Mr. Kellyanne vs. Mr. President: A Twitter Feud for the History Books | The Daily Show

Publicat pe 21 mar. 2019
Donald Trump continues his feud with George Conway, a conservative lawyer and the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, and Dr. Phtrevor steps in to mediate the crisis.
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  • right I dont take it and just sit down its my right to response actually!!!!

  • So Kellyanne Conway and trump are sleeping together, right? It looks that way to me.

  • ok, how are those two still married? I've seen relationships crumble for less reasons....

  • Trump is a psychopath, plain and simple.

  • wonder the dude's Twitter avatar is a courtroom sketch.

  • Kellyanne Conway - "White House Momo" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I dont know if it's by contractual agreement, but talking 24/7 about Trump is getting old Trevor. You're too talented bro to just be seen as a comedian who primarily makes fun of Trump. We all know Trump isn't everyone's fan...but there's so much more positive things there you can highlight and promote.

  • Trump catching bees with his fingers is like Jackie Chan catching flies with chopsticks. Impressive. Lol

  • Dr. Phtrevor sounds like Obama.

  • Send them to the ranch!

  • Dr Phtrevor = great!

  • That was a fucking good character Trevor. Pardon my language.

  • Doctor Phtrevor looks like Eric Holder.

  • Dr Phtrevor

  • I love Trevor. He is completely nuts and irreverent. My kinda guy.

  • Trevor should thank president trump for bolstering your career on a station barely anyone watches anymore, without Trump you would be a virtual nobody!

  • Stop. Trump is playing all of you. Stop with concentrating on the scandals and hit him where it hurts. Hit him in his policies. He has none.

  • Dr. Phtrevor is so funny

  • Hey, Don Jr has same tiny finger thing going on!! Just like daddy!

  • Donald Trump is the Lucifer in the flesh...ego is the Lucifer and Mr POTUS is all about ego, so soon we will probably find out anyway...I guess

  • Trevor the affirmative actin hire after john to scared to have a jew name retired. You are mediocre at best. That jew john was much better and he didn't have Trump. Now you love Bush so John was wrong I guess. You guys are seriously so uncool and have zero original thought. Oh yeah, fuck trump the jew puppet.

  • Where's the beef?

  • i think theyre having fun, playing word games against each other. please. lol it doesnt hurt his wifes relationship. shes gonna get more money by playing middle man. LOL and her husbands going to give trump reasons to need her.

  • Good old Americans intervention will SCREW YOU EVEN WHEN YOU ARE LOOKING..... LIBERAL FILTHY DIRTY LITTLE GAMES.. We must stop them...👁👁 Yugoslavia what did NATO do to this country.....and the REGION?......👷🏾‍♀️👷🏾‍♀️UNBELIEVABLE😳

  • Not nice at all Trevor... Mr. Conway to y’all! He can stand on his own two feet bless him. Hey, it’s been awhile that the wizard of oz .. has not been revived. No! all jokes, aside give the man credit with his own name. We fought for gender neutrality 😂🤫

  • "I caught one" lol

  • Dr Phtrevor was funny 😂

  • Oh I totally agree that 45 self discloses as he speaks or tweets. Confesses as he blames others for the very things he himself is guilty

  • I keep waiting to hear, “ and live from New York, it’s Saturday Night Live!”

  • Can we all spell “reality Sh.tshow”?

  • Sometimes I think all the politicians are playing head games on us. This latest reality Sh.tshow only magnifies it.

  • There’s no way I could feel sympathy for Kellyanne Conway over this situation. Her acts of harming our country have precluded my ability to sympathize with her being in a “difficult situation”, which is a self-inflicted wound.

  • Wonder where is her report from him.

  • I guess the "Don" is probably offering her a better Future than her Husband. That must be a strange marriage.

  • Pardon my language and hold my beer lol...

  • *thanks to the stormy daniels incident, we know trump has a thing for blondes, he also likes easy scores* *"me thinks, kelly's husband doth protest too much", I think trump is shtooping Kelly on the job* *Does Melania know? "Probably", she got the job of "wife" out of a catalog because she's not the jealous type.*

  • "Bitch ass..." what? Why do you Americans always have to BEEP the best parts?

  • An insane person doesn't know he/she's insane, just that he/she's unhappy.

  • I really like Trevor's family.

  • That Dr Phil impression spot on 😂😂😂

  • 4:22- Answer to "I'm going to hammer your boss, blah blah blah," George and Kellyanne have 4 kids together, he knows exactly how to shut her up if he chooses. xD


  • Shut up goofus!

  • Does this mean white people can do blackface again ?

  • Kellyanne and George are in on it together. Kellyanne is the leaker. 😂

  • #NoExoneration

  • Ngl John Oliver is a lot funnier

  • Good for him! & Kellyann is just another knee Pad Specialist for Agent.

  • This guy just needs to not talk about politics, he is completely ignorant.

