Reacting to Keanu Reeves Memes - [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#60

Publicat pe 14 iun. 2019
Epic keanu reeves memes
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  • Me: Mom *show pewd merch* Mom: wtf is that let's go to Ross

  • H A M P I M A R I A G L O R I A

  • Thanos: I am... inevitable Keanu Reeves: And i... am... breathtaking **snaps**

  • Reeve review

  • pewdiepie looks like princess leia


  • Of course he has the perfect answer to everything. He’s had 5,000 years to prepare the perfect comeback to everything because he’s immortal.

  • You are so gay you want to smash Keanu Reeves in the butt and also I fricking hate you Lazar beam is better I hope your RO-tv channel gets deleted

  • That unexpected "Quieres?" is some of the hardest PewDiePie's made me laugh.

  • Is pewdipie drinking.....milk? 🤷‍♀️idunno maybe it’s just me..

  • Me and the boys still going.

  • 8:36

  • The boy's were Breathtaking It was sad that they had to die of fall damage and Lose there diamonds

  • Wow, Its been a Month since the last Meme review.......

  • Last meme revievv

  • The meme game have leveled up so much through all these years...

  • 3:20 yoUve nEver plAyeD tubeR simUlatoR??!!

  • I am HeRe made almost all the subtitles

  • thatistheplan didn't die for this

  • ??? :)) *Follows asg7 on T T V*

  • Keanu Reeves's character is perfectly all things should be.

  • I’m binge watching the Meme Review series because Minecraft has taken over and we have to say goodbye to this :(

  • (1 month later) RIP Meme Review

  • We did a meme reviews in school and won

  • feels weird pewds not swearing in his videos anymore. . . . . . petition for *pewdiepie2* another channel where he could swear for us in his videos..

  • Ты дибил

  • For the raptor fan meme you have to go into every frame and also the thing you want to use and delete the part you don’t need this can take a day just for a single 15 seconds I’m doing this with the entire infinity war movie ever since it came out I’m still in wokanda ( I’m taking out the background and replacing it with its Minecraft counter part

  • Xin chào tôi đến từ việt nam

  • Dude: you're breathtaking! Keanu Reeves: *THROWS ADS INTO YOUR FACE*

  • Darn I went to post a meme on Reddit but I have to wait cause of the bot 😂

  • I really thought Keanu was hosting meme review when I saw the thumbnail

  • *he looks like John Wick*

  • Hey can i get love ?

  • Keanu lived in 9:56

  • Keanu’s existence made me raise my rating of Toy Story 4 from a 2/10 to a 3/10 because we all should be like Keanu, utterly perfect in every way with no hate in our system. At all.

  • I miss meme review 🙁

  • Paint the thumbs up button (like the artist you are) if you are watching this after pewds plays minecraft.

  • Keanu Reeves is the human personification of good.

  • Me at 11:04 i know what he says you guys at 11:04 🤔🤔

  • *Wake the frick up Samurai We have a city to burn*

  • It's been a month felix, BRING IT BACK

    • Fuchi I miss it so hard :(

  • can some one say me pls what is the name of song play in 2:15


  • T series shall fall

  • 4:10 he also lost his dog

  • Чё за хуйня с русскими субтитрами?

  • 5:01 if you look really closely, hes not touching the females around him :o

  • #felipeneto

  • Beautiful is all I have to say

  • The Pewds looks like he's in a bad '60's low budget scifi film with that turtleneck thing.