Mattresses Attack Local Village

Publicat pe 19 aug. 2019
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  • Remember not to mess with mattresses family *they’re made of memory foam*

  • greenland: i hav ice iceland: im green

  • 1:19 Donald Glover anyone?

  • Everyone's storming Area 51 while these beds are storming villages

  • I wonder how painful it is to just stand there and let one of them hit you

  • Did they got the mattresses from Area 51?

  • I always wonder why some people dislike these kinds of videos! They don't have to like but no reason for not liking it

  • First you talk on the phone Then u eat it. It's double crime 6 months straight

  • the mattress migration has begun

  • Mattresses vs human

  • Be careful with those iPhone cookies while getting pulled over... apparently anything looks like a gun to cops today.

  • 1:40 polaczek jest

  • minecraft Village and Pillage update looks good

  • I don’t know how a feel about people filming themselves doing good deeds. I know deep down they are virtue signalling but does it matter?

  • Greetings! Guy from Colorado here xP I got to see this occur as my family and I were driving by (off-camera obviously), and as much as this was crazy, that wasn't the craziest thing I've seen from our state xD

  • Mattresses can do better cartwheels then humans

  • Then there’s that person running in the mattereses that would totally be me

  • My uncle got pulled over for eating chips cause the cop thought he was texting. He got a ticket anyways

  • CGI

  • Seems to me that Aang is secretly in Greenland

  • First the tumbleweeds Now the mattresses?!

  • "Mattresses attack local village" B movie directors: that's actually not a bad idea.

  • It 2am and I told myself that I got to stop watching Daily Dose, but then I seen the mattress and thought I got to see this.

  • Dude you’re so wholesome. I could watch your videos all day

  • You came to watch this video for 0:00 no need to like I just want a compliment 😔

  • When your out filming outside of nothing interesting and you got jesus improving it 2:14😂

  • Ok, that phone trick is rhe best

  • those mattresses looked like cgi

  • Guys chill, they (the mattresses) were making their way to the delivery it was addressed to.

  • 3:01 why would you run when you can ride.

  • Look at 0:23 Infront of The red Truck

  • revenge of the mattress. ..

  • 0:14 poor guy

  • The cheetah points to the herd of Wilderbeast and says, "Okay, speed up and go over there. I'm gonna jump out when they start to run..."

  • I hope she gave the uber driver five stars

  • Running with the mattresses can be dangerous.

  • 2:13 that shot....

  • 0:41 this is so heartwarming


  • The cats eye

  • Lmao I laughed at the title

  • Mattresses Raid A Village Like How We Will Raid Area 51

  • Dont mind them there raiding area 51

  • 2:12 live footage of Kirin

  • Biggest irony is Greenland is white and Iceland is green

  • In USA, COP: I stopped you because you were talking on phone. GUY: Its a cookie (Starts eating it) COP: Put down the phone . SHOOT 10 round ... Damn that guy was destroying evidence by eating his phone

  • Cheetah says, come on I can run faster than this.

  • Hey At least a free bed

  • "sees flying mattresses" *now this is an avengers level threat*

  • Did you guys see the people trying to steal the mattresses instead of running? 😂😂

  • I thought sharknado was a bit farfetched and now this smh.

  • That guy got destroyed by a matress

  • 1:18 - 1:26 Why does it remind me of Avatar😂

  • *nice*

  • Yo mates we send in a load of mattresses with the kyles for the Area 51 raid

  • The lightning seems very fake.

  • That cats face though

  • 2:18

  • I overdosed on internet

  • Everybody gangsta until the *mattresses* invade