OnePlus 7 vs OnePlus 7 Pro | What's the difference?

Publicat pe 15 mai. 2019
The OnePlus 7 Pro was launched alongside the standard OP7 smartphone, with an extra £150 slapped on the UK asking price. So what upgrades do you get with this Pro model, compared with the vanilla version? Here's a run through the five major differences, from camera to gaming smarts, so you know which is best for you.
First up, the OnePlus 7 Pro sports a more premium design and a choice of colours/finishes. Not only that, it’s also the bigger of the two OP7 blowers. However, they are at least both water resistant (albeit without an IP rating). That 6.67-inch AMOLED screen on the more premium model boasts HDR10+ support, 90Hz refresh rate and a crisper QHD+ resolution too.
The standard OnePlus 7 does away with the wide-angle and telephoto camera lenses, replacing them with a depth sensor. However, the primary shooter remains the same, so photo and video quality is still solid.
Upgrade to the Pro and you can get more RAM stuffed inside, plus liquid cooling and a bigger battery as well. However, both OP7 handsets are great for gaming with the likes of PubG Mobile.
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  • One 7 pro nice display but i hate edge screen

  • is there a liquid cooling system on the OP non pro version?

  • i have a question i recently got the oneplus 7 and after updating to oxygen os 9.5.8 pressing the lower volume button doesnt work does anyone else have that issue? (I can only press Up)

  • Wait so the oneplus7 isn't hdr+10 ???

  • Deciding between the two, I think I prefer a lower price and fewer moving parts, and don't want to encourage the higher price brackets that Oneplus are aiming for by spending the money. Only things I'm afraid of are wishing I had the zoom lens (for the odd portrait shot where you don't want to get up close and personal right in someone's face) and the possibility of Oneplus doing updates on the Pro and conveniently forgetting about the normal 7...

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  • 7 has no dc dimming…?

  • Does op7 have haptic machine?

  • really like the FLCL wallpaper

  • Love the way you talk, subscribed❤

  • I’m moving over to android from the land of Apple and considering the oneplus

  • Fooly Cooly!!!!!!

  • I am upset they did not sell this phone in America they only sold the pro version of it so I will have to order this online unlocked

  • If only one plus 7 had a Wide angle lens i would probably take it without hesitation

  • The only thing, why I buy the normal 7 instead of the 7 pro is the curved display, I hate it

  • 6.4 inches, 6.7 inches?!? When did this become the standard sizes for phones? I just want a 5.5 inch phone or under with these specs... I don't want to carry around a tablet in my pocket.

  • one plus 7 has wideangle camera features

  • Do they have the same upgraded vibration motor?

  • The op7 has two hardware versions which is better tho?

  • Hi. I'm considering buying one of the cheaper CN Versions available on Google. Could you tell me what the catch is please?

  • i like 90FPS but i hate curved screens

  • Question. What's the battery life between the 6T and the 7 pro? Thx

  • How is the haptic feedback on OnePlus 7 is it better than previous models

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  • Thank you mate, going to order a one plus 7 now :)

  • Did you not feel the roughness of the glass on the side? It was really off putting!

  • Fucking curved screens. They had to ruin this one as well.

  • I have The pro

  • nice video!

  • I'll keep my OnePlus 6t this not enough to upgrade from my 6t.

  • Guys what about the liquid Cooling system, does Op7 have it??

  • What about cooling system in one plus 7

  • i bought the 7 pro and returned it for the normal 7. The 7 pro is too heavy and big. Your hands are tired after 15 minutes. The curved edges are irritating as well. Normal 7 got better battery life as well.

  • Is there liquid cooling technology in oneplus 7...?

  • great video... the difference in price here in India is about 16k bucks for base models. It's not worth it.

  • I'm planning to buy oneplus 7

  • more about the oneplus 7 (not pro), please!!!

    • No. Don't listen to him. More about the pro.

  • Does oneplus 7 has the same vibration motor as in one plus 7 pro?

    • Sadly, nope.

  • Can anyone tell me about the wide and ultra wide angle lenses on both the devices and also 6t (absent/present) ?

  • I will buy the one plus 7 standard model for the flat screen

  • Is one plus 7 water resistant?

  • I dont care too much about câmeras, probably i Will go to the Standart 7, and i imagine the price of the screen of the oneplus 7 pro Will be astronómic, só the performance Will be Almost the same, in long term Standart 7 Will be better. Depends what you want.

  • It's the OnePlus 7 regular 4 me. Thx 4 the indepth comparison

  • oneplus 7 vs oneplus 7pro speed test ??

  • I wish I could buy the OnePlus 7 in the USA! I don't understand why they wouldn't even release it, this is the one I want.

  • No one review of oneplus 7 camera and display

  • about the speakers on the regular op7 , is it better than pixel 3a? s10e and S10? regular pixel 3?

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  • I still have the OP3, and I'm not in the need for a Pro version. It's so hard to find videos on the OP7, so thank you for this☺️

  • How does the regular Oneplus 7 vibration motor feel in comparison to the Oneplus 6t and Oneplus 7 pro?

  • Hate that curved screen reflection on the 7pro.

  • Sound comparase please !!!

  • 7 N 7pro .Will supprot 5G?

  • if we see in the long run, which phone will work well even after a couple of years?

    • @Acaman yeah ik, I was talking about Samsung A70 & OnePlus 7 to be precise Moreover, I meant that what if the ram and stuff in OnePlus just appears to be quite a lot, but isn't efficiently managed , leading to slowing down over usage. Greater as compared to Samsung..

    • @Moon Stone these are both oneplus phones tho. Anyway, I would take the oneplus over the Samsung if that's what you are wondering. Being new doesn't mean much, that's what competition does.

    • @Acaman shouldn't Samsung take a lead in the long run considering the fact that Samsung is an old brand and OnePlus is relatively new?

    • Both, and easily at that

  • Is it possible to ship OP7 to US? If it is, will it work with carriers in the US?