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Publicat pe 10 iun. 2019
OnePlus 7 & OnePlus 7 Pro 1 MONTH Review! Should you buy the OP7 or OP7 Pro? Is the OP7 a big upgrade from the OP6T? Has the camera been improved? What's it like using them everyday? Here's my full 1 month review! Buy Amazon US: | UK:
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  • Hi chaps! 👋 Lots of you are saying a new 9.5.7 update improves the camera even further. It wasn't coming up as an OTA update, but OxygenOs Updater app has done it! (Thanks for suggestions). Great to see OnePlus are regularly pushing updates! 👍 Also a correction: the OP7 second lens is for depth, the 2x zoom is not optical, but just a crop of the 48mp sensor.

    • . 😱😱😱😱😱😱🙃😀😉😋😅😋😉😎🙃😜😁😎😃😉😛😀😮🤔😁😱😱😱😱😱😱 *I know two and a half months have gone by since you made this video but yours is only 7 pro review out of 20 that has had the night photo problem. Have you applied an update and gotten better results?* . 😱😱😱😱😱😱🙃😀😉😋😅😋😉😎🙃😜😁😎😃😉😛😀😮🤔😁😱😱😱😱😱😱

    • I am planning to buy a new smartphone. After filtering many options, I'm stuck between OnePlus 7 or an iPhone 7 or XR? Please help me out on this one. I want my phone to be lag free, at least for few years. I am not much of a gaming person. Kindly suggest one and also do suggest an alternate if available.

    • @Mayank Pratap Hi, for what camera? the 7 or 7pro? I'm actually between these 2 phones, coming from a 5t.

    • @Jai Prashanth Neither device has a "heating problem".

  • I'm happy with the OnePlus 7..tbh

  • You need to be more critical with your wine choice :) Agree with the 3a having a better camera. Still bought the 7 though

  • you look like sheldon

  • Watching on my OnePlus 7...! Love this phone....good valie for money..!🔥

  • Watching on my op7

  • Man, you don't even know the specs of these phones and ended up doing a 1 month video of them? What kind of a tech reviewer you are? And what were you using in these phones? First of all, 7 Pro also has a better vibration motor, faster charging aside of all the differences you told. And OnePlus 7 does not have 2x optical zoom lens and 30 watt warp charging. You got a lot of stuff wrong mate.

  • The review was more weighed on 7 Pro, got not much of info for 7 here. Also, the video header says comparison between 7 and 7 Pro after a month. Well, I don't see there was any complete comparison between those two. It was more of a comparison of 7 Pro with Pixel 3A

  • switched from ihpone 8 from oneplus 7 Its litterly so nice I cant belive i hadent tried android untill now thanks for the review btw ur the reason i bought it

    • I've ordered mine yesterday! Can't wait to get my hands on it 😁

  • is there any difference between the 7 and 7 pro camera? Except the ultrawide lens?

  • Why you are always opening your mouth whenever you turn to front camera... 😃

  • I'm prefer OnePlus 7 the focusing is better in OnePlus 7 and as photographer now I'm currently using OnePlus 7 rather than my Nikon DSLR

  • I'd go the OnePlus 7 cause I'm not a fan of curved displays. I actually bought a Xiaomi Mi 9T as OnePlus phones aren't officially available here in Australia. Would love to see you compare the OnePlus 7 and Mi 9T Tom. Cheers

  • Oppo reno NOT 10x just oppo reno OR OnePlus 7.. which one should I get?....

    • Go for oneplus 7 or maybe the pro version !!!!

  • Love the quality of ur videos Tom.

  • I like the 1+7

  • It sure feels nice nice using this Oneplus 7.😁

  • Could you please do a review of oneplus 7 pro vs apple 11 pro max?

  • Guys should i go for 6t or 7 ?

  • I would like to stick on my OnePlus 5T 😅

  • IM 11 years old and my question was IF should buy the OnePlus 7 PRO or is it a to big phone to Carry? Plsss answer

    • too big and heavy. Go for the normal 7 if you don't mind the notch

  • Can someone please some this video up for me I want to get one and I don't know which one so if you could please sum it up thanks

    • Pick what you like. For me,I picked OnePlus 7 over 7Pro. Because 7Pro weight more than 7 and big for my hand. My previous phone weight less and same size as 7.

  • mine is 6GB ram and it does the job perfectly fine trust me about it ! Ive been using mine with screen on constantly for 4-5 hours no lag no slowing down ! its INSANE !!!

