Publicat pe 13 sep. 2019
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Lol this is how you weigh baby bat

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Funny minecraft pewdiepie monday, tik tok ironic memes compilation and more!
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  • Egg

  • 7:02 aldi has brung out my soul everyone is eating me

  • I don't get the peanuts plz explain

  • 6_____ fill it in

  • The bench quote is from a poem by Robert Frost

  • Girlfriendius ligmaticus nonexistus

  • Here is another story on why this was on my recommended :)

  • Hold up how do you lose a gold fish

  • That girl only found half of it

  • 3:52 I wonder how they got rid of the wasps. Did the just do a 0.1 second burst of the gun to blast the nest out? Or did they use actual tools/poison to get rid of them?

  • 4:15 Isnt that Robert frost? I think?

  • 4:14 is from a Robert frost poem

  • Egg

  • 0:58 I hope it realizes that it's his quirk too

  • The cat sleeps on the black tile because it is the warmest

  • 8:32 You fool, thats where the Illuminati lives.

  • 12:17 stop mark bc me need go on walkies and poopoo:3

  • How the hell does a fish get in a book?

  • 3:49 yesterday I got a new car and today I found a miny bee hive on the inside of the passenger door, luckily there were no bees :)

  • That is a tank round not a tank grenade.

  • The hot chocolate draws even better than I do

  • Should I sit on this chair randomly placed in my kitchen *yes* or *no* *YES*

  • 4:16 I know this poem! I read it at school, it's called "Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening"

  • 2:37 A kid at my school has this lunchbox

  • How weird your videos are 10:00$$

  • I live in Denmark and Its a Lie

  • 4:16 I have the whole poem in an old book at my house!


  • that park bench quote is actually from a poem called "stopping by woods on a snowy evening" :D it was a beautiful poem my class learned it in like 4th class though meaning everybody died of laughter as soon as they found out the word 'queer' was in it -.-

  • Wait what if its night and ninja turtle dogo doesnt come ? Welp guess ill be waiting

  • I’m guessing the goldfish was trying to learn Spanish?

  • It honestly hurts to look at that goldfish

  • 🇩🇰😎🤠🇩🇰

  • lol, I have the same lunchbox

  • 2:01 omg i cant believe they gave me my own power linetowers

  • I liked this video because of the Tomato duck😂 🍅 🦆

  • #clumbsy

  • I was inside that Lego McLaren

  • 4:16 that is a poem

  • # ddm so i have a lose tooth and i was eating chicken and the crum of chicken got stuck so perfect right between my tooth and gums

  • I liked and subscribed, the ninja turtle dog was cute.

  • 5:40 I wonder how big 1000g of lithium would be

  • Bob

  • 2:15

  • That toolbox is something.

  • I love doggos

  • brake the head open to find a peanut sized brain 5:30

  • E

  • The teal cicada actually just came out of its shell and is still wet that's why it's that color it will turn the dark green color later

  • 1:54 hmmmmm the Elephant ginger we found was way more interesting

  • Oh man, I feel bad for that fish😔

  • Is no one gonna talk about the rings????

  • The black tile sucks up more light making it slightly hotter than the rest

  • how do you lose your goldfish

  • Wow

  • 9:43 the infinity war, bug edition

  • 1:13 the cat likely does that because black entraps heat, which would mean that spot on the floor has more warmth.

  • 2:52 depression getting into my life

  • 3:51 the A-10 warthog is a 30MM not a 30 cal

  • 2:04 OH HELL NAAAH!