Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Publicat pe 18 mar. 2019
John Oliver talks about the power of public shaming, good and bad.
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  • Holy shit, Monica's story is so depressing. Not only was it immediately and extremely damaging to her psychological health, but the fact that it was so devastating to her JOB OPPORTUNITIES AND EVEN HER FINANCIAL HEALTH. The fact that she is so composed and blunt about her experiences, is such of a sign of strength.

  • She sucked a married president's dick, what did she expect? If she didn't want the ridicule she should've passed on being a presidential side piece. Never felt sorry for her and never will.

  • Nobody: Tucker Carlson: *buys Roomba* The Roomba: #MeToo

  • Presidents have a centuries long history of sex scandals. Seriously we loathe people who get so much validation degrading others.

  • Can you do one about people who chew with their mouths open? It is FAR too socially acceptable. Thanks.

  • I never understood why Monica got personally and publicly destroyed by the country whereas Clinton never really seemed to face the consequences for his actions politically or publicly. I don’t defend Monica’s actions, but he was the president and he was married. That to me still seems like it deserves more public outcry and shaming than an intern in her 20s. It has never sat well with me that this is how it went down.

  • Monica is so much hotter than Hillary, Also, she's so much less the spawn of satan than Hillary.

  • i think johns got a little bit of a crush on monica lol

  • I was a kid when Monica Lewinsky case happened..very saddened to hear that her life was destroyed basically by the sexist media

  • Like shaming others for say their thoughts or feelings for another person, your a apple.

  • America was and still is to a lesser extent, sexist. If it was a woman president, no one would remember the dude's name.

  • I would bet money John has more strength of character than what he gives himself credit for.

  • Her voice sounds like Julia Louis-Dreyfus

  • one ever asked Clinton to change his name. What an impressive strong women !

  • balance the plate on top of the glass, grab an hors d'oeuvre

  • america is a shit hole country full of assholes and rapists and ur country is itself a shame to the world 😂

  • maybe she should try being a comedian. as a career

  • I was around her age when this happened and I never understood why it became as huge as it did. I especially didn't understand why she was made out to be the bad guy. He was definitely more culpable in my opinion. Having said that, impeaching him was way over the top. I think Linda Tripp thought she'd be getting some sort of revenge on the Clintons but it backfired against Monica who was young and probably a little naive. I'm glad she was able to get past it. If that happened now, people wouldn't even care. Hell women who were the same age she was then advertise online now to be sugarbabies to wealthy powerful men.

  • Chuck. Chuck. Bo buck. Banana fanna fo . . . ON A GLOBAL SCALE!

  • As a 22 year old, I feel personally attacked.

  • One of the worst things about this is that Monica Lewinsky probably felt pressured to enter that relationship. There is an obviously unfair power dynamic there and yet, she’s the one who is made fun of more.

  • Geez, you can see how she got the intern position. She's smart as a whip and it applies both in the speed of her wit and the depth of her analysis.

  • Monica Lewinski is actually a super-cool lady!

  • I'm 23 and still stupid but I'm working on it though

  • Really.... Making a profit and yourself a spokesperson for MOBBING after having done something shameless, disgusting and immoral that DESERVES public shaming?!? No, just no! But agree with others that Clinton should have been blamed at least just as much since he was involved at the same level plus he was the one being married! Glad that Lewinski survived that difficult time and was able to put it behind herself but once again: that wasn’t mobbing and she deserved public shaming. She shouldn’t make herself a victim when she brought it on herself.

    • idk ?? Still waiting....

    • idk ?? Please show me where I said that.

    • Celisar1 so she deserved to get her life destroyed? huh, seems a little excessive


  • I was thinking that for years here in holland we all thought oh they still put clinton on tv. I laughed hard during the last elections in amerca because hilary actually tried to run for president? She was the worse who attacked her privately as well. LoL both sides are to blame clinton deserved the same or even worse treatment. Gotta love this John Oliver though. Keep up the good work!

  • So, let me see whether I understand... Two people had sex, one of them a married man on what is supposed to be the most responsible position in the USA, the other one a single young woman and EVERYBODY decided to ruin HER life..... I'm so genuinely agitated and confused !!!

  • Monica’s story is a great one on overcoming adversity

  • Living in denmark the event has no impact here as the fremch primeminister had a mistress and being asked about it by a merry can journalist was answered what business is it of mine. This broad put it out there. Sad she is a very plesent person.

  • I admit, I'm not a fan of John Oliver, but this video was very insightful and informative. Well done, Alvin Jax. XD

  • #tuckercarlsonfuckshisroomba

  • It’s a lot like pissing off my wife. You just never live it down.

  • Let's not forget that Hillary "I'm with her" Clinton helped to shift the focus away from her perpetually-cheating husband and onto a girl barely old enough to buy booze.

  • Well. my opinion of Monica Lewinsky just jumped to 4 Stars. Jay Leno on the other hand, is a worthless POS.

  • anyone that defends "public shaming" like Antifa beating someone almost to death or Tucker's family and children receiving death threats, their home damaged you know "public shaming" anyone that thinks this is ok regardless of what was said is mentally unstable.

    • Maybe Tucker should think about what says since he is a hate filled racist who hates women as well I await you telling him to stop lying to the public.

  • seriously, I understand Monica but I will say this you women are so hard on yourself its ridiculous...Oh my hair, oh my weight, oh they think I'm not attractive...Mafucka DO YOU think of yourself as beautiful damn vanity is worse thing with you women and you add a camera to a phone and bs like snap chat or instagram to compete with other women about looks GROW UP and learn self esteem has nothing to do with no one else but YOU...Like she said social media is the death of self esteem

  • It's called Social Checking and it's how normalcy is forged.

  • I am out raged by my outrage and I’m offended by it.

  • In this time scandal like her's would hit man in office more way more.

  • He's not able to feel shame.

  • I can't believe I am sitting here binging a late night talk show... I don't even watch late night talk shows... And worse I think I have agreed with all but one of the videos... And worse then that I can't remember what I disagreed about.

  • #MonicaStrong

  • all of the sudden fake news is a thing now

  • I adore John Oliver. And Monica is an inspiration!

  • If this same thing happened today, she would be praised and women would rally behind her bc she is the victim here! She was abused by a person in power and who turned her into a scape goat. I’m glad to see she’s okay.

  • Now hold on, monica levinsky was aware that the president was married they are both pieces of shit!

  • Great Show.

  • You have to ask why people do things: Monika had sex with the president. The question, would she have nibbled on clintons tiny cock if hadn't had been the president? If the answer is "Properly No", then the response to it - every response to it - is calculated risk. End of story. And then we have the USA. The USA have the greatest porn industry. Every day another girl turns 18 and books a flight to california to get her labia stretched for money and the applause in form of some likes and new Brazzer subscribtions, while a horde on the internet jerks off in fanatsy their partner would be a little bit more like that. But a woman milking a pathetically lying president is a shame. Or is she? While all sexy MILF Monika got from it was a nasty stain on her wardrobe (which I do not believe that that's all she got from it), surgically enhanced Slutty Daniels got a nice check and she speculated on it with a 100% certainty during her - how did she publically describe it? - 'Meh' experience with mushroom dicked orange man and his 'Erik-grade' jizz was running down her legs. And after a week, everything goes back to normal and the Roomba fuckers at FOX and shits suddenly couldn't have cared less from the beginning. That's just laughable. And I am ashamed to share DNA homology with any of these people.

  • Jay Leno's a piece of shit.