    • @Zebra42 7pro. I have unlocked 90hz all the time so it's perfect

    • Are you using the 7 or the 7 pro? Is there still no lag whatsoever, even on games like PUBG? What's your overall experience? I am thinking about buying it but I don't know if I should wait until the 1+8 comes out

  • Install gcam to oneplus and u are good

  • i already bought the 7 pro so i cant wait aha

  • It certainly is an amazing device but I'm having big expectations for the OnePlus 8 Pro when it comes out.

  • . *I know two and a half months have gone by since you made this video but yours is only 7 pro review out of 20 that has had the night photo problem. Have you applied an update and gotten better results?* .

  • But in India pixel 3a is expensive than Oneplus 7

  • The OP7 pro is a little bit more expensive than the S10 in my country, but looks amazing. Which one do you think is better? I'm currently on a 2,5 y/o LG v30, No IP and wireless charging sucks tho..

  • In the us one plus 7 on Amazon not pro version 12gb ram 256gb storage $569 usd!!! Cant be beaten on bang for your buck

  • One Plus 7 Pro is the best there is out there and with the latest 9.5.11 the camera is even better! No mobile comes near the 90H display on the OP7 Pro!

  • The extraordinary lengths they are taking to avoid a notch. It's bizarre. The Huawei P30 Pro, Galaxy 10, Note 10 all highlight the much more sensible approach of a small notch or cutout.

    • Its worth it, the pop up cam works great and for those like me who doesn't do selfies much it's not really needed.

  • Over priced for what ?

  • Note 10 plus or one plus 7 pro

  • Google Pixel 3 is costlier than the base model Oneplus 7 Pro in India. So I went for the Oneplus 7 PRO.

  • OnePlus 7 pro

  • Received my one plus 7 yesterday- 17 hrs running since last full charge. Screen on time till now- 5 hrs 25mints(played pubg ,pes & normal surfing) Battery percentage now- 53% Its a beast guys , simply go for it.

    • Good to hear had mine not too long ago never disappoints

  • What is the performance difference between OnePlus 7 and Pixel 3a? Is OnePlus 7 a better daily phone than the pixel 3a?

  • I need one but go with 7 only

  • i take one plus 7 red from banggood 400 euro vfm

  • worth to upgrade from the original google pixel xl?

  • Why not s10+?

  • The curved screen on the OP7PRO was a massive disappointment. Returned it for a OP7. Flat display is SUPERIOR(!!) and the 90hz on the Pro doesn't change that whatsoever. Furthermore the better battery life, even when using 1080p60hz on the Pro and better form factor make the OP7 the absolute King on the Rock! Good to see plenty of reviewers make a mention they don't like curved displays, can only hope the hype fades soon.

    • Tell me more about this phone please (OP 7 regular)? I'm considering one!

  • what about photos with google cam port?

  • Watching from Samsung champ 🤣

  • The technical "chris woakes".

  • notches,puncholes are yucky to me

  • Just upgraded from redmi note 5 pro to oneplus 7. Totally worth it lol

    • Same here. Just waiting for my OnePlus 7 to arrive by mail.

    • lol im going to switch from redmi note 4x to 7 next week..

  • 10 :37 bloody earth quake... Lol, I am using oneplus 6, yes low light photo sucks.

  • Shit

  • Should a life long Apple user upgrade to this phone?

    • Absolutely. As iPhone prices are going up and offering very few incremental updates every time i think it the right time to jump ship to android especially onePlus. Trust me when you will buy a phone half of the price of iPhone and when it runs as perfectly as an iPhone, you will be surprised on why people buy iPhones LOL. Only camera is better in an iPhone over any onePlus and you will be in a transitional phase when you shift from iOS to Android in which things will be a little different at first. Overall you can upgrade to this phone without any regrets :)

  • 4:15 the one plus 6T really looks noticeably better then the 7 pro if you really look at it. Im watching from a 60in Samsung curved 4k tv if that makes a difference towards my opinion

  • Why is the time different on your phones at the 3:40 mark? You think they'd have the same time since they're in your hands, turned on, at the same location. Plus, the times aren't human controlled. Too nitpick-y? lol. I've been trying for days to decide between the 2. After seeing your review I think I'll go with the smaller phone as my hands are small. I definitely see the appeal of the Pro though.

  • I’ve been an iPhone user since the 4s, currently have had an X for 2 years and am moving to the 7pro next month!

  • Thanks for the review I'm thinking of getting one of these soon ...

  • What about the SIM card? I live in Australia so the SIM CARD are going be for overseas isn’t it? Can it be change or not?

  • Welcome to Taipei!!!!

  • If I buy this phone from UAE whether this have any issue in working in India?

  • does your 7pro make sharp hissing noises while recording a video?

  • It cost an extra $200 from 1+7 to 1+7 Pro in my country :3