Messing with the Driver - Key & Peele

Publicat pe 17 oct. 2019
A businessman decides to pull a little prank on his driver when he suspects that he’s not paying attention to the conversation.

About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  • Never seen that ending

  • this how my grandma be talking to me on the phone when she ask what im doing with my life 💀

  • What sucks are all the ads that seem longer than the skit itself

  • The fu....

  • He is what? A Schein? That does not make any sense in german?!

  • If you think you're not feelin this one, just let the genius build. The ending is hilarious.

  • thumbs up if you from Detroit and appreciate the geographically accurate references

  • Stopped watching them after one decided to go political.

  • At the end Peele should've said "OK BOOMER"

  • Cutting people’s faces off and wearing them like a mask?? You mean like Hillary Clinton does??? These guys know what is really going on.

  • Anyone notice the Nazi music (i think) the driver was playing?

  • I literally had an old taxi driver like this one time & he took the longest route possible to make more money 😂

  • Gun way up in that ass

  • When your uber driver is uber alles

  • "By the way, when you kill those people wich yo ass gun..." LOL

  • 1:40 At that point, I’d probably pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming.

  • “Yeah, yeah gun way up in dat ass that’s the way to do it” LMAOOOO

  • Gun way up in that ass😂😂😂

  • O N L I N E . T R E N D S. L I N E A R.

  • So funny at the end when he puts on the German national anthem

  • They no damn well they want in Detroit. Need to come do shows here

  • You know jews are writing your skits when they have to figure out a way to attack germans in it.

  • So Mr Garvey still chilling with Timothy.

  • Didn't see that one coming lmao

  • talks just like jay leno 😂😂😂


  • Ohh yeah,Naked Presentation that's good

  • Noone is what they appear.

  • This is me every time I tried to explain to people what I did in college.

  • This skit is the representation of wearing earbuds in public and not listening to any music. Auf wiedersehen! :))

  • The driver must be part of hillary's crew. Those in the know will know what I'm talking about.

  • loooll this was awesome

  • Plays über Alles and drives off LMAO

  • Fucking dead

  • when he said *alfedisa* i felt that

  • When you're bluff works not because you're a good lier, but because they live that life!

  • He ain't know? 313 we invented the murder mystery?!? , idk but I know 😏🙈🙉🙊

  • "Yeah Okey"

  • Only in Detroit 😂😂

  • Deutschland Über Alles lol

  • When you find out the SS has foreign korps

  • So glad they found each other


  • funny

  • Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE key&peele videos but you gotta fix your titling 😭

  • driverpilled

  • The ending with the German music killed me lmfao

  • 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Speaking german (literally pretty good, except for the word "Schwein") to mock the driver, driver puts the radio on, radio plays forbidden first line of the German national anthem! Well played, well played!!!

    • I heard it and was confused with the grammar and unusual mix of words there.

  • whoa! never know who's who.

  • FYI its no longer called "cobo" b/c the said mayor of whom it was named was a ffkn racist

  • had me at AUF WIEDERSEHEN

  • this is literally me lmao i cant be other way people just pushing their agenda everywhere im just minding my bidniss fuck em

  • I just watched this without my headphones a university....hope no one was near to hear 🤣🤣🤣

  • Auf wiedersehen!

  • Deutschland über driver

    • College Humor made Uber SSR (a Soviet Uber driver) but I know they would do Uber Alles if they could ; )

  • How did he just co-sign that dude's whole murder plot then drive of 😏😂😂

  • “Preeesentation” Anyone?

  • haha the ending is totally a *whos the pyscho now??* moment

  • I thought Peele was Malcolm X for a min.