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Publicat pe 10 oct. 2018
Sometimes dead is better. Watch the official trailer for #PetSematary, based on Stephen King's terrifying novel. In theatres April 5, 2019.
Based on the seminal horror novel by Stephen King, (#StephenKing) #PetSematary follows Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke), who, after relocating with his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and their two young children from Boston to rural Maine, discovers a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near the family’s new home. When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his unusual neighbor, Jud Crandall (#JohnLithgow), setting off a perilous chain reaction that unleashes an unfathomable evil with horrific consequences.
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  • Lord Farquaad is Jud now.

  • What's the deal with the junior Wicker Man parade?

  • that spin doh

  • At 1:08 and I hearing that sound over and over again😳

  • Just another remake to virtue signal, and add a woman, and black person. How long until they start remaking movies the year after release. Hollywood has no talent, this movie is going to suck, big surprise I know. Its called Marxism people.

  • Hope they dont fuck up like they did with the poltergeist😑

  • Is a doctor, can't afford to build a fence

  • I've always liked the novel and i thought the 1989 adaptation was more than decent. In fact, along with Cujo and Christine, one of the most faithful as well as enjoyable King adaptation there is of his purely horror novels (Misery is more of a thriller and an excellent one at that, and shining, while unsurpassed, is too different from the book). So of course, i'm eagerly waiting for this new take. On the original adaptation, Fred Gwynne was fantastic as Jud Crandall, he nailed the Maine accent and was all around likable. The scenes with Zelda (played by a male actor) were truly unnerving. The only thing missing was the story of the Wendigo which is the scariest part in an already scary book. The trailer looks good, storywise, and John Litgow is always a welcomed addition, he's so talented. I hope they won't back down from the gore or scares as Stephen King himself admitted Pet Sematary was his scariest novel, though i am worried because it was said there would be some story changes and that is not always a good thing, though, it is reported that King approved those changes. So all in all, Pet Sematary promises to be one of the most anticipated horror films of 2019, let's hope it lives up to the hype.

  • 30 years later... :O

  • I love the original films ‼️

  • This is creepy

  • I just hope the actual wendigo from the book is in this one

  • Dead meat might b happy for this

  • Ah ya

  • I hope The Ramones are on the soundtrack!

  • Me want to watch’s but mum and dad don’t want me to... >:p

  • wrong move a lot of marvel movies coming on April

  • Fucken 9 million for no REASON

  • Ya know this trailer music would be perfect for a bloodborne TV show teaser trailer


  • How does a fucking train scare me so bad

  • I'm already scared of the looks of this movie anything like quite place freaky scaredy 🤤🤤🤤

  • Please be good!

  • The 2nd one was the horror for me. My nightmares were Gus, standing outside of my window with that deep laugh. Now, I just imagine Mr. Krabs cause he did the voice for him.

  • You should have just stayed in Boston. No evil cults there or whatever the hell it is.

  • I can say without a single hint of sarcasm that Pet Sematary is one of the best books I've ever read. It's also the most terrifying.

  • Hope this movie brings the timmy baterman's scene more explicit, shit that scene scareme a lot.. We Will miss Fred Gwynne

  • The 2nd one imo was better than the original. Both scared the schnit out of me as a kid

  • i seen this trailer when i went to watch happy death day 2u and it was horrific and the dark theathere did not help

  • I don't get how it's scary. My mom covered my eyes in the theatre, watching Aqua Man, and this popped up. NOT SCARY MAMASITA!

  • They may be ADDING stuff from the book that maybe the original missed...BUT we cant complain to much on that being it was Stephen King himself who chose to leave parts out cause he wrote the script for the movie. So they may be adding a few things but they are not FOLLOWING the book....because if they were they wouldnt have changed Gage being the one who dies. That changed alot in the story. Yes any child dying is same thing but which child does change things. So dont claim its following the book. Cause from the trailer it looks as if they are not even doin the Rachel fleeing home thing from Chicago. Actually there is not even a Chicago in this. Its Boston? Will there be in laws? A fight scene at funeral? Im curious to find out

    • Bobbi Stewart yes changing the child changes a lot. I currently have a 2 year old son. If I hadn’t heard they changed which child dies I wouldn’t have planned on watching this. I watched some documentary about the first one when my son was one and had a hard time with it. I was going to avoid the remake but now I’m all in.

  • What the... Oh Stephen King

  • And sometimes the original was 1000xs better and these remakes suck!

  • Here we go with another unnecessary remake, when the original movie was good enough...I gonna go see it just to see how bad they botch the classically creepy "Zelda scene" (Rachael's sister)... Sometimes dead is better, especially when it comes to remaking a classic.

  • I'm not sure I like them switching from Gage to Ellie. Part of the creepiness is how Ellie had premonitions about what was going on. I love Jon lithgow but he cant beat the original Jud. I'm sure this will be an ok version. But nothing can top the sheer terror of the first. Zelda.....omg.

  • Clićhe trailer

  • Leave these classics alone! Modern remakes never get it right! The 80s nostalgia is where it's at will always will be.

  • The best writer in this category of movies

  • Looks like the original movie was buried there too and came back as an evil entity. Sometimes dead is truly better.

  • Oh goody, a remake of "Pet Cemetery."

