Lindsey Graham, Senate GOP react to Dem opening arguments

Publicat pe 24 ian. 2020
Senators Graham, Braun, Daines, Barrasso and Tim Scott hold a press conference on impeachment.
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  • The Ukraine Call Has Been Acquitted ...

  • Why Was It A One Sided Investigation Only To Trump When Hillary Clinton was Involved ....???? Why Is It Only a One Sided Impeachment Inquiry About A Phone Call With Ukraine To Trump When Joe Biden Is Involved ....???? Can You DemonRats Logically Answer That Without Twisting The Question....????

  • Your a joke Gralham.. cannot make up your mind and look at your former videos about trump. YOU said he was a joke and not fit for president

  • The Democrats want to improve the budget. Why don't they start by paying back the 35 million dollars they wasted on the investigation.

  • You go Lindsey Graham. Bring down that deep state.

  • Viktor Vekselberg, Oleg Deripaska, Dmitry Peshov, Felix Sater, Svetlana Parnas, Global Energy Consultants, Viktor Yanukovyck, Viktor Shokin, Dmytro Firtash, Maidan Protests...

  • the house can bring any charge they want but a coup is a coup and house members need to be charged those that take bribes need to be charged if the house continues with this farce and even if they don't they need to be under scrutiny that makes it impossible for them to become multi millionaires from their office because they sure can't do it on the wage. and we do not want politicians that are just in it for the money.

  • there is so much corruption in DC that you could run a dozen countries the thing that needs to happen is if you are in DC to get a free ride it needs to be uncomfortable enough they will leave the only people we need in DC are people that work hard to make this country better for everybody not just the few the ones with money those people need to go to jail.

  • the fbi should have the best forensic accountants on the planet and the first thing they need to do is fix anything that needs it in congress then in the rest of the government then and only them we should share the asset with any country that really wants to clean up their government.

  • The dems couldn't win a crap shoot with loaded dice these days...

  • SOUND !!!

  • L.G. is a TRAITOR!!! He’s in LOVE w/Joe Biden and the rest of the Dems.

  • Looking into the Bidens leads to Obama. That's why they're terrified of it.

  • You forget one of the biggest us bad people and very close friend of Obama best friend George Soros and his company Crowed Strick with his 25 Billion dollars

  • Deut.17:15

  • How is it possible that democrats that voted for those in the house won’t see their crooked Ways . I understood today the reason how the impeachment occurred. It was a good teaching And opening eyes from team Trump. I love the judge and the professor today.

  • I dont have any regards about Democrats anymorebtoo much lies and conspiracy

  • Graham is clear but he should not speak of TEACHING THE PRESIDENT nada.

  • Biden is on Video committing a Real Quid Pro Joe enough to lock him up

  • In any impeachment of an elected official ALL witnesses, that are RELEVANT to the CHARGES should TESTIFY under oath, in OPEN session, closed only when testimony creates a true national security risk. You're overturning an election here. in my opinion to demand, or settle for anything less than the above is un-patriotic, partisan, BS.

  • All talk no action. Have you noticed how Lindsey always talks but never gets anything done?

  • All this has done is make me realize our politicians have done nothing but steal from the American people at a rate we could never understand how can they constantly get away with it. At this point, I don't anyone in public office, not one person. They're all stealing our money or wasting it in some form or another every single one of them so they can pay someone for their contribution to their campaign, the system is so broken. Term limits and voter ID laws are in order until this gets under control and George Soros and anyone who he has bribed should be ban from holding office ever again. "Audit Congress From Birth Family Members From Conception"

  • slimy graham saying anything to stay relevant and keep his seat.

  • Senator Graham, No more witnesses. We have heard enough. Dismiss the impeachment charges. Acquit the President. Republicans, unite and do your job.

  • Democratic is all made up framing all to Trump. Lol

  • I thought Lindsey was going to investigate the investigators after the Mueller report. Has he done that yet? I dont see anything coming out of that investigation if there is an investigation. Now he wants to investigate Bidens? LG, we have heard your narratives . Its the same , nothing new. You are just taking care of your seat, thats all.

  • I think it goes without saying. We the people are tired of all the lies being spread by the DEMOCRATS. . The old saying. Less is better, rings true with the DNC. Who by now looks like a bunch of hookers.

  • Democratic Party = Fascist Party. Facts matter. Truth shall prevail.

  • Gotta love Sen. Lindsay saying the President is pissed, he's ditching senator like conduct and going unconventional style like how the President started out.

  • yes nothing in History has happened by a sly, crooked, liar president!!

  • Oh pay no attention to Bidens live television threat to withhold 1 billion till Ukrain fires the Ukrain DA investigating his son for CORRUPTION..

  • May God vindicate the President and give him another 4 years to serve his country and bring the US back to greatness again.

