Official Oxygen OS 10.0 Stable Ota Android 10 For Oneplus 7 & 7 Pro Quick Look & Features

Publicat pe 22 sep. 2019
Oneplus started official rollout of android 10 for oneplus 7 and 7 pro
#Android10 #OxygenOS10 #Oneplus7Series
Chenages :
Upgraded to Android 10
Brand new UI design
Enhanced location permissions for privacy
New customization feature in Settings allowing you to choose icon shapes to be displayed in the Quick Settings
Full Screen Gestures
Added inward swipes from the left or right edge of the screen to go back
Added a bottom navigation bar to allow switching left or right for recent apps
Game Space
New Game Space feature now joins all your favorite games in one place for easier access and better gaming experience
Smart display
Intelligent info based on specific times, locations and events for Ambient Display (Settings - Display - Ambient Display - Smart Display)
Now possible to block spam by keywords for Message (Messages - Spam - Settings -Blocking settings)
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    • Is one plus 5 get full screen gestures in Android 10??

    • Thankyou for the downloads link updated appreciate it cause i just wanted to try on the 7 Pro.😍

    • Have to downgrade to pie from O/B2 to update on Android 10?

    • When will the android 10 availlable on OP6/6T??

    • One plus 7 me kab ayega 10 ka update Abhi tak nahi Aya hai

  • Sir how to rollback to 9.5.8 from 10 ?

  • Is there macro mode after software update ?

  • Is there macro mode after software update ?

  • Will we be able to put our phone on vibrate using volume slider settings?

  • I am using op7 pro! Still my phone didn't get official OTA update for 10....when is come 10 update? Any guess????

    • Unlock the bootloader from developer option and wait for sometime.

  • officially when?

    • May be today night or tmro

  • When will it come for OnePlus 7 in india

  • And the new icon shape is "TeArDoWn"...he looks pretty nervous about the whole thing lol

  • Why I didn't get stable OTA update for my OnePlus 7 yet??? Please help me out....

  • Hello, How can go back to android 9 from Android 10 Stable ???? I am using OnePlus 7 Pro. Thank you for your help !!!!!

  • When does it officially launch???

  • Sir please Reply😭. Till now I didn't get Oxygen Os 10. Sir how to overcome this, will the update will come ?

  • i downloaded the global ota and upgraded and i cant shoot a video with the wide angle, help me

  • one important question. is this the official OTA?

  • Still I didn't receive Android 10 update its okay ??

    • Manual update kar do

  • if im running on beta 2 can i just download the file and perform the update?

    • @shubham mathur thank you very much!

    • @almog hasson No. I meant take a backup in your other devices. Downgrading your phone to stable will totally erase your data. You may try oneplus switch backup, but i never tried that feature.

    • @shubham mathur will the backup restore all of my internal storage? including my musoc and gallery?

    • @almog hasson you cant install stable 10 over beta 1/2. So, to get the stable version, make a backup nd downgrade

    • @shubham mathur do you happen to know why i have to downgrade?

  • Its been more than a week. Most of us haven't received any update (android Q). Please tell us the reason.

    • Use the Oxygen Updater app, I also used it to update my OP 7 Pro

  • Sir where do i get this wallpaper in your home screen?

  • will this wipe my data??

  • Is the download link stable version?

  • Should i do factory reset before installing android 10 through oxygen os updater

  • Is it possible that something's wrong with my OnePlus 7 Pro because at AnTuTu Benchmark my score is only 358928 :(

  • Im on oxygen os 10 , i want to downgrade to oxygen os 9

  • Hii I have some doubt about this update the it still not available to my OnePlus 7 mobile why ????

    • If I install this stable update manually will I be able to receive furthur updates ?

    • Its rolling in batches can take a month or two to get it on every phone

  • Can any one help me. After upgrading with the provided OTA my data services are not working with jio. Is that a bug ? Also help me how to fix the issue

    • You should have waited for stable release for your phone

  • Havent received the update 😔 Is it safe to use oxygen updater? Or should i wait for system update??

  • Is it real link for Android 10

  • How install from Open Beta 2 Without lost my files?

  • Is this the same update which we were going to get from OTA? Or is it Beta?

  • If you update to android 10 with that link in your description, will you get new update from system update?

  • hey TechiBee, have you been able to root your oneplus 7 pro running Android 10 stable version?

  • Can someone pls tell me when I will get Android 10 on my OnePlus 7 ?

  • Which one is better EU or Global?

  • Do i need to make backup first ? I am using that link u gave in description. Pls respond fast

  • I can't get update yet. Why?

