Melanie Martinez - K-12 (The Film)

Publicat pe 6 sep. 2019
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  • i kinda relate to crybaby..i don’t cry, but i am hella sensitive, and i do get bullied for, this whole film just kinda touched me on a deeper level.

  • 31:10 when grandma's use FaceTime for the first time

    • 31:33 when the teacher moved you from ur bestie

  • That was good!😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍

  • 55:22 I’m just thinking about the person who screamed *BANANAAA*

  • This is the only album of an artist where every song is fucking gorgeous


  • Wheels on the Bus 3:54 Class Fight 12:19 The Principal 20:48 Show & Tell 24:34 Nurse's Office 28:55 Drama Club 34:58 Strawberry Shortcake 40:21 Lunchbox Friends 46:19 Orange Juice 51:00 Detention 56:10 Teacher's Pet 1:01:40 High School Sweethearts 1:06:34 Recess 1:17:34 Fire Drill 1:27:51

  • When you mess with crybaby 👁👄👁 ~👄~ ⚫👄⚫

  • 💕💕💕💕 this was so good! I would have liked to see Kelly turn into a good person in the end, but I guess in real life, some people never change.

  • WHY? She just starts dances and singing at the same time?

  • I can’t be the only one who thought that orange and black wig was stunning😍🤯

  • *Hey you! yes you're beautiful*

  • Donald Trump is not happy

  • I love Melanie so much gust her song are so good

  • Do a 2 pt what happen at the end did you go in or what ???

  • Ok i like how some artists are like "im releasing a single next year!!! Everyone!!!! Im putting out a single!!! But only on soundcloud premium." And melanie goes "WAPLOOSH 14 SONGS A WHOLE ASS MOVIE WITH A HUGE CAST AND AMAZING SETS AND COSTUMES AND SOMEHOW A VERY INTRIGUING PLOT WITH NO ADS FOR FREE ON RO-tv."

  • omg yasss i finally waited for mel in texas

  • This movie gets 12 / 5 glasses of orange juice 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊

  • Ok this is the only girl who is allowed to steal anyones mans/turn me bi/straight.

  • 53:17 I thought she broke the mirror?

  • love that her change in every seen

  • Cute

  • I really like this because it is like a movie musical its awesome!

  • Please there be a part two Melanie!!

  • Nothings wrong with you teeth it's just the London look and it's beautiful

  • *Subtitles* ''Was it Willy or Layla?''

  • love fire drill at the end

  • No one: Absolutely no one: That one person at the back of the bus: I’m GoNnA jUmP oUt ThE wInDoW

  • "The greatest power you will hold is that of acceptance, any storm you face will transform itself into a chrystalinne rainbow, in divine timing." ~Lillith ❤️

  • Gente eu fui no show da Melanie galera foi maçã demais

  • Costume Designer: How bright do you want the colors to be? Melanie: Yes

  • hi people, i do song covers and i would appreciate it if any of you guys would check out my 'silly girl' cover!!

  • Thanks for the film

  • I love Angelita’s hair in Nurse’s Office

  • My favorite song was probably recess I know y’all didn’t ask -.-

  • No one : Crybaby : *i WaNnA dRiVe ThE bUs*

  • This is the most amazing horror movie it’s in pastel Melanie is the best persons I have even heard of all of my love xoxo jaiden

  • can you please release fire drill!!!!!!

  • This is awesome :D make more lol

  • All I know is this must have cost so much money and she puts it on RO-tv for free and no ads owo also, that cliffhanger :'( I hope there's another movie, but again it must have cost a lot of money so if there isn't I wouldn't be mad heh. Also cRyBabY x BeN iS fUcKiNg aDoRaBLe.

  • "keep ur friends close and enemies closer" Me: it music secret neighbor song intensifies.

  • Nothing says creep more than having a camera in the opposing gender's bathroom

  • Amazing!❤💘

  • I love it ♡u Melanie martinez!!!

  • This was a bit dumb anyone else ?

  • has anyone wondered how they made the cuts and stuff so real?

  • I have Watched this video over and over again and it's just AMAZING!Melanie,You did great work on this flim 👍

  • Did you realize they went to the first grade classroom?

  • This is more of a musical than a musical, and deals with more important things/topics

  • Muy bien hecho todo y buena la música, pero, me aburri a los 12 minutos... No está mal pero podría ser mejor...

  • Disighner: how meny ruffles do you want on the drama club dress. Melanie: *YES*

  • This is a genuine question I love mel with all my heart I even went to her concert recently but Is this meant to be a horror film?

  • Clock: *near bedtime* This film: _enters chat_

  • The OSCAR is for the K-12

  • I know it’s kind of irrelevant but, I love Mel’s gap. It doesn’t look weird at all, it honestly suits her!

  • Not gonna lie my bus is a lot more chill wtf is going on I feel bad

  • *> art don't sell

    • When I read this comment melanie was singing that part

  • Let’s do a swareword count

  • Those rabbit guys really creep me out

  • In the dislikes erase the k yay its only 26 left XD