  • Trump two timed Melania enough said .

  • Their make up sex is probably amazing. LOL

  • So !!president just win win win n u change subject trevor! U hv fell from 100 floors ! nothing good about u n your big mouth ,2 years of a crown! Just look at your face ,u did nothing good for american but just know how to critic a president that bring million job back to amercian ,Trevor ,what hv u done being just a crown since trump became your president ? Except your failure Trevor !

  • Man, Trevor's extended family is amazing.

  • Man, Trevor's extended family is amazing.

  • She defended Trump over her husband. Wow. Her loyalty is in the wrong place. It's to death do you part. She should've stayed quiet if anything.

  • Pardon me if I don't feel sorry for Kellyanne and her marriage. Bitch is a megaphone for fascism.

  • They should switch wives

  • Donald trumpsm has no boundries and is the pinnicle of corruption and I live in south africa where Jacob zuma was president if a south african could seesit why can Americans

  • She is afraid of her job

  • Omg 😂

  • And why should anyone care about this? Biff picks twitter fights all the time. This is no different. I don't care a whit about Kellyanne and her marriage. It just isn't important crap. It's just plain crap.

  • They worried that gay marriage would ruin heterosexual marriage somehow. Looks like Donnie beat the gay's to it.

  • pretty sure Trump is banging Kellyanne Conway.

  • #Kellyanne #Causeway

  • #HusbandFromHell ..but.. Isn't that The Orange calling The Orangitan Orange?!?!

  • Is anyone else thinking how the hell he got a bald cap and moustache on that quick? Or was it prerecorded?

  • Dr Phtrevor 💙

  • What about your wife? this is why white people are so fuck up!

  • Matalin and Carville seem to make their marriage work and they always put down the candidates each of them support.

  • Why does Dr. Phtrevor sound like a white obama

  • Whew, I accidentally misclicked the dislike button and noticed it as the page was loading to the next video. Who could ever dislike that lovable Dr. Phtrevor?

  • Just get a divorce

  • Kellyanne knew she had to defend her boss and not her husband if she wanted to keep her job. Trump demands total loyalty or you are gone.

  • Looks like Dr Phtrevor had a mustache emergency too!

  • 9рш8

  • Amazing performance by Trevor

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. .... I Love Mr. KellyAnne.... Speaks the Truth... 🤣 Dr. Phtrevor “Preach” .... sad sad point in our history

  • So now we all are entertained by kelly's rocky marriage and joke of a career 🙄. Ok

  • This feels more and more like a kinky sex thing between Trump and the Conways.

  • 🤫📘🤣😉OUR history books will only become looked upon, and readily available at comic book stores.

  • VOTE Trump OUT 2020!!!!

  • So funny!

  • That’s was cute, Trevor’s accents just get better and better with time

  • It is always about Projection on the Right. Projection is also one of Trump's key strategies, along with virulent racism and kissing up to Putin. Maybe it's comforting for them, believing that everyone is just as horrible as they are, but it sucks for everyone else.

  • Is Trevor using Roy's CP time moustache?

  • Trevor: "I have never seen such a good match between diagnose and person." me: "May I introduce you to my personal savior Kent Hovind? He is not a better match but they certainly tie."

  • The momo comment is too far

  • Get over it. Its all part of the game. His comments, her comments, the whole diatraction. Its all quite effective for sistarctibf us feom the real issues. The major issue here is why Trevir Noah and the Daily Show are so sold on spending our time on all this bullshit. Who's the dupe here?

  • The two best things for the Connway marriage would be: 1)Come home and leave the "criticism TV" off 2)Don't talk about it to each other, there's too many others out there that want to talk to each of them about "it"

  • holy shit he's good at accents. That last bit as Dr. Phil is gold.

  • This sounds like a joke but deadass this gives a bad reputation to people w aspd and npd like not all people suffering from those disorders are bad people and I’m sure almost none are on trumps level of demonic

  • Look... if I had to guess? Kellyanne and her "husband" have likely been separated for a looooonnng time and she doesn't want the media finding out so they can have a field day. Its either that or its long overdue.

  • Hi I was wondering what the status is on the list for the next few days but I will get back to you in a couple hours and I'll be there in about a half hour

  • Making fun of Kelly's looks when you look like Charlie the Chimp (cymbal playing monkey toy) From now on, no more Trevor the Retarded Racist it is now Charlie Chimp 🐵

  • Robert Mueller ends probe no indictments no collusion😂


  • The “president” of a country is spending his time on Twitter to comment another tweet. Looks like world hunger was eliminated in the last 24 hours.

  • So many flavors, and y’all chose to be salty...

  • Oh shit ! Dr PhTrevor! Pardon my language...pardon my language. Thanks for writing a op Ed for The truth is they acting like a bunch of bitch ass *****

  • Trump has balls of steal. Learn from him.