OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!

Publicat pe 14 mai. 2019
OnePlus 7 Pro is crazy fast in all the right ways. For $669. Nice.
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  • Its Oct 2019 and I just came back to the video just for the sick intro clip. Cheers.

  • How to notification Animation activate???

  • 669$ Marques: “Nice.”

  • Here is a fcking idea why dont google and oneplus collaborate it would be insane..

  • Which one is the best? OnePlus 7t Pro or One plus 7Pro or ROG Phone 2? I just can't make my decision between these phone.

  • He said "Everyone except google" Google: *On October* introducing the GOOGLE PIXEL 4 with TWO CAMERAS.

  • camera is updated sinse this review. it is way Better. it holds Up to way more expensive phone

  • "...starts at 6-69. Nice" A man of culture

  • but what did you say to Noriako To that made him laugh so hard?

  • How do I get that blue triangle background?

  • iPhone will be in history soon. price is HIGH and no advance feature. NEXT NOKIA ...... most of friends switch to android, as IPHONE price is too high. Marques.. you are CHAMP... I watch your aLL TECH reviews. - super likes

  • 1:06

  • $669 nice

  • Are phones are overpriced? Or people just got stupider?

  • The camera is a totally trash and didn’t u feel ashamed or guilty after saying that camera set up is hot???

    • Was this a joke? He literally said the camera was the worst part of the phone......

  • First of all awesome job out there, i have been your follower for a very long time and somehow my only go to review channel closely followed by Unbox Therapy, I for the first time in my life bought a samsung S9 plus when it launched and quickly fell in love with it, the greatest flaw for me was as i suffer from occular migraine which means i can't and would not till date use it without maxed out blue light filter, i never had this issue with the phones i had before eg Sony Xperia xz premium, LG G4 and most of the HTC early models, it's time for me to change my phone and this issue keeps on haunting me as it changes my experience of the device, is there someone out there with the same issue that could help me, ps my wife has a Samsung S10 and she gets teary eyes if she doesn't have it on the blue light filter..

  • It felt soooo weird to see you on a plain grey background at start bc it's always so colorful and detailed behind you 😂

  • Love my 7 Pro even more after seeing the Pixel 4

  • Where can i get this wallpaper?

  • Which wallpaper is this?

  • When he said 669 we both said nice

  • I honestly can't someone seriously when they say "daily driver" -- it's such out of touch lingo. Most people can't afford multiple phones.

  • Hi my name is nati I’m a high school student I like to do photography and art A lot of times I took the pictures with my phone because I don’t have a camera And my phone is iPhone four I can’t afford to buy a new phone And can you please help me out Thank you !

  • He predicted that there won't be an ultra wide camera for pixel 4😮

  • OnePlus 7T is way way better value then the pro version especially in the UK £ 549 Vs £ 699 main feature is 90Hz and it is on both.

  • Since its saying not to open/close the popup camera frequently does anyone know how these things are with things like snapchat? I can only imagine that they'll wear out somewhat fast.

  • Does anyone know what widget that is that tells the day, date, and temperature?

  • Any update on camera mods??

  • Not a big fan of that curved display. What's a good smartphone with dual front facing stereo speakers?

  • Yooo Pixel 4 launch got me here 🤔

  • Skin ads on your vids are cringe.. Annoying

  • Samsung galaxy j3 60 dollar phone and phone gamer, should I get this phone I have enough for it

  • Did this ever get the Google camera mod?

  • *cries in poor*

  • Watching this video on my Oneplus 7 Pro, best Android phone of 2019 by a lot!!

  • Anyone here after being disappointed with Pixel 4 ? :D

  • OMG..... 3 weeks!!!!

  • Ya it’s another android phone i guess. If u have to buy android = pixel if u have money and don’t like android then iPhone all the way.

  • Hi Marques, Since you have been using this as ur daily driver from past 4 months maybe. How about a Camera and overall review with GCam and android 10 update included.

  • Upgrading to this from the Note 8. Sad that there's no headphone jack and no wireless charging, but I guess everything else makes up for those losses.

  • Speed, price, screen, refresh rate, yada... It's gotta fit in my pocket and it doesn't, so it's a no from me...

  • Can i get wallpaper link

  • shoud i buy one plus 7 pro for heavy gaming or going for asud rog phone 2

  • Watching this on my 7 pro. This phone is amazing. Can something be TOO perfect?

  • My phone is buffering at 144p

  • Where can I get that wallpaper ?

  • Green Vertical Line is appeared on my OnePlus 7 pro after 2 months of use.... And found in a youtube video it's a manufacturing defect

    • Rip bro you contracted OnePlus support they may fix it for you. I've seen some phones with those vertical green lines, looks annoying.

  • I've had the oneplus 6t for a good 6-8 months now, and I absolutely love it.

  • Good review..I just bought this phone and I must say I am mighty impressed..miss the 3.5 mm Jack but Bluetooth headphones or earphones do the job anyway. The display though is to die for. I would recommend this phone to people who can afford it and live with it's very few shortcomings

  • how about ironman- hot rod red in there..

  • If speed kills...then this phone's a killer....

  • I am getting 7 hours and 15 mins screen on time on average and 20 hours on battery. 1440p always and 90hz . I don't play games also don't use bluetooth. But I do watch a lot of youtube videos and listen to musics on phone speakers cuz I don't own a wireless or wired earphone atm sadly .

  • been watching your channel for quite sometime now, and it makes me wonder what do you do with all those gadgets especially high end phones after your done with them, been longing to have one of those high end ones to have obe someday, but wasn't lucky enough, would you be generous enough to share one? i dont mind if its 2017 or 2018 phones, as long as its

  • Gonna get this in a week and I'm so freakin excited

  • Please give me your phone 😭😭😭😭

  • @2.40 boy that's prettier than the oneplus commercial !

  • The wallpaper is damn cool

  • People talking Iphones despite the phone not being an Iphone

  • How in the hell can you say that iphones are still better than oneplus or much less samsung phones. Apple is still making their shitty 64 GB and 4 GB of Ram phones. Sorry buddy but the oneplus is just better in my view!!

  • Just purchased this phone yesterday it's by far the best phone I have owned but I wish the camera was better 😢