OnePlus 7 vs iPhone Xs Max: Speed Test!!!

Publicat pe 5 iun. 2019
OnePlus 7 vs Apple iPhone Xs Max Speed Test Official Ultimate Speed Test. The OnePlus 7 has 6GB RAM 128GB ROM, runs Snapdragon 855 Processor, iPhone Xs Max has 4GB RAM and Apple A12 Bionic SOC.
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  • When you open games, OnePlus first opens the game mode and then goes back to the game. Turn off gaming mode for fair comparison.

  • One plus fans proudly hit like😍

  • IAM watching this video on my one + 7 phone

    • Bro one plus 7 me koi problem to nhi h kya mughe lena h bro tell me. Please

  • Watching this on my iphoneXs😊 And you?

  • watching on my op7

  • The xr screen is really good considering that it's just an LCD display,the quality is amazing

    • @TechDroider I take your word man,I also feel that the oled displays over time becomes dull the colors look over saturated

    • I've used many phones, even Samsung looks dull In front of iPhone Display.

  • iphone users hit like😎 don't compare to this andriod bugs.....

  • A12 is slow and overrated. Sold my OnePlus 7 and got iPhone XR, irritated by how slow it is.

    • @HitManTM The chip inside of iPhone Xs.

    • eatcarpet a12?

  • In terms of price 1+ is much better than iPhone

  • Руки грязные какие-то

  • Sherlyn Chopra app is nice though #JustSaying

  • I swear apple always make sure subway surfurs is the fastest

  • One + never settle in life with the heart of snapdrag 855(+_+)

  • Just to say, although iPhone did load insta faster, as u scrolled down OnePlus had all the photos loaded whereas the iPhone was loading as u scrolled

    • Jason Sun в остальном айфон соснул

  • One plus7 👍👍👍👈👈👈

  • Compare it with xr

  • One plus 7 Absolutely worst phone I've ever had in my life. Do not buy it if you drop it the first time it's going to crack the screen. I've had phones many many before this one and I've dropped them all atleast a thousand times and I've never once cracked the screen until I got this phone! it's freaking brittle it's junk don't get it!!!!!!!!

  • iPhone is iPhone better then all the other phones


  • I am a iPhone lover 😍

  • Camera + battery+Superamoled Display+Fast processor make superb phone.

  • I m an anroid user i think u cant compare 6 gb ram with 4 gb ram its quit unfare broo.

  • as far as i know, iphone throttles in battery low

    • Milind Kwatra not only iphone....most of the phone trottles at low battery!

  • Watchng on my op 7

  • Watching this on my one plus 7

  • While tapping you tab I phone a second first... so obviously I phone will load first...

  • Guys this youtuber is just copying the other youtuber which I have given link below

  • Yôu just copied this youtuber style and akcent

  • Tera OnePlus slow h 😒😒😒

  • Watching this on one plus 7. The best value for ur money...

  • Heey Mae iPhone Sounds better

  • Iam oneplus fan

  • Oneplus 7 iPhone x, so nice

  • Watching it on my new iPhone XS max 😍😍

  • Bhai itne cuts kyu the video me ? Kahi biased to nai?

  • So, until smartphones come these specs, we have to select our own them. 訳:ここまでスマートフォンのスペックが上がったなら、後は自分自身が欲しいものを選ぶべきっすね。

  • If you are upgrading your smartphone every year than buying costly smartphone like iPhone or Samsung phone is worst choice. your wasting your money and nothing else.

  • Which color is that oneplus 7?

  • ViVo_AND_ReDMi_IS_BeST

  • By looking at your accent and all the 3rd party apps you seemed to be inspired from zeetechcare For sure!

  • Kon kon j7 mobile say dak raha hai video

  • your xs max looks ugly because of tempered glass. lol

  • Мне жалко тех,кто купил айфон... XD

  • Yesterday I got my one plus 7 ❤️🤗 I

  • VunPless vins guys

  • Abe tune late tap kiya PUBG one plus mein

  • Watching on my oneplus 7

  • I buy yesterday one plus 7 but after 30 min of pubg it start heating??

  • Watching on my OnePlus7

  • One plus

  • When it comes to speed even iPhone can't beat it

  • Now one plus squad just got fucked😂😂😂the iPhone is on power saving mode🤦‍♂️

  • One plus is better but iphone is legend

  • See iphone’s battery it’s on power saving mode

    • No it's not. If it was, the battery would be yellow, not red

  • i understand that the OnePlus 7 is superior to iPhone in speed, i bought one waiting for it to arrive..but now that i think about it if that iPhone xs Max has 4GB of Ram and it's keeping up with a 6GB phone.

    • That's just because Apple's hardware is optimized better with it's software. Bottom line is OnePlus is the faster AND cheaper one

  • The oneplus 7 is way cheaper and better.

  • OnePlus always Best

  • I would still prefer XS Max. 😎Watching this on XS Max. 😜

  • Pubg and angry birds were clicked late in one plus

  • Stupid comparison