Publicat pe 12 iun. 2019
today in this hot ones challenge of eating recommended serving sizes for 24 hours i put hot sauce on everything i eat in this impossible food challenge.
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WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:
Derek should put hot sauce on his bald spot. I bet it'll grow back.


  • You dont eat Pepsi

  • You dont eat coffee

  • Derek should put hot sauce on his bald spot. I bet is will grow back

  • How to mexican

  • Eating only baby food for 24 hours

  • Derek.... You lost the challenge... You drank water with no hot sauce 15:09

  • Wow did Starbucks really say that??

  • The sauce you used for the burrito is the same brand my dad uses for everything

  • I put saracha on every thing I eat bc im asian and I it’s not spicy and I put it on a lot of food and I eat Kayan pepper and thi chilly

  • Me when I have stale and really old McDonalds fries 6:30

  • Derek should put hot sauce on his bald spot maybe it will grow back

  • let instagram choses what you eat for 48hrs


  • Ew, siracha (pretty sure I spelled that wrong), is so gross!


  • I have found the answer, if you out hot sauce, on hot sauce, you get hot sauce. I took 100 hours to find this answer

  • Best tip for this challenge is dont eat

  • I miss your old videos unsubbed

  • This is actually my fav channel on yt

  • Ah. I see someone's seen The Princess Bride.

  • i know im not the only one who saw the Jordan 1s in the fridge at 0:11

  • No it is bone apple tit

  • I already do that to my food, no challenge needed

  • You're coffee at home

  • And you know that you have to putt hot sauce in the coffee

  • 17:57 you didn’t put hot sauce on the chip

  • Derek should put hot sauce on his bald spot , I bet it will grow back

  • 10:42 *Derek: "It's like going from RO-tv, to like Brazzers--"* *Demonetization: "I'm about to end this mans whole career."*

  • 4:04, wait a minute I though you only out hot sauce on the stuff you EAT not DRINK

  • U sound like Morty from Rick and morty

  • try putting on the hot sauce on cake

  • Did anyone notice that when he drank the water from outside it was normal water not water with hot sauce Lol he basically failed the challenge but that doesn’t matter unless he doesn’t take a $h** then that’s fine 👍

  • Derek’s shirt looked like a prison shirt cuz he doesn’t get to make choices and he’s locked in

  • You little BITCH

  • Yo u should do let the person in front how u get a haircut

  • Taking everything vegan off of your food

  • Did he eat the green part of the strawberry 😂

  • Your a bitch what it comes to hot Sauce

  • Derek should put hot sauce on his bald spot. I bet it'll grow back Read the description so you will understand why I said this

  • Derek should out hot sauce on his bald spot..maybe it'll grow back 😂😁 plz notice me daddy Derek😂😌

    • daddy?! Wow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • Why didn’t you choose not to put hot sauce on your coffee?

  • I have frozen blueberries and cherries too

  • He never specified how much he had to put but I guess he put a lot for content 😂😂

  • Dramatic bro it probably taste great next ten seconds I try it burns my mouth off

  • Technically you dont eat beverages so you played yourself

  • This is how many people looked at Derek’s bald spot 👇🏻

  • Da fuge coconut head looking a$*

  • Derek should put hot sauce on his bald spot and mabey it will grow back

  • hmmm... I did the math and this took them around 720,000,000,000 microseconds