Natalia Jiménez On Her Favorite Spanish Foods, Childhood Celebrity Crush & More | Growing Up Latino

Publicat pe 10 apr. 2019
Natalia Jiménez recalls favorite Spanish foods and phrases, her childhood celebrity crush, and much more in this episode of "Growing Up Latino."
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  • Spaniards are not latino.

  • Mane y'all need to quit putting spanish ppl on these Latino spaces.

  • She is from Spain ,she is not Latina!!!!!!!!!!!!!eres europea

  • I love❤️

  • Why her hairline make her look like shr g0t some horns ? That shit weird

  • I love ❤️

  • I’m only here because we are both Spanish and my name is also Nataliya

  • as far as i know spain is not in latin america

  • Nice one!

  • Quick reminder : we (people from Spain) don't consider ourselves latinos, we are white europeans. And regrettably lots of us are racist towards latinos, spceially the old generations.

    • Good cuz we Latino in Latin America can care less about Spain and their opinions. We have no connection to you guys even if we are descendants from Spain. I rather be liked by gringos than the Spanish 😂

    • True, they’re very racist

  • Natalia te amo🌹❤️ Aunque no entendí un carajo🙊😂

  • Te amamos con filtro o sin filtro... porque eres auténtica, y eres Mexiñola!! ❤️ 🇪🇸 🇲🇽

  • I love you

  • Natalia Jiménez ( like)