Publicat pe 14 iun. 2019
In this emotional episode of Impaulsive, our roommate & best friend Dwarf Mamba speaks on the struggles of being a little person, his addictive coping mechanisms and his lost friendship with Logan.
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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.


  • Fuck even

  • Logan "i understand people" but alll his scandals are based off of his lack of humility and basic understanding of things dont revole around him and how important and "savage" he is. . this is basically just a perfect example of whats wrong with logan paul like not everything is about money and veiws and whatever like he gets a for of gratification from games that he can't get from people cause always feeling judged and not feeling up to being social all the time and up all the time because the internet is not real life and if it always feels fake then you lose perspective on what is real

  • Evans line about "I don't know what to do with my life" I'm going to college for my gen eds and I really am interested in going to directing and being an actor. What Evan said is my thought every single day of my life when everyone else has picked their major. And Logan I recently began watching your videos, one of the reasons why I watch your videos is I always look forward to seeing you collab with you and Evan in your old videos. You guys make me laugh what I love the best is the "Driving with Evan" series. Compared to your recent videos where I can tell you and Evan are more distant from 2017, it made it seem a little awkward and a little concerning for me at the same time. I hope everything works out between you two 😊 🙏

  • Evan keep your head up little bro! You are a light! I could feel the love in your and Logan’s films before. Logan has his head on wrong he should throw Mike out.

  • Does Mike make you all want to puke? He has a filthy mouth, thinks he is cool, and has zero respect for others.. he is a ugly human being-

  • Mikes an adult? Shit he the most childish one on this podcast like he is the reson i dont probably wont finish them like he comedic relief sometime but other then that he needs to shut the fuck up

  • I'd marry Evan. He's a complete sweetheart. 😍

  • What time did they talk about Logan and Evans friendship?

  • Why do I like Logan so much?

  • I kinda agree with Logan. Idk if that means I’m logical or sociopathic....

  • Logan said the n word 50:49 like if you heard it too

  • 1:27:12 I’m dead 🤣🤣🤣😂

  • 2:03:00, that's the sea serpent roller coaster, in the picture, on Morey's Pier in Wildwood, New Jersey.

  • this is the best podcast

  • youtube gamers are a big part of youtube

  • I'm new to this show and I'm watching this as I type this. But as someone with ADHD, I sympathize with Logan. What he was describing is "hyperfocus". HE CANNOT HELP THAT. IT IS PART OF HAVING ADHD. I DO THE SAME THING. ONCE I START GRINDING, I DON'T STOP EASILY. IT IS HARD, VERY VERY HARD TO CONTROL. They don't understand and Mike is pissing me off. If I had a dime for every time someone has told me "Yeah well I have a lot of stuff going on too." IT'S NOT THE SAME THING WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE ADHD. I understand evan's frustration, but I relate to Logan so much with this. Guys, he made a lot of mistakes in his life. The big one in Japan. But he's trying to change his life. If you don't see that in him, Idk what to tell you. I've just started binge watching this show, and everyone ganging up on Logan is pissing me off so much.

  • Go back to Evan and Logan in the house only-

  • You should throw Mark or Mike out of your house he is negative and pessimistic bringing your bright cheery life down. IMO- I think we become who we hang with and that feather is not your kind of bird.

  • i remember the vlog where logan convinced him to drop college

  • This hit different I really enjoyed this episode

  • Why don’t Evan just start a gaming channel or start streaming on twitch 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • At the end of the day a high percentage of autism downsyndrome etc is caused by vaccines

  • 1:25:52 Biggest message I recieved from this because now I realized the reason I isolate myself is because I dont have people around me who uplift and bring good energy. Im self motivated and do good in life when I try but then I come back home to depressing and just playing video games all night and sleep all day.

  • being different is your normal

  • Evan, the video games are predictably addictive because you get stuff (like wins or accomplishments) that you know are virtual, but your brain does not truly know the difference. Your brain gets the same thrill as if the rewards are actually real.