  • can i know after i update this version, and i have to downgrade back to version 9 to get the official update ?

  • Still didn't receive the ota update....please help

  • I did a local upgrade and the whole phone data was wiped as a part of the upgrade 😭 Is there any way to get my data back? I only have a few photos on Google photos and never did OnePlus switch backup 😒 any help is much appreciated??

  • If I am from Spain I download the one from the EU? or the global?

  • Great information But mene apke phle link ke through andorid 10 update kia tha then kuch time k bad offical ek or update aya 150mb ke around woh b krlia The yeh new uodate h ise krna jruri h by link yaa mera jo open beta verison h woh hi rhne du pleas guide me.

  • I have one plus 7 pro Mobile still not come Android 10 oxigen os 10

  • @ashok bhai I got call from oneplus event survey I participate that survey they call me on while I am on college but I didn't get any mail from oneplus regarding now I reached home should I call them back

  • I have updated to android 10 via Oxygen updater But didn't get the Wide angle video recording. Please suggest something. How to rollback to pie so that I can get OTA android 10 update.

    • For one plus 7 in dark mode....the notification panel is grey not black is it common for all or is it a bug?

    • Damn it's also giving me a blank screen out of nowhere..i too wanna go back to Android pie so that i have the ota update..

    • @Jeevan Santosh Satapathy I have noticed that as well. They added an animation for waking your phone which just slows down the whole process of unlocking your phone entirely. It's not something that really bugs me personally but it's been picked up by several people that updated too so you're not alone. I am having constant issues with picture in picture for RO-tv though. That one is killing me

    • @Cody felibrico Fingerprint scanner When Unlocking the screen has become slower. And that lock screen on animation sucks. Am I correct? I mean fingerprint scanner is fast in opening locked apps but in Unlocking it is slightly slower than before.

    • @Jeevan Santosh Satapathy you should be fine as long as youre running the official stable build. You'll still be on track for OTA updates if you update to OS 10.0 using oxygen updater. It's only tough if you're running beta because you need to flash back to stable pie to start receiving OTAs of stable builds again. There's a few bugs but I'm enjoying it for the most part. Just be aware that oxygen updater only supports unlocked OP devices. So if you have a carrier locked model you might have to wait for your carrier to release the update as well

  • Bro pls spiderman wale wallpaper ka link de do plssssssssssssss

  • Bro, I had a small issue which I really suggest you to try! If you are going turn on Fnatic mode from gaming mode just try to drag the toggle instead pressing on it to turn on. You'll see the magic it shows that it's been turned on but actually it's not!!

  • Bro i already updated my one plus 7 pro at beta 2 android 10 ... Its possible to get stable android 10 update in ota ... Or i have to downgrade my phone android pie...pls answer me

  • how to update form ota or from the link and wheather any bug??

  • Bro ur Download speed is insane😨

  • I switched my T-Mobile 7pro to the international version and T-Mobile still work. If I was to update to the stable version of Android 10 would T-Mobile still work?

    • Yes! I have T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro running international firmware. U must however, get your sim unlocked from XDA developers or by T-Mobile if u haven't paid off your device, because once u install, your network/sim card will lock u out (won't be able to use any dats, except for wifi)

  • if i do local upgrade for my oneplus7 pro that is android 10 will there any chances to loose my data ?

    • Balu Tanguturu yes highly recommend u to back it up

  • Can you pls tell me how i can do clean installation?.if I'm updating using OAT

    • You got answer for that? I need it too

  • I have a question? If you are open beta 2 version. Do you just download from the link. You don't have to downgrade or anything to Android Pie?

  • I have an issue with my oneplus 7 Proximity sensor is not working while calling

  • you're the guy sharing spontaneously about OnePlus updates. But lately I'm not satisfied with OnePlus. I've been using 3T for 2 years with no issues. With the recent pie update they infused call screen bug and others to force users to buy their new phones. (imitating apple for features which was good but sadly bad for imitating slowing down older device). I got frustrated and switched to pixel experience for software which runs smooth af. Will i be getting another flagship phone soon? Yes. Will i trust OnePlus again? No.

  • bro after this update my has become slow even the screen unlock also became very slow compared to android 9 did you face this kind of issue

  • Is this beta version for oneplus 7 ??or this is final update for oneplus 7 (android 10), and after downloading for your link should get the local updates from oneplus or not?????

  • I updated last night... Here file manager 2 app installed already..!. Why.?.

  • We get android 10 update ?????Doubt bro

  • Bro iam in Tamilnadu ... yesterday i got 9.5.13 for OnePlus 7 pro Any problems??????