OnePlus 7: Way Under the Radar!

Publicat pe 21 iun. 2019
OnePlus 7 shows us a lot about the state of smartphones...
OnePlus 7 Pro Review:
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  • K20 pro is simply better 🤷‍♂️. Other than Oxygenos ofc.

  • One plus 7 is not available in Europe

  • il take a teardrop notch, over a popup camera wich will fail at some point, its still a mechanical moving part or a hole punch wich just looks, unintended .. like a broken display .. with pixels around the hole that are completly useless ( the corner area of a display ) , while the teardrop eliminates those useless pixels completly

  • Im glad he said "I can see myself using it everyday".

  • Does anyone know what widget that is that tells the day, date, and temperature?

  • I'm using OnePlus 7 and whenever I turn on mobile hotspot my Bluetooth stops working. Is it like this? Or... If someones reading this please help me somehow

  • Speaking of a competition you mentioned that might be happening Can u get us any information on an upcoming pocofone...Cz there literally nothing that's being talked abt it.

  • Isn't the secondary camera a 5MP depth sensor?

  • me using oneplus 7 random guy - hey he has a oneplus 6tt

  • *Can't not believe people are crying about no headphone jack or the notch, it's called Bluetooth buds which I prefer and settings to black out the notch.*

  • Should I buy OnePlusTT or Samsung S9+? Quick

  • this or the 7T?

  • Got it in INDIA!

  • Is it cdma?

  • Link to the wallpaper?

  • Yea I'm getting dis

  • Amazing Smart Phone to have. Pros: 1.Smooth Display 2.Super Fast Dash Charging 3.Swift response 4.Great Camera and Video Quality 5. Affordable as compared to Pro Version 6. Amoled Full HD 7.Snapdragon 855 SoC

  • What the price

  • Galaxy Note 9 or OnePlus 7 regular ?

  • Will oneplus 8 not the pro the 8 be budget friendly?? Plz ans

  • Peace!

  • Will the Oneplus7 work fine in the U.S.? The red version specifically. It seems to have all the bands needed for proper operation in the U.S. Looking for someone's professional opinion before purchase. The reason is you can get the 7 for less than the 6t and more storage with the 7. Thanks in advance for any advice.

  • Not much of a review. Thank you

  • lol it only has 8gb of ram. Dude i need 24 gigs. Fuck this shit phone!

  • I have a problem in video recording what to it shows mirror recording in video mode

  • Very nice review, I actually get the 7 with 12gb of ram 😊. In China they were sold and here in Dubai they seem to be sold too.

  • great video! subscribe for sure! xoxo from malaysian people. would love to get 1 actually. thanks for all that example of other budget smartphone :) 😙

  • Thanks, that was very helpfull.

  • Ordered one plus 7 after watching the video. Thanks MKBHD❤️

  • A series Walpaper on one plus ha

  • I think I might get this. I initially wanted the OnePlus 5t for $580 CAD, but the OnePlus 7 is now $605 CAD, so its a good deal.

  • I liked the price with the one plus ... But now there just over priced

  • I have a Razer Phone 2, I could switch to the OnePlus 7 for the same price. Would it be an upgrade?

  • Does the oneplus 7 have the same "flat" screen, as opposed to a rounded/curvy edge like on the oneplus 7 Pro??? Thanks very much!

  • Oneplus 7 nice

  • Hey @Marques Brownlee am I crazy or is there a zoom gesture where if you hold one finger down and drag down with another you can zoom to 10x Zoom? Because I didn't know that was a gesture one. And two, I didn't know One Plus 7's zoomed to 10x

    • It could be the Oxygen OS10 update because I thought only the Oppo got 10x zoom

  • the 7T comes out today🙂

  • it's worth mentioning if you have a micro sim it won't fit in this one...the sim tray is designed to only fit nanos.

  • For Canadians, there actually isn't a lot of competition in this price range. Vivo, Honor and Lenovo are unusable here due to the lack of network bands. For Xiaomi and Oppo you have to check from phone to phone (check and, unfortunately, the k20 pro isn't usable either. The minimum price for the Zenfone 6 will be 800 CAD (when they release it) while a new OP7 is 620 CAD from Amazon or 550 from AliExpress. So, the only real competitors are used phones like the Pixel 3 XL, Note 8/9, S9+ and Xperia XZ2 (when looking at EBay Prices). The biggest downside to the OP7 is that you have to buy the phone outright, which might be a turnoff for some people.

  • s10e exynos or oneplus 7? Is camera on op7 that bad?

  • Hey! Which phone you're using currently as your daily driver . And do you use any protective cover or screen protector ?

  • I got the redmi k20 pro with 6gb/128gb. This phone is so similar that it boils down to notch vs no notch, type c 3.1 vs 2.0, stereo vs non stereo speakers and slightly bigger battery and faster charging on the k20 pro. Also the cameras are better on the oneplus 7 and you have faster storage for 4k60fps footage transfer. Overall the oneplus 7 is better, but I'm fine with the tradeoffs to not have to look at a notch :P Oh, and headphone jack but I don't care for having it actually.

  • 7t hype

  • Does this work on Tmobile in the US?

  • The wallpaper used is a Samsung default wallpaper on samsung a50, why ?

  • Why do a video about something that's not available in the US market? Pointless.

    • The guy has 9.4 million subscribers, do you think only people from the US are watching this? Also, he talked about how that represents a shift in the company's strategy, including in the US. Your comment is pointless.

  • This is my next phone.

  • Upgrade to this from my S9+?

  • should i buy S9 plus or One plus 7 help me out please

  • Expecting a review about open beta version of android 10 in op7

  • I want that google widget with assistant

  • Might get this

  • The Sixth titty

  • Can u please reply should i go for samsung note 9 or one plus 7

  • oneplus 7 has a 2340x1080 resolution and "1080p" specifies a Progressively scanned 1920x1080 video EXACLTY and NOTHING ELSE saying "1080 P display" is technologically illiterate, because a display is neither progressive nor interlaced. get it right PLEASE

  • its 69 degrees lol

  • I didnt even know this phone came out. I thought they skipped it and went with the 7pro. I only searched it because I saw 7t announcement.

  • Does it have wireless charge?

    • @Isaac Campos Then you can go for op7.

    • @Èmir Ugh no thanks, I don't like samgung. But thanks.

    • @Isaac Campos Samsung.

    • @Èmir What brand?

    • Go for s10e instead.

  • Just got mine today and i love this phone!

  • U missed the camera part