Osana and Raibaru Progress Report

Publicat pe 15 sep. 2019
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  • *I wish this game could be played on mobile because 1. I can’t download this game (because my parents would say no) 2. I’m bad at controlling the PC (like moving the character or looking around)*

  • When will Yandere simulator be on Apple Mac computers & laptops

  • Hey this just an idea but what if you made a Easter egg for the pscyopath of tf2 pyro

  • If Osana is in the game I will do the matchmaking

  • Just make a closed beta

  • 0:19 😂 her hair pops of

  • Plot twist: Osana’s suter is senpai

  • On peut pas prendre des allumettes et brûler le livre de Taro ?

  • Very smooth transition

  • Since Osana has so many events....I wonder how many events for future rivals there will be...aaaand how long they'll take :3

  • The wooden deck should be close enough to hear Osana’s scream if you try to kill her but not right on the hill where they could hear her confession to senpai

  • Maybe if the art club members would paint in the other direction, or simply Osana stays in the other part of the tree? It seems a bit off for them to be just watching Osana and Sempai. Maybe... If Osana was killed on the other side of the tree, Ribaru could listen to Osana's scream and then run after you? And the art club members could react accordingly. I don't know, it was just a random idea. BTW, big fan of your work since 2016 Yandere Dev, I'm very hyped about Osana!

  • What happend if you win senpais love in the end well budo try to brek ayano and taro up?

  • I would love to play yandere sim again but sadly after a few seconds of playing aka stepping through school gates my game crashes so i have to watch others play

  • Hey dude. I was just out smoking a cigarette and remembered this game! I look forward to the finished product. But I’m sad to say that I think most people have forgot that this game exist. And I don’t say that to be mean, I’m just concerned! And now I’ve watched several update videos and I’m so happy that you are fighting for this, but this game seriously has a lot of potential! Keep up the good work and don’t give up! And if there is anything we can do so people won’t forget this game and it’s development, please tell us

  • The suitor could be Raibaru. I mean, they hang out all the time and maybe Raibaru could develop a crush on her

  • 아 근데 수능 준비 한다고 한참 안왔더니 바뀐게 너무 많아서 못알아보겠다 싶은 게 많네...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • I really can't wait until the game is finished!!

  • *me watching raibaru* I know your secret

  • please make yandere sim for cromebook

  • 9:02 Heck.


  • Have you guys already thought of gossiping about raibaru to eliminate her?

  • 3:05 Yes, it is technically a cherry tree, but CALL IT A SAKURA, DAMMIT

  • That side thing with Modori was perfect

  • imo the art club facing oksana takes away from oksana choosing that spot to meet. Obvi she is really nervous from her face, so she'll try to find somewhere not so obvious and right in front of an art club who even some is painting her don't really make sense. she'd want somewhere private but not too hidden. I thought that spot was perfect, but then adding the art club don't really make sense, that they are directly facing her, and it is known (to the students) that that is an activities place so they'll be people at that time.

  • I can't wait until she's finally in the game! I've been anticipating this since 2016!

  • Keep up the great work! The new merch is so cute btw

  • No one: Not even Yandere Sim haters: Yandere Dev: *AbSoLuTeLy AdOrAbLe!*

  • If its not already added then you "should" more of could add whenever you follow students too many times they could tell you to stop following them and they could report you a teacher or office.

  • 8:50 smoooooooooooth

  • we need more SCREAEAMS when she drowns ahahaha nommus eht nomaed ahahahahahahahahah

  • Who else really wants the keychain for school but then thinks it might get confiscated because there’s blood...

  • Bushes are life’s key to everything

  • I have an idea or suggestion 1.Ayano would need a ladder from the storage closet to place the water trap 2.ayano will place the ladder in front of an door and put the water trap there 3. Before the person go through the door, ayano have to take the ladder away before someone sees 4. You can think of what will happen if she gets caught -w- That's my suggestion hope u like it!!

  • Literally the only way this game could work is if someone watches these vidoes. None of these game play situations are intuitive. YandereDev has an interesting premise, but I wish some more talented dev thought of it first.

  • Omg,I love your advertising XD

  • Hmm... Your rival leaves a note in Senpai's locker which lets him know to meet her at the tree... Why doesn't Yandere Chan just take the note out...? (Yes I know that your rival would still care about him if he didn't show up, but this could buy Ayano some time, maybe even until next Friday. Btw, all the lockers are now always open, so Ayano could easily take the note out.) Or maybe, if Yandere Chan kept putting fake notes in his locker; like telling him to meet her places, then not showing up (if she did this all the time), he might just decide not to come when a rival leaves a note in his locker on Friday.

  • Plz make a bild for phone

  • That merch plug tho

  • I love this girl in 3:42 who doesn't draw tree like the others, but anime girl.

  • SO basically Raibaru is a creepy stalker

  • One question I have is what after school activity club would all decide to discontinue their activity based on the fact that they're all friends with Ayano? The intimidation tactic makes sense though. I like that idea.

  • Wait! You confess in front of 'that' many people! They so brave.

  • i want a backstory scene for miyuji

  • i call osana's crush to be umeji

  • It’s kinda weird when Raibaru is watching Osana talk to senpai. Like is she thinking: “ohhhhhhh she likes him,” Or “WHO DAT BOI TRYNA STEAL MEH GORL?!”

  • Yandere dev: Osana will be the easiest rival to eliminate Also yandere dev:

  • Keychain is sold out 😭

  • YanDev: Thanks for following Yandere Simulator Me: No. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS AMAZING GAME

  • How to deal with the students on wooden balcony (my way) Step 1. Acquire screwdriver Step 2. Unscrew screws in balcony stilts Step 3. Replace legs with brittle ones that can barely support the wood's weight Step 4. Wait until the art club gathers Step 5. Watch as the balcony collapses seriously injuring or killing some of the students providing a distraction Step 6. Go over to kill Osana !(Steps 7 and beyond may be optional)! Step 7. Realise like any sane person would do she's run off to get help and has fled the premises Step 8. Book a flight to america Step 9. Purchase weapons Step 10. fly back Step 11. Acquire a CD of pumped up kicks Step 12. Acquire portable media player Step 13. Combine steps 9 11 and 12 for desired results

  • There’s actually lots of ways you can kill rivalru”I cannot spell T-T” First: get to top of school and du,p du bells on her while she’s coming in the school Second:Eastereggs Third:the rituals Forth:robot car thingy 5th: dump gassoline on her and lite her up with candle That’s about it. So she’s no problem now

  • * *yandere dev makes osana and releases her* * Everyone:yay Yandere dev:oh yeah it might take a bit longer for the next rival Everyone:oooooooh

  • 9:18 Maybe it should be Midori made not crowd made.

  • oh she was painting the pulgin

  • What if osanas friend is still sitting there what will happen

  • Yay yandere dev! You can do it!! Were so close!!!

  • Is this the second to last build

  • This game gets so much more and more elaborate so often it's crazy

  • Such a smooth way to advertise your nEw mErCh :D