My Experience with Sports

Publicat pe 21 oct. 2018
i've done a sport or two in my day

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D ur better than any sport~


  • I only play badminton

  • *"Before I was able to comprehend the idea of free will."*

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  • That damn nerf gun got me gud

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  • Dragon ball tournament arena

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  • *Traumatising flashbacks to ballet

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  • Lol are you pan?

  • 6:31 Gay-den animations.

  • That fact you practice karate, I should be expecting you would get more confident and encouragement. By the way nice moves. 5:38

  • What's what is what's going on with you're GI also I do karate I'm a red belt

  • Jaiden reminds me of the wii-fit girl for some reason

  • Yay Ginja Ninja and Jaystarz help too!

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  • I swear you’re always #1 trending when you upload . Its amazing.

  • Hopefully people will remember your achievements only.

  • When I was a tiny bean, I was "forced" into soccer, my team suuuuuucked as well, but anyways, for some reason my coach decided to put me as a goalie for my team... there was this one girl on the opposite team that was playing forward, and was very close to getting the ball in the goal my little flailing arms were trying to protect, she kicked it, and I took a soccer ball to the face at full speed. I still remember her number... number nine. That number haunts me. Well, at least I saved the goal.

  • The part with Drax made me laugh so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes.

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  • Attracted to all genders ? It's only two.

  • I remember my soccer years...year. I'm physically disabled so... in my attempt to fit in I joined soccer and was the score keeper/ first aid (since I know a lot of first aid bc of my disability). Long story short everyone on the team hated me because I didnt play or practice but still got my name on the team trophy. It was fun.

  • I've slammed my pinky into a truck door

  • Great video as always though

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  • YASSS...I LOVE SPORTSSS (wii sports)

  • Quick heads up at 00:58sec the whole story about the bubble gum ends abruptly.

  • Also...LITTLE JAIDEN!!!

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  • Welcome back jaiden

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  • My team was called the pink cheatas yeah pretty sure I also sucked at gymnastics

  • I was literally checking yesterday to see if you posted AND THEN YOU DID



  • I love u Jaden

  • Was that a bayonetta reference

  • Hey Jaiden! I’m sorry I’m so late. My friend got into my RO-tv channel and un-subscribed from you :/ Also that’s the same thing I did. In kinder my Mum slammed the door on me and just stood there... EDIT: PINK PANTHERS? OH MY GOSH I MIGHT BE JOINING A NETBALL TEAM CALLED THAT.M.M,.K

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  • never realized that soccer and karate are what parents put their kids in because they can't play anything else? Hmmmm. Interesting,LOL

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  • Nononono, don't make us fight Siri. That's how you get terminators sent after your head.

  • Basketball was fun they said! Basketball is healthy for you they said! BASKETBALL IS ALL FUN AND GAMES THEY SAID

  • Thank you for feeding me, bird-mom.

  • I like sports alot and I'm very competitive so I cant relate

  • Jaiden vs cheese go Jaiden runs and hits it and move so it an inch

  • this video was so frikin funny

  • U had me dying. Love it.

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  • Mood: The asexual leaning back and forth with the flag stuck in their head.

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  • Love the anime reference

  • If Jaiden notice me, i will make 50 push ups! Récord it and uploap it to RO-tv!

    • I can barely do 10 push ups :')

  • Wish I was good at something, besides being a neet for all my life


  • I didn’t do the sports. Back in my day we had something *Wii Sports.

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  • Hi


  • Yay! I'm also a pan! (Not the cooking pan or something)

  • Why did Jaiden draw the dragon ball stage


  • You should do a video about past boyfriends or girlfriends idk

  • My mom didn’t raise me like this... I’m just a lazy kid

  • 7:15 WOW

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  • Oh my gosh, Jaiden is Yamcha. Give up once everybody gets too intense.

  • 6:45, *you don't need to worry, why? BECAUSE I AM HERE!*

  • Jaden you were cute kid

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  • 5:40 Wtf?

  • Wow a good video on trending; I never thought I’d see the day

  • our soccer team was called the pink pathers too

  • Congrats for being #1 on treading

  • I can relate to about everything you can say. xD My parents have always wanted me to get engaged in a sport. But being the inactive introvert I am, I never even tried to get engaged in anything that had anything to do with running. xD Like you, I did love soccer at one point but then I quit because people started to play too rough.

  • Im in karate right now what a coincidence

  • Great work good animation. If everyone wants another animator with great talent check out ToonCee very underrated creator

  • TheOdd1sOut uploaded a new video: My Experience with Sports (Totally not stolen from Jaiden)

  • I was playing soccer today XD ironic

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  • I want to see Ari

  • I made a bet with my friend that the first comment on this video would be commenting on how Jaiden is apparently bi, i just lost 5 bucks.

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