MUGEN - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

Publicat pe 18 iul. 2019
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Mugen Motorsports is one of the most legendary names in Honda tuning. Opening their doors in the early 70s, this small outfit has been behind some of the coolest Honda builds and racecars ever. Join James as he gives you the inside scoop on Mugen!
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  • Remember it's Moo-Gen, not Mew-Jen.

  • mf308 means ma fucka 308, dw im japanese ik

  • I would definitely take the Mugen NSX over a ferrari


  • Spoon sports for life

  • 2019 HRV Mugen for soccer moms!

  • I can believe you didn't mention that they've won every isle of man tt zero race

  • 2:09 Is that the legendary S800?!?

  • Okay but what if like Mugen and and Spoon joined forces?

  • Anyone else pronounce it as Myoo-gen?? or is it just me?

  • Mugen = Unlimited Mugen produces a limited run of cars. Sooooo, basically..... An Unlimited Limited.

  • Buncha worker bees making out. And all worker bees are female. That's hot, bebeh.

  • MF = Motha F¥€@

  • What's wrong with xbox bro. ....?

  • It's okay, I am a weirdo who shots about car

  • Poned subtítulos en español por favor

  • MF= Mugen Factory

  • 3:22 YOU GOT MY LIKE!😂

  • MF 308 is Mugen Fucking 308....oooooo yaaaaaaa

  • Mugen S2000 & NSX

  • clarkson or may

  • 12:33 Thank me later

  • 12:33

  • "The MotherFucker 351-8, a 3.5L, 40 valve, V10 that put out over 700 hrsprs..." ...Mugen sure knows how to be badass.

  • Old Spice ads be like 3:23

  • Do midnight club of 80s japan!!!!!!

  • My first though comes to my mind for MF308 was Mother Fucker 308 bitches!!!

  • Thank you for doing a Honda dirtbike episode donut.

  • Mugen Formula

  • Hey James, can I get up to speed with the Honda Supra..

  • Mugen M7 Sport its a mpv with a frickin mugen bodykits

  • "Before post melone was born" that got me..🤣🤣🤣

  • MF- Mugen Freeman?

  • MFPB. stands for more fucking power babeh ...!!!!!!!!😂

  • Up to speed on cosworth as well

  • mugen is the equivalent of the supreme brand lol

  • “Don’t work...s 😉”. 🤣😂🤪😅

  • My favorite Mugen is the 84 CRX.

  • MF:....stands for MO FUNGO.

  • Dad: no son, I wont give you my company! Son: