NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 🎬 | Weekly #21

Publicat pe 27 mai. 2019
NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 🎬 | Weekly #21
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Films Included:
00:05 - 02:28 - Terminator: Dark Fate
02:28 - 04:56 - The Art Of Self Defense
04:56 - 07:14 - The Nightingale
07:14 - 09:23 - Supervised
09:23 - 11:49 - Bottom Of The 9th
11:49 - 13:21 - Freaks
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  • New movie trailers released this week 00:05 - 02:28 - Terminator: Dark Fate 02:28 - 04:56 - The Art Of Self Defense 04:56 - 07:14 - The Nightingale 07:14 - 09:23 - Supervised 09:23 - 11:49 - Bottom Of The 9th 11:49 - 13:21 - Freaks

  • "Do you have aspirin? ".. Damn you jean!

  • This new terminator movie looks awful

  • Thurppp.

  • Background song seems out of place for a Terminator movie. Not much Arnold, is he just a cameo?

  • The new Terminator should be called the Nano Tubinator... Or We are Mecha Venom.

  • These terminator films need to fucking stop

  • Supervized's trailer gave away all the whole synopsis of the movie lol

  • Woow 👍👍👍👍

  • Girlminator?

  • Second chance....

  • Can’t wait to see the scene as mulan pick up her father’s sword and cut her hair. Sooooo cool! This is the greatest true princess

  • None of these will see my money.

  • Terminator has been done to death. Next...

  • all crap

  • Nightingale looks like Brimstone set in Australia

  • Terminator is a woman, Captain America and Spiderman are black, St. Peter is black... I wait for woman-Jesus and black Maria... or Lord of the Rings where Gondor will be represented by feminists and Mordor by white men...

  • This going to be a bit more funny and long live the wrinkle butts

  • Enough of Terminators please. I bet that at some point in the movie, someone will say ' if you want to live come with me. '

  • at least Sofia Vergara has a better partner than that drip from married with children

  • Now add peanut butter falcon ;)

  • best work bro

  • 90% political libtard propaganda, 10% entertainment

  • Hawai 5-0

  • Every fucking movie is trying to make money off nostalgia. Do they think people are that stupid?

  • Looks like netflix is doing better than hollywood movies these days coz these all look like rubbish movies, avengers endgame an spiderman far from home was the last thing i watched this year from the box office an most likely the last for 2019, back to netflix for me.

  • Im so hyped for the terminator

  • Nightingale looks amazing!

  • Extremely disappointing

  • They must be running out of movies to make

  • This movie doesn’t make sense Can anyone relate?

  • The Terminator movie and all these Hollywood movies have been terminated! Thanks to the left the actor trash! they should have stayed out of politics . What a bunch of chumps!

  • I thought the thumb nail is stark or Iron man😢

  • Fake and Gay even by Hollywood standards with a dash of soy and liberal bullshit .

  • terminator with women? wtf hollywood? this meetoo shit is ruining cinema

  • Honestly thought that freaks would be a movie for the shadow children secuence

  • Almost thought the first one was Killdozer.

  • Terminater franchise needs to be terminated

  • Oh no, please no, not another terminator How many times do you need to reboot an already finished storyline? Oh look CGI, more over the top usage that makes it look pointless and tacky Getting boring now, please just let it go, are you that desperate for stories you have to keep pushing and trying to recreate an already finished masterpiece? Cameron, please, you must see how stupid this is to keep pushing it….oh wait…..muricans love it, so I guess that ok then

  • Terminator series sucks. Never a black terminator. Like michael jai white wouldnt be an incredible evil terminator. Ugh.

  • Well if you want to get technical Black is actually before color. White is all the colors.

  • white imperialism is the root of all evil

  • and then theres a geriatric sarah connor that can barely lift the gun

  • is the hero a trans gender lesbian ?

  • Terminator movie can't wait to see it they even brought back the old cast yo thats gone be lit

  • Why are all of these sad

  • what a weird list of movies only 2 of them are good

  • "i won't be petting you anymore" im literally wanted to cry

  • super

  • damn she looks Hella OLD !