • Who is there to back stab u??Who is there to back stab u?? I dont wanna keep you alive in my head You dont have the right you deserve to be dead Tell the music oh how i feel instead And all of the thoughts that are running through my head I self sabbotage by accident If you really fucking cared why didnt u ask me then Why can i not think of someone better Shes not even here n i cant go get her It happens everytime that i try forget her Shes always in my mind n i write more lettters Never send them tho

  • Bagus versi Inggrisnya

  • Все ж таки на української мови звучить лучше

  • Я тоже сру

  • Russian version is the best

  • 2019 LiKe !😘

  • *congratulations* you have found the *English* comments

  • In finaly a good song in 2019

  • From indonesia like this song 👍😍

  • Prefer versiunea originala.

  • My friend : on my way. Me : the whole video

  • Отличная песня, но на украинском языке заучит намного лучше !

  • I love this song!!❤❤❤❤❤

  • from Malaysia like👍👍

  • October 2019??

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  • Greetings from Podu Ros, Iasi

  • Toti romani?


  • iubesc piesa fratilor. HAI ROMANIA

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  • mda, azi mi-a cantat toata ziua melodia asta in cap

  • sa adunat romanii )) din pacate in versiunea engleza e nasoala piesa.

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  • Классная песня

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  • Congrats! You found an English speaking comment

  • Frumoasa melodie felicitări🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊

  • Плагіат це НЕ творчість і ніколи цим не була!!!

  • The perfect song does not exis...

  • Cry

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  • l love this song it's so amazing.

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  • Wtf this is ukrainian not romanian

  • Im English but Ukrainian version is better

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  • Украинскую версию не перепоеш ни на каком языке

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  • english version is much better of original

  • Mie îmi place muzica pentru că telefonul nu e al meu și a lu mamei mele, dar dacă e în engleză atunci...I love it!!