OnePlus 7 waterproof Test & Teardown

Publicat pe 7 aug. 2019
Is OnePlus 7 waterproof or water resistant? You will find answers in this video. We've test the oneplus 7 pro before, it almost passed all the water tests although it is not waterproof. This time, OnePlus 7 performs even better.
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This OnePlus 7 waterproof test includes washing test, shower test and immersion test. In the former 2 tests, my OnePlus 7 performs well. That makes me feel confident to put my OnePlus 7 into water. So in the immersion test, I planned to put OnePlus 7 in the water for 2 minutes. No bubbles come out of the phone even if I put the front camera into water.
Fantastic! OnePlus 7! That's impressive.
In the 1.5-meter water test, I found that the OnePlus 7 is not waterproof. When I torn down the phone, I found some water inside. Water went into the phone through the loudspeaker and the earpiece. If you carelessly drop your OnePlus 7 into water, you should open it up as soon as possible and dry out the moisture.
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  • so it's not waterproof?? WTF oneplus why you bring the bucket to the event then???

  • I also bought one plus 7 , nice video.

  • Impossible

  • Please, Redmi Note 8 PRO.

  • Thanks

  • It feels awesome to watch this on mah One Plus7

  • is this 100% waterproof phone

  • So basically don't do those tests and expect any kind of warranty replacement. Also that water will eventually cause problems in the phone.

  • Can you please let me know what WiFi chipset does this OnePlus 7 uses? I mean the exact model number of the WiFi chipset? Should be printed on the WiFi chip embedded on the motherboard.

  • Suggest me which colour is best nebula blue or mirror gray

  • kkkkkkkk

  • Does it have glass back?

  • Wash your ass with your phone when there's no water

  • How about stereo speaker, are still working after submerge?

  • Watching on my OnePlus7 mirror grey 😄

    • @Debanga Bhushan Sarma i wonder if i should get the 6t instead because that phone does not have a glass back. and the 6t is just like the 7

    • @aids *It

    • @aidsI shouldn't..Still use a back cover for safety although glass is of high quality

    • @Debanga Bhushan Sarma can it crack?

    • @aids Not directly l'd say glass but it's an attractive glassy finish

  • Thats why no IP rating need to avoid water..nice review test ...

  • Me proud owner of one plus 7😊😊

  • It can boot up thank to his h2os

  • J am using one plus 7... Also watching....

  • Получается защита есть но просто от брызг воды без погружения, но все равно збс!

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣plz make IP certified phones

    • Sure and pay an extra 100 dollars

  • I'm watching this on my oneplus7

  • Superb oneplus 7 is best phone✌👈

  • that stupid notch , bought the k20 pro instead

  • Don't try this please

  • I'm getting the one plus 7 this week!!!

    • is it good?

  • Which colour is best to choose in op7

  • Reee I love the one plus 7 but my lower button doesn't functionally work I tried wipe cache, reboot recovery, factory reset, scheduled power on off any other suggestions?

  • All One plus user best of luck. Hit it if u wanna try this. Definitely I won't do it😀😀😀😀

  • За тест обычного ванплас 7 - лойс!

  • Thanks for this video at least i know the limits it can do.

  • Короче лучше не опускать в воду лишний раз

    • @Саня Сергеев мой meizu 16th сломался после как толкнули в воду смарт был в кармане, вылез и сразу в сервисный сушить не помогло, думаю с 1+7 не чего такого не произойдет

    • Даже если опустишь, тел останется живой

  • What about Oneplus 6t waterproof ? Anyone checked/verified ?

  • I purchased one plus 7 after watching this

    • OnePlus should pay us for this, haha~

  • After making this vedio..This phone wll not work..You can watch that next video 😎😎😂😂😂

    • Itne test pass karne k baad bhi ye bol raha he ki phone work nahi hoga..for ur kind information tune dekha nahi shayad mobile full on chal raha he as usual.. Agar oneplus pasand nahi he to video mat dekho..bas aa jaate he burai karne.. 😡😡

  • my all frd One of 7 pro no waterproof. my mobile one7 pro mobile . fake vd .

  • Veere manu Dede please

  • Please watch at 0:54 .There is no warp charge for oneplus7 its dash charge . Warp is different only for 7 pro and 6t Maclaren . Please dont give wrong information.

  • Only one plus 7 pro or one plus 7 also waterproof...?

    • Neither are waterproof did you even watch the video?

  • But still I will not take any risk on my Oneplus7 😅😅

    • Same here. Hahaha I thought I have to put my OP7 in my pocket when it rain outside. So it's safe after I seen it.

  • man you really should report that thug to the police! Dropping peoples phones into water is very bad

  • My one plus 7 accidently remained half submerged in water for about half an hour. My phone was damaged and had to be sent for repair.

    • @Robin Robin i was referring to oneplus but even with samsung i wouldnt risk it, you never know :)

    • @Dimi M yeah that's fine. It must be that way with oneplus 7. But with something like Samsung S10+ I have stayed in the pool for over an hour. And it was working perfectly.

    • @Robin Robin It is but not indefinitely. if you drop it in water and pick it up it wont take any damage but if you let it sit for like 30 mins it might. Water resistant doesnt mean you can go swiming with it.

    • That's obvious. Oneplus 7 is not water resistant when immersed in water contrary to what is shown in the video!

    • How did that happen?

  • So, is it waterproof??

  • Video watched on my OnePlus 7 from Italy 🇮🇹

    • Me too

    • You really want write all information about you right here?

  • Watching on one plus 7 😅🥰😂

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • You just took off the screen protector that comes pre-applied on the phone. Why?!

    • @J. Roy Tahmasebian it's up to you. If you don't have other screen protection,you better keep it or you will regret it when you realize you're screw when you accident drop it. When I have iPod touch,I regretted it for did not have screen protection after I let my friend play game (Fruit Ninja app). Guess what,I got nasty scratches on screen. I wash it off and use alcohol,it still there.

    • The screen protection is good but when I want to slide the notification down from the top,I hate the feeling when the protection's edge is not 3D curve. The screen's edge is prevent my thumb for slide notification down. But scratch it with nail, I'll see deep stuff. Guess what,I bought glass protection 9H for OnePlus 6T on my OnePlus 7 before I remove it. It fitted and easy to slide notification.

    • Was it meant to be taken off or kept?

    • It feels so good to take off the screen protector.😀😀

  • Wow that got drowned in the end, miracle it still worked. I'd be tempted to give it a bath in some isopropyl alcohol before it dies.

  • Huawei p30 pro please and Teardown after waterproof test

  • Oneplus 7 or samsung galaxy s9 plus?

    • S9 plus is much better overall. Oneplus 7 is only better on the chipset and battery life. Oh, and it's cheaper.

    • Oneplus 7

  • Very nice 👌👌 😊 bro

  • One plus 7 not testing

  • One plus 7 pro using this is video

  • The thing is if it works normally after a few weeks. Can you remake a video about this? Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi chin chan

  • Just got it yesterday from Amazon. One plus 7, you're a beast mate. Such a beast.

  • Very impressive build quality although I use k20 pro, nice video

  • 👍 Покажи Samsung, пожалуйста

  • Try it in chlorine water or salt water that would be a different story hehe

    • But that may even damage IP 68 phones as well so it's a stupid idea.