Killswitch Engage - My Last Serenade [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Publicat pe 27 oct. 2009
Killswitch Engage's music video for 'My Last Serenade' from the album, Alive Or Just Breathing - available now on Roadrunner Records. Download it here:
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This revelation is the death of ignorance
Tangled in a state of suffocation
Slave to self righteousness
Damnation is on your lips
From sorrow to serenity, the truth is absolution,
From sorrow to serenity, its on your head
This is my last serenade
I feel you as you fall away
This is my last serenade
From yourself you can't run away
It's your choice, point the finger
But it's on your head
Your destination is a choice within yourself
Will you rise or become a slave
To self righteousness
Open up your heart and gaze within


  • Не поймите меня расистом, но "чёрный" вокалист пел круче. И музыка была драйвовее

  • Man those fucking shorts that Adam is wearing reminds me of me in grade 8/9 (1999/2000) lol

  • Is that jesse? He look so skinny man hahahahaa Btw this song is more cool when live in brazil 2013

  • DIE HARD RAP/HIPHOP FAN! But I fucking love me some KSE! ATR! Etc! Thanks to my buddy for showing me this music 17 years ago!

  • Kick ass

  • Killswitch

  • Thumbs up for douchebag chinstrap beards!!!

  • Listen it loud the only way

  • I didn't know ethan hawke had a singing career

  • so original..

  • This is my last Lemonade.....

  • From yourself you can’t run away.

  • Bar brawl DVD when I was a kid... best fight song ever

  • tf this has only 17mln views ? like the best song ever and what its got me into metalcore back in the days... yeah but keep listening to radio songs ppl

  • The perfect example of the deceiving intro

  • Takes me back he was good orginally why I loved killswitch

  • This song still in my fav playlist..altough the scream doesnt sound so good but the way he presenting the song is very emotional,full of energy

  • Easily my favourite killswitch song, as much as I like their newer sound I do miss this kind of old school metalcore as well

  • resident evil apocalypse ost

  • That's not Jessie singing in the video is it??

    • @Kelly 19202 it doesn't look like him. He definitely gained some weight or something

    • Frank Bukovec it is

  • rip neck 2020

  • I like how Killswitch go from melodic to brutal death metal sound in there songs it's like they flick a switch.

  • Jesse = HxCx as fuck Howard = Melodic as fuck There you guys, I solved the dispute.

  • Big fan since 2001 High School, this is one of the best. 2020 still doing it

  • Old bastard next door listens to this. Through his walls anyway.

  • Ok I scrolled through the comments and did not find one that said this. I have to go to the grocery store because THIS IS! MY LAST FISH-FIL-A!!!!

  • When your English teacher also likes metal

  • Fukin mental 😎😎

  • The best time machine is listen to this song ..with headphone and close ur eyes and remember the good old days..\m/ 😔

  • Oh my I had never seen this video b4, and when it started, I started trippin, coz I'm like whos that 🤭 but then he started singing. I'm not always sitting here watching the videos, but I'm always listening, I've always got my music playing, in a world this tilted, it keeps me from falling off!! 🤣🤣🖤🖤🤘🤘💯💯

  • Rock on metalheafs 2020

  • Fucking intro gives he hope~ Can't wait to see you in March 2020!!!!!!

  • Who else is still jammin in 2020 8)

  • Black guy is better.

  • 0:32

  • This song and Sentient Glow by Periphery are my life saving songs

  • 2020.

  • 1:15-1:21 1:23-1:27 1:28-1:31 One of kse’s deadliest grooves

  • this is... my last... pressideeenntttt!

  • 2020, is someone still rocking in this new decade?

  • I wanna get this tatted on me some where

  • still one of my all time favourite killswitch songs even got higher since my best mate died it will allways remember me of him our times going to festivals we put this song up in the car so it will never fade from my memory

  • I had never felt the truth behind this song until just recently when my 5 year relationship hit major bumps and ruts I know this is crap but I need to know how you knew to seperate yourself from this person. How you knew the relationship was the problem for her and ultimately you. Because I fear im standing in this same boat.

  • This dudes a fucking beast!

  • You are a fake metalhead if you don't headbang to the intro.

  • 00. I can't feel the back of my head we went the same well on something else standing standing in a nother world looking in to vas consultation wake up dose it make it all dose it look like I'm interested the fuck is on ur chest besides my dick gallon ofilk what u turn in to what's the problem there's ways to give chances too all the way through the rolling stones its written on the football how I didn't say stop confusing canceling the wisasters make the truth is already gone wake up and cancle ur aliby its writing on ur head that u already fell dead

  • Wow very hard riffs brutal

  • tocuhe

  • Gonna go see them in March in Grand Rapids, I can't wait! Been a fan for 20 years!

    • March 10th in Cleveland. Saw them last year here and they kicked ass

  • Brutal song

  • Guy fieri on guitar

  • Killswitch Engage Is Back - Atonement (2019) 🤘 🤘

  • Quiet Distress is my favorite song with Jesse


  • This is! My last! Lemonaaaade!!

  • Blasting through headphones!!! This is my last serenade to my eardrums 🤯

  • These guys are so good, they make me question reality.

  • After Signal Fire, is it bad that I want this to be redone with both Jesse and Howard singing together?

  • This is... My last...CIGARETTEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  • 2019\m/