Lil Xan - Like Me (Official Video)

Publicat pe 16 aug. 2019
Official music video for Like Me (Official Video) performed by Lil Xan.
Director| Spaceman
DP| Romeo Salazar
Producers| Niko Ivanov + Angelica Migliazza
BTS| Denzel
Dancers| Kalie-Ann Nassoura, Angelica Migliazza
Styled by: @dripsbygel
Editors: Spaceman, Angelica Migliazza, Denzel Hayes,
VFX: Romeo Salazar
Copyright (C) 2019 Xanarchy Music.
#LilXan #LikeMe #Xanarchy


  • Whoever filmed & did the editing on this video is pretty genius. Sucks they're wasting that talent on mumble rapper bullshit though

  • Maybe if he ate more xanax he'd have better lyrics

  • I have no idea what this scene is like buddy are u trying to be sexy or something 2:12


  • Shit I contributed to the numbers by clicking on this bullshit! Somebody smack this kid lol

  • Assim não tem como te defender k

  • I'm just here to hear how trash he is I made it to 1:00

  • 0:00 ●━━━━━━━━━━━● 2:22 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻ play it over here It just cost 1 like i didn't even know he was still alive

  • Oh Lord.

  • Wow great song for the kids. Be a loser, sit around smoke weed and do drugs. The only reason this idiot gets promoted is cause he's promoting mad drug use. Drugs are not cool kids. Take it from someone who knows and was on klonopin for 7 years. The withdrawal can kill you.

  • Master of Eboys !

  • yo man stop falling off fam

  • 💟💟💟

  • Can’t wait for the English version

  • Fat nick vibes

  • This rappers has a brain damage


  • Trash and talks about drugs

  • Alguien habla español?🧟‍♂️

  • Lil can gotta produce music that shows his full ability at rapping fast bar for bar. I also like to see much longer rap songs from lil xan. Even bhad bhabie appears to be a faster rapper with longer and much more interesting videos. Lift your game lil xans production team.

  • Fuck culture vultures!!!!

  • Lol can this video raw asf

  • n

  • This little boys face looks like a BAG FULL of BUSTED ASSHOLES. His music "if you calling that music" is just as Busted. If not.... More busted. I bet his followers are a bunch of little white girls with HAIRY ASS Pussies.... And they Chubby as FUCK

  • Yo does he got Mac Miller on his fucking wall?

  • He’s definitely done a lot worse

  • 120,000 cool with the fact fact lil xan said niggas in this song.

  • not really good for what could have been

  • Garbage as fuck lol

  • What tha fuck is this. This is a pure piece of shit fucker

  • Stop talking shit everyone aight? Point of new rap is to be catchy. He did it. Catchy beat and catchy lyrics. So everyone shut the fuck up.

  • This song is kinda gay

  • Did he say "F*cked a Protestant?"

  • Retard

  • the mac miller of this generation no lie

  • 💔💔💔


  • This a fucking disgrace to the whole music community.

  • well that was shit.

  • Hail king xan 999

  • ok, you smoke weed... we all do but you don't see us writing shitty music about it.

  • So shit

  • Go drink more lean until your a vegetable kid we get it you smoke weed and dont give a fuck, which is 80 percent of your lyrics the other 20 percent is listing name brands how is this anyones preferred music

  • Bruh wtf is this

  • I think bts is better tbh

  • no way people actually listen to the dude who OD'd on hot cheetos

  • I saw this in not talented montage


  • This dude is half fuckin retard

  • pretty bad

  • I thought lil xan was a girl

  • Come back a year later, music is still shit and probably always will be

  • Somebody needs to rob this fool!😁😁🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • very good video i like it

  • I think hes gay cause he crosses his legs

  • *K.O*

  • Is that the guy who said 2pac is boring?😂

  • Louis v goat cheese

  • It’s a good beat but the lyrics suck bruh

  • Борис окей