  • Schiff belongs in a jail cell without keys

  • Donald J Trump best president in American history 20/20 Trump president

  • The bidens Obama John Kerry Nancy Pelosi oh have offshore text free accounts filled with this money Joe Biden is a money launderer they use their kids to launder the money and it goes in offshore text free accounts

  • Joe Biden's whole family has made millions of dollars off of Joe Biden 4 years the corruption goes a long ways back in time everywhere Joe Biden goes his family makes money everywhere does it matter what country the laundry of the American people's money goes on they all get contracts in positions they know nothing about it's a money laundering scheme Joe Biden is good at it

  • When you have a son it is a drug addict and he's collecting millions of dollars you got to think this really smells that it's definitely corrupt

  • Obama spent 90 million dollars campaigning to become president one year later after he became president he put 90 million dollars in an offshore tax free account and does not claim it on his taxes could this be Joe Biden's handiwork raising money for Obama as well that was his cut

  • If you go around the world and go where John Kerry Obama and Joe Biden has been since Trump has been elected you will find corruption in every one of those countries were these people are trying to cover their Trail

  • Everybody in Joe Biden's family has made millions of dollars because of Joe Biden corruption and it can be proved on all accounts

  • So long FAKE NEWS, no one's going to miss ya'll, including me. But I want you to know that we all still wish the Corrupt News Networks Rest In Peace ☠

  • Schiff for Mount Rushmore.

  • Trump loves veterans. Unless they get shot down over a Hanoi lagoon with 2 broken legs.

  • Lindsay don't get it man? These people aren't stupid, they know what's right and what's wrong. It's probably just not in their control to speak on certain things (like the Bidens and Burisma) because they would have no job if they did. These people are spineless sheep who just take orders from their handlers for a handsome paycheck. They've sold their souls, and have no shared of decency left in them. But the public in majority - thanks to Trump, and the Democrats - are waking up, and starting to see through their deceptions. They won't be able to continue fooling the people, and their days of lying to their viewers are shortening. R.I.P FAKE NEWS, CNN (CORRUPT NEWS NETWORKS) WILL SOON BE DEAD.

  • Trump loves lawyers. Until they get indicted.

  • God loves and protects Donald Trump. Despite his corruption.

  • God works in mysterious ways. He tells Trump to denigrate a newly dead giant of the senate, in his own state while his widow is grieving deeply.

  • God wants Trump to suffer. After he is removed from office of course. God is not an ogre.

  • Shiff should go back to Burbank, and take a walk on the wild side, Pelosi should go back to the Bay area and take a walk and step in poo, Biden should go to the nearest casino and push his luck and spend all of his cash on slot machines. Nadler should join the navy, Trump should take a private trip to "D" land.

  • Miss Lindsey,... I do declare!

  • No worries God sees everything he in control he always wins. He’s bringing his great USA back and nothings gonna stop him regardless of what the Dems are trying to do to President Trump 2020. God is cleaning the SWAMP God is using Trump as his vessel a righteous thing to do we’re being distracted by the impeachment we need to Keep visual for China Russia and Iran. Let’s look sharp people let’s look sharp in my opinion.

  • You know Where's Hunter's pay off went in a big circle then lined Daddy's pocket. That's OUR money. WE worked for that money every stinking day. We are nothing more to them then their laughing stock slush fund. Pisses me off

  • It's not cool that you can't ever understand the reports questions. Give them a mic.

  • I love how the Demorats, I mean the mainstream media, want Trump to prove a negative. Why not just keep investigating and have more and more empty testimony? Because we all have better things to do and you should too.

  • Why Do you Think the World Don't like us for it's all of this SHeyeT , and they are just one of them ...

  • OH and what about dumb and dumber Eric and Donald jr making new deals all over the world after Donald Trump the President promised that they would not do it because he is President of the United States....

  • Am I the only one that expect him to suddenly call everyone sugar or darlin'. I keep getting images of Tree Trunks from Adventure Time when I hear him speak.

  • Lol Lindsey Graham saw there at the end they were going to keep asking him the same questions over and over again and got out of there. They kept wanting a different answer but like he said this is the truth and answered exactly the same way three times

  • This whole situation is the Democrats Communist corruption coup attempt!!! They are traitors along with the Rhinos!!! The swamp is deep!!!! Trump Republicans for 2020. Trump train roll on!!!!!

  • Schiff, Nancy, Nadler, here's how this is gonna go - your careers, respect, and place in history are all down the sewer. You are all going to jail. You've known it for 3+ years now, but only this week are you contemplating this FACT without your ego getting in the way. You want to turn back now, but the Country ain't offering deals. The only thing you know how to do is lie to yourself that it will all be ok while frantically searching for a way out. This is all you have left until you get arrested. Don't worry though. We're gonna make y'all sweat it out in the public sphere as long as possible while exposing you to the world. Life in a cell, frankly, will sound like a safe place to be once the citizenry know what you have done.Just follow Biden's lead - he's first at bat.