  • Why can you all not create movies without creating movies already made and they killed it the first time by the way

  • 1:10 gayyyyyyyyyyy

  • I wish I was the next Stephen King of horror ( But will never happen ) :(

  • The original is way better

  • Omg why this trailer just terrified me if I was to watch this I definitely have to have my friends over cause I'm sure as hell not watching this alone tf lol part one and part two still haunts me till this day 😩😩😩

  • the dog guards his son when he gets run over by the truck that's the original from the 80s

  • It's supposed to be in Maine, not Toronto!

  • John Lithgow is great but he has some work to do in order to convince me.

  • That drum sound is so creepy

  • Mmmm, yep - some things should stay dead. If this turns out like the remake of Poltergeist (PG-13), then it will be pointless to go watch.

  • What a delicious age we live in, when Supernatural horror is mainstream AAA cinema. Too bad Dark Tower was such a flop.


  • 0:23 gets me every time!!

  • Trust me, this story is scary enough, no point in the dumb animal mask cliche they force on it.

  • Stephen King is pissed about the remake. He made that clear.

  • Steven King did an excellent job with the book and when the original movie came out it scared the crap out of me...but I just couldn't stop watching it. Probably seen it quite a few times over the years. Can't wait to see the remake. I'm a huge fan of Steven King's writing.

  • Meh..

  • Can someone please identify that animal howling at the beginning and at the end (in two pitches?) Thanks.

  • Grammar police have entered the chat

  • İşte bu, kusursuz bir gerilim ve heyecan

  • They buried the original and it came back as this monstrosity.

    • matters It hasn't even came out yet, how is it a monstrosity?

  • Ramones song???

  • Every horror movie starts with people riding in a car. When will you all ever learn! Biking is the way for me now.

  • Another classic totally destroyed

  • Who would want to see this??'s been done already and was great....why try to re-make it ??....Stephen King has a vast array of books that can easily be made into movies.....well I said easily....but it would take alot of money for some of his books....because his imagination is out of this world great!.....but another Pet Cemetary?....I wont watch it....the first one was awesome....can't be re-done in the same fashion....pick a different book to make a movie out of......they are all great!

  • Pretty pathetic Hollywood can't think up any new ideas they have to keep redoing old crap

    • Just AGuy Maybe they want to make an old series mainstream again?

  • And where is the posesed kid

    • +Adam Cunningham No, just a grateful comment :P

    • Javier Abel Sarcasm?

    • +Adam Cunningham who would have thought that I was gonna learn something new today 😱

    • Javier Abel *possessed

  • Am I the only one who saw a Debian Logo in the trailer?

  • Remake of Pet Cemetery and Child's play.

  • The sand of a man's heart is more stony.

  • 1:12 Holy shit I remember reading him scream Gage in book gave me shivers now hearing it gave me goosebumps so excited for this I hope they gave topic of grief enough importance as King did.

  • Stupid. The original is so much better. Tired of remakes.

  • It’s ironic how this movie is called pet sematary when u can bring people back to life but u can reboot other movies. May be u can bring back movies from the ik film sematary

  • I saw another trailer, Gage isn’t the kid that dies in this version, it’s his sister. The that they changed which kid gets killed changes the whole feeling of the movie in a way. It being a little toddler made it so devastating and so creepy when he came back for blood. Besides, it’s not following the book at all that way. Plus the dead bicyclist warning the father in the movie looks like nothing is wrong with him, the fact his head was busted open and you can see some of his brain is what made that character so creepy too. I’m already not liking this version at all. 😕

  • All I'm thinking of is the southpark piss take

  • The truck makes a strange sound, and it's not so scary actually

  • So Gage doesn’t die in this one? How are we going to be scared of that name forever?

  • "No fair"

  • can't spell Hollywood without remake remakes? There is more fun in fundamentalism!

  • This one looks shit compared to the classic one

  • Awkward

  • Nope.

  • This is the creepy I need

  • played with mommy ... Now I want to play with you!

  • *The original Pet Cemetery is Top 1-2 scarriest movies of all time!*

    • I just rewatched the original Pet Cemetery a few weeks ago.

  • I like the 1989 best

  • what would happen if I buried a sloth?

  • The windigo a creature that is a humanoid that lives in the woods waiting for victims or to cause the curse thay brings things back but theu are not the same once they are back


  • Having to relive Gage getting run over by a mac truck again :(

    • +Bobbi Stewart I was hoping for more faithful adaptation of the book. I guess not. This one is even more inaccurate than the 1989 film.

    • +Bobbi Stewart Really? That's weird she was a key figure with her dreams.

    • Unfortunately we wont be seeing that again. They switched things up in this movie and making Ellie die instead.

  • Where the hell is Juds Maine accent?

  • "The ground is bad" you lost me right there.

  • Si no tiene la canción de los Ramones,la película no existe!

  • 1:13 *GAY!!!!!*

  • It’s no good without the accent “Lewis, ya don’t wanna go down that rud....”

  • Ally : DONT watch this trailer. You will have nightmares. Me : I don’t believe it. Me in the middle of watching: NOOOOOOO

  • This reminded me of an episode from south park

  • I swear Stephen King is a serial killer at night

  • Hey ho, lets go

  • "But on the bright side we got the house super cheap."