Mattresses Attack Local Village

Publicat pe 19 aug. 2019
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  • Remember not to mess with mattresses family *they’re made of memory foam*

  • how come mattresses can raid while we cant lmao

  • 2:25 Jah staying posted

  • It's nice that ppl do nice things but just the thought of them recording it just so ppl think they're nice just upsets me...

  • Nah fam that's just me not wanting to get out of bed but knowing I can't fail school

  • 1:48 lol he's polish like me


  • Invasion of mattresses?More like real-life bullet hell gameplay

  • Fly you fools! 😱

  • Bless that woman

  • 1:23 That's my grandma when I turn on the front facing camera.

  • "Hehe im gona give this woman some gifts and film it, then ill upload it so everyone will know how good i am"

  • 1:30 Not in America 😳

  • That ain't no jeep, that's a Toyota custom made for a safari tour truck.

  • mattresscre

  • They're bloody wild, they could attack at any moment!

  • Matteresse: This is what you get for sleeping on my wife 0:08

  • 1:18 that cat's eyes remind me of Mordor

  • What MATTers is that they're soft

  • I am only learning now that Mattresses have turned on us , Good Lord i have one in the room next to me !

  • Love this channel. Only positive videos :)

  • if the guy with the baked smartphones was doing that in germany, they'd arrest him for unlicensed baking and not hailing the fuhrerschein

  • Someone gave that cat to much catnip.

  • The Walking Beds: The Movie

  • Beauty of Greenland *literally no green on it*

  • 3 people died during the invasion of the mattresses, if I'm not mistaken.

  • I hate people who film them selfes when they help people out then post it online like look at me look how good of a person I am

  • 0:03 It’s looks like raiding Area 51 lol

  • Girl: So, where did you leave the body of your last human prey. Cheetah: Not sure, just keep driving.

  • It was fun, and everybody gangsta until a group of mattresses starts moving

  • So no one's gonna talk about the puppy doing a "RRRRRRRRR" sound?

  • He's in the pocket of big Greenland.


  • Hah! I'm being a fat ass on one right now lol

  • Village Wars: Mattress Strikes Back

  • Village 51. Mattress raid

  • @0:40 this isn't as good as you think. It's more for tge person giving than the fast food worker! It's hopefully a dying fad. That's the socialist way of doing things. Being a "hero" to the underclass! If you're a man and agree with this, you've been emasculated, already! If anything, come back with the hook up on a job training for a better career! Tell me where the free traing is for I.T! SO I cam make more money! Not give me a hand out and leave! The driver probably really thought she was doing right. She can afford do right by not voting for democratic socialist, who want a permanent victim class! Miss me with tge "it was a good deed video, don't make this political" shit! There is plenty of was to get a higher paying career! She could of passed the positive information on during the ride instead of making a spectacle out of the drive through worker!🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Those mattresses are kind of expensive! 50 dollars. You could use the air mattress for guest!

  • In America You raid area 51 In Soviet Russia Area 51 Raid YOU

  • How the area 51 raid should of went 0:03

  • 0:03 This is mattress Area 51.

  • why does one of the guys look like baldi?

  • Oh no

  • *Attack on Mattresses*

  • Well I'd be going home with a bunch of inflatable mattresses

  • oh no!!!... Wall Sina has been breached, the mattresses have invaded this is attack on titan reference btw

  • 2:58 "tHaTs A tOyOtA"

  • it kinda looks like cgi

  • *and it all changed when the matress nation attacked*

  • Migeation of matresses

  • That cheetah wasn't going for a ride but is just too lazy to hunt so asked for a lift to one of the safari vehicles passing by, the lady was nice and then killed an Impala for the Cheetah!!

  • Dude should be arrested for wasting the cops time. Like why wouldn't he have a decoy for when he gets pulled over to text and drive 24/7?

  • Free Mattress

  • Slumberweeds

  • 0:10 kids tat are L8 tryna get to school like

  • Did the mattresses really attack that village? Or did the village attack the mattresses in the first place!

  • SLEEPOVER!!!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Poland 🇵🇱 c:

  • Title: *mattress attacks village* Me: oo no that's worst than a torando

  • Technically some areas have laws dealing with obstructing or delaying the officers. So you might still get busted for pulling a prank that wastes their time.