  • So I feel like it’s not bad to be depressed or sad but is not good and let me use the example Logan uses with the Plane in order for the plane to lift off you need The thrust but you also need the drag to slow down the plane in other words consider the drag your sadness or depression that could be good for you to reflect and slow down for you to see The other side which is the thrust so if you only have thrust then you’re probably not facing your problems and if you only have drag you’re focusing too much on your problems and not trying to fix them in short You need both thrust and drag in order to understand your own thoughts and feelings about whatever it is you are upset over mad about or sad about so you can fix what you may think is wrong and don’t be afraid to ask for help


  • PSA: even if you have no symptoms, still get checked out

  • Petition to make evan a permanent member of the podcast!!👊

  • We love you Evan

  • Fuck ksi

  • 34:30 I would say there is normal, but i categorize normality from a persons persona and not their appearance. Its normal to be different. well said Evan.

  • To solve the problem here 1. Make Evan spend 1 week no games bro legit no games, It’s putting a lid on the pot of insecurity and the water is steaming and it’s gonna blow this podcast shows that the lid can’t take it much longer games have to stop it does not help at all with getting back on the road to achieving goals. 2. Absolutely no fucking porn Jesus Christ no fapping off either you wanna be happy bro this is how you do it in 1 week you will see results guaranteed 3. Just do what makes you fucking happy if you don’t know what it is I can make a montage of you smashing plates and punching Logan and laughing a bunch. I would recommend 1 week eat well drink well excersises well sleep well and then after a week hopefully you won’t of feed your addiction it gets hard sometimes not to but the longer you hold it out the more the bad habit will break and honestly don’t come back to it it’s not worth your time especially if you are in Logan’s house you need to be having fun but fuck man you know yourself it’s not what ur doing Rn peace ✌️ also if you don’t change your perspective about who you are and you don’t start loving yourself and not giving a fuck about what other people think Evan bro I promise life will carry on, if you want things you have never had before, you need to do things you’ve never done ✅ - please get well soon my bro I hope this helps it works it worked for me after a week and then I changed my life and my mindset is where Logan’s is right now evolving it’s the best shit ever please inderwetwnd that Logan is changing the word and that takes sacrifice his life bro his fucking life and he wants you in it bro feelings are tough grit your teeth and pull through fuck

  • Logan, Nofap or nah? Thoughts 💭

  • @loganpaul I’m nobody but, I feel your position so strongly right now. I respect and understand everyone’s position here but in the end man your right it’s sacrifice and all you can do is your best and when you can’t se me another way, that’s when you go do your thing - if they are pissed - man you love them bro you tried your so stretched right now it’s not even funny you are making an incredible difference Nicola tears hit me like a truck

  • Mike super annoying

  • 40:32 / 2:10:08

  • Why where you comparing the word midget to the n word the n word has such a strong and way worse derogatory meaning then midget and the way Evan talks about being a little person makes it like little people are oppressed when there not

  • Just box David already

  • that pic was taken on my birthday back then

  • Logan Paul’s problem is that he needs more patience...his definition of patience is warped

  • This is the realist podcast I’ve seen on the internet. This crew is way more authentic then David Dorbrick’s crew

  • Wow love the realness it’s hard to keep doing over and over boosting them up

  • Evan's a damn genius

  • Unpopular opinion but mike gets on my nerves.

  • Personally I feel Evan is mad at the world because it’s not designed for him so things are difficult for him to do . But he’s gotta live with it since he was born a dwarf . No offence to dwarfs but you gotta suck it up and not depend on other people to change things for you , you make the change if your uncomfortable with it . Evan needs to come to terms that he’s a dwarf and he isn’t normal sized and things will be different for him and he will face difficult situations .

  • Logan in this shirt, is looking 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥‼️‼️‼️ 😍

  • Shout out from a tall broad. Y’all want a kid in the NBA? Better chances with a tall woman! 🤣

  • Evan needs professional help. There’s nothing wrong with some therapy and antidepressants once in a while 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • @TheDiamondGoblin lets listen to dr.diamond goblin phd

    • @TheDiamondGoblin everyones different, you dont know wtf you are saying stfu.

    • ilo oli antidepressants is not something you should be doing. Therapy might help but realistically you should spend time alone or with others figuring out what to do. Antidepressants can WILL become addictive and are dangerous for that reason. You cant coop drugs with the fact that you dont know what to do, that is a sober problem to be handled sober.

  • FUCK MIKE.... Just set him in a room with a bunch of a person a ton of condoms..... Safety first