[ONE DREAM.TXT] (ENG SUB) Reality Ep.04 - Part.1

Publicat pe 18 iul. 2019
[ONE DREAM.TXT] (ENG SUB) Reality Ep.04 - Part.1
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  • I dont even have anything that has bts Im afraid my parents might scold me because itd kpop

  • 16:44 This is what happens if Jimin wears a jacket:v

  • But bts are the best

  • Jungkook being called sunbaenim kills me softly

  • Like si quieres q BTS y TXT hagan un vídeo musical juntos

  • yeonjun rapping along yoongi's not today part is so cute aww fanboy culture

  • no one: 6:45 Kai: *exists* World: is blessed

  • taehyun:Jungkook♡ jk:😯

  • 19.01 Jungkook's laugh in the background. Your welcome (fully singing the song from Moana in my head 😂)

  • I'm crying when they put on Begin now Kookie is a hyung, one of my other bands is gonna be a hyung soon and not ready, they will always be Maknaes in our hearts ❤️♥️

  • Bangtan are so chaotic... I love them 😂

  • The way they all came in is so BTS XD

  • Yoongi is me lol towards my siblings.

  • I'm the unic coment in spanish hola bbs xdxdxd

  • Army: “WHY YOU SAD?! I DONT KNOW NA MOLA!!” TXT: wooooow


  • I cant wait till txt get comfortable enough to start clowning hitman bang

  • TXT I can so relate I’d be freaking out if I’d be meeting BTS irl😂😂

  • and jungkook is so omg:(

  • this is so cute because it's just so nice to see how bts is so experienced in the company as seniors and stuff like that, and then txt is learning so many things:(

  • what's the name of the song while Beomyu start writing letters in the hotel room?

  • BTS will never let Bang PD forget his iconic "rap, sing, dance" line. 😂

  • I love how they are having fun teasingTXT but the innocent babies can't figure out the inside jokes and are just looking at their sunbaes .... Well that's what big brothers do...

  • 19:10 I did laughing some one pls make a loop

  • I love it when TxT and BTS combined ,it makes my heart boom boom♥️♥️♥️

  • Jungkook's Mind while talking to Txt: *U ARE STILL A MAKNAE, YOU ARE STILL A MAKNAE... BE A HYUNG, Jungkook!*

  • Fckin crackhead actually used bang pd’s old vid as their chants😂😂😂 bangtann stop haunting bangpd with thattt

  • yoongi cringing and feeling embarassed but still tries his best paying attention is too much too handle


  • The fact that this episode got more views the the others just because bts was here is sad

  • conclusion : for the whole video, jimin completely being illegal

  • Lee Hyun Kim Namjoon Kim Seokjin Min Yoongi Jung Hoseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jung Jungkook Choi Soobin Choi Yeonjun Choi Beomgyu Kang Taehyun Huining Kai Rap, dance, noraero sangdaebangui giseoneul jeaphae~ BANG PD I Guess that’ll be the fanchant for BigHit family x’D

  • *now bts teaching txt to be chaotic af*

  • what if...one of them.... covered begin😳... unless...?

  • Parang bts lang eh ang kukulit rin nila... They're just being themselves... Aygooo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  • That's why they NEED to be healthy, if they want to be like their Sunbae-nims. Lotte Duty Free Concert they didn't perform due to 2 members have ailing problems. Also when they received their 2nd rookie of the year, 1 of their members also isn't present. Fighting TXT!


  • They are THEIR BABIES

  • Omg!!! Their interaction are so cute. I love them so much.

  • PD-nim joined the group chat.

  • my bias’ bias is my bias- (yeonjun-jimin)

  • 8:13 Omg i love love actually

  • I rlly like the senior-junior relationship there..

  • At 9:38 Beomgyu: That was Jhope sunbaenim(confident) Me: No my baby that could also be your Jin sunbaenim too as no one can escape his windshield wiper laugh(confident) Well ya Jin is my bias😍😍 And I love Bts and txt😍😍

  • Tae is SO cute when he's answering their "How have you been?" He just looks like such a proud big brother.

  • Bighit knows what they cooking 👌🏻🤧

  • Ayo hit man bang introduces hit it the second audition rap dance sing~noraero sangdaebang-ui giseon eul jeaphae. srry

  • When Jin entered I died

  • I’m so happy for both the groups and how well they think of bts as advice to do work harder in the future

  • Coz of BTS dragged me here..

  • I love how in incredibly supportive TXT is towards BTS and always looks up to them and get inspires:< its so cutee bts+txt+army !!!

  • 12:09 OMG my Heart JIMINNN u such an angel LOVE U and LOVE BTS♥

  • Me and my mom in the same room and she was given the task of placing them in the right group and she could only look at a picture of txt and bts oooooooooof

  • The reaction to taeyung of the fanchat 😂😂😂

  • Moral: Dont keep BTS and TXT in same room;)

  • I never really thought of how much bts have grown because because as theh grow we grow it's unreal txt have the best role models to help them💜💜💜💜💜

  • 19:09 i love the last one

  • Love the absolute lack of colour from BTS versus the rainbow TXT

  • Can I ask what's the title of the song Beomgyu played? Thaaanks.

  • LMFAO THE MOMENT THEY ALL ENTERED IM- jin: yOooO namjoon: *dances everywhere*

  • BTS and TXT in group chat: Tae: "JIMIN IS SPANKING ME AGAIN" Jimin: "MMMM, I LIKE DEM BUNS" Beomgyu: "so how's the weather today kai?" Jin: how does a evil cow laugh Yoongi: istg if u- hobi: what the actual- Jin: MOOHAHAHAHA Yeonjun: I made some tea taehyun, come to my room. Jin: *windseild wiper laugh* rm: *some how breaks the table?* Jungkook: jimin is so short for no reason (: Jimin: fuck u *yeonjun left the groupchat* *taehyun left the groupchat* *soobin left the groupchat* *beomgyu left the groupchat* *heuningkai left the groupchat* Yoongi and Hobi: omfg look what you dumbasses did

  • That'll be them performing one day

  • So awkward 😂😂😂

  • They really did go to the concert I went to in Chicago....Wow... wow....WOW

  • Oh not the second one

  • Oh I the end I take back my first comment and 2nd

  • No hate I love ❤️ Jin lol

  • That tip that bts gave them is just doesn’t work for txt and their not like bts and there is gonna be a lot of ands in this comment lol and also bts is more silly so v back off with that tip buddy

    • Hmm Bts are trying to compete with txt except jhope and jungkook I don’t know by the others I can tell jin is

  • Did anyone else here Namjoon singing crown at 10:18? Or am I just hearing things 😂

  • *cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe*

  • i actually had trouble breathing while watching this, their so adorable


  • Jin sitting next to Kai, the oldest next to the youngest hahah

  • 17:10 😭😭 Can some freaking tell me tge SHIP for taehyun and taehyunG! I'm confused af!

  • Jin and Yeonjun would make a killer dad joke team 😂😂

  • Watching BTS give advice to TXT really makes me realise how much they’ve grown ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏 Love both groups 🥰

  • why do they keep saying they debuted 7 years ago it was 6? in 2013 and it’s now 2019

  • wah. I didn't recognized that V was seating between the TXT members. Hahaha! I thought it is also a member of TXT and I keep looking like "where is V?" Hahaha. 😂

  • Txt lined up so humbly ND professionally while bts being crackheads ND loud in the room.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 3:29 Yeonjun wow! Wow!! WOW!!! Same reaction dude when I saw them at the Rose Bowl💜✨