Publicat pe 28 dec. 2018
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What do you see? If I escape will I be saved?
Can't estimate when you'll fade, tell me I can't wait
I'm learning fast I can't turn back
I died a million times when you left when you said goodbye

What do you see, can you speak will I be saved?
My hearts on ice can't think twice tell me why oh why
I'm falling fast stuck in the past
I try and understand it hurts so bad how long will it last?
I'm flying through the storms
The answers in the sky
That 'everything I am is because of you
But I know I won't die
I'll live without your love
I take back every word
Every woman’s tears
What do you feel? Say it loud, speak into my soul
A winters day never fades that`s what I was told
I lost myself without your help
I fell straight back to hell or is it heaven? Maybe, I don't know?

Lyrics: Laura White
Music: Andrii Ignatchenko, Serhii Yermolaiev
Production: Iksiy Music
Booking and management:
NIKITIN Talent Management
+380 50 330 97 53
+380 50 310 23 32
© 2018 Peer music & mamamusic
℗ 2018 mamamusic
#KAZKA #плакала #plakala


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  • 90% romani. 10% străini

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  • Original song is very nice , but this english version is superb. Bravo. Greetings from Scotland and Poland.

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  • Cry😭

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  • The video is so dumb........BUT the music is good so that is what matters!! NICE SONG


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  • oooo ador mult melodia asta îmi place mult ca tot ascult pe radio asta și tot îmi vine sa dansezi la lucru ok

  • Such a beauty... and such a voice! WOW! 😍

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  • Me and my friend,we are online friends,kinda beacuse she is my cousin but she lives in Germany and i live in Romania but in every morning we call eachother on FaceTime and we put music like Billie Eilish and all of those But we put cry and we start dancing like idiots,i know its not funny but im just saying.

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