Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Hands On

Publicat pe 8 aug. 2019
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus hands on.
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This is my Samsung Galaxy Note hands on video. The Note 10 (Plus) represents Samsung's top tier smartphone offering packing a 6.8-inch AMOLED display and up to 12GB of RAM.
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  • My Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - DEEP DIVE (20+ minutes) -

    • Unbox Therapy 1000th like

    • I was the 1,000 liķe

    • You know the color is actually holographic

  • When you watching this on an iPhone

  • Apple ruined prices lf phones and headphone jacks

  • Watched this video and got the note 10+ yesterday thank you

  • Tell the iphone company that their phone is took shòrt

  • YES NO?

  • Do NOT buy a Samsung phone! I was an iPhone client never had any issues. I bought a note 10 last September.. less than a month after it started having issues hanging up in the middle of phone calls. Sent to Samsung to be fixed twice they couldn't fix it .. they wouldn't exchange the phone. My biggest regret. Will switch back to those who really care !

    • Just because you had a bad experience doesn't mean you should ruin it for everyone else I've had this phone for about 3 months and I never experienced that. Shut the fuck up and enjoy your iPhone

  • this is so big giving us best porn hub experience 😂

    • von dagani Try xhamster its better than pornhub🤣🤣

  • So no headphone jack. Sigh.

  • Pussy that brings the sensore outdoor from temperature and humidity sensiron outdoor

  • What is that fourth camera for?

  • I won't be getting another Note until they get rid of the fucked up curved edge. That "feature" leaves the glass vulnerable. No case can protect it because the cases allow us to use the features of the curved edge. Fuck it. I have broken two glass fronts because if this fucked up feature......that I don't even use. Just make a damn Note phone without that curved edge feature and you will have an excellent phone that I will purchase.

  • This is why i use a Samsung S10+ There is no Headphone Jack.

  • Wow! Can I have 1 sir?

  • I love my note 10, but... Going from a flat screened mate 10 pro, too a vurved screen, sucks.. i cannot understand the point of it. It *ucks up the image, accidental touches, marking stuff with the pen close to the edges is difficult... It dont Even look good 😅

  • Did u notice that your phone camera making sound while shaking?

  • iPhone without jack: OMG LOOOOL SAMSUNG HAS IT LOLOLOL I AM NEVER GOING APPLE Samsung removes jack: well, wireless is better anyways... yeah..

    • Lmfao truth I side with Samsung no matter what 😂

    • My s8 still has a headphone jack soo...🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • The phones are getting bigger and the tablets are getting smaller

  • Just unboxed a note10 I picked up for $615! stoked!

  • My iPhone XR is on the way but idk Samsung is awesome too just had to check apple's competition

  • Skye

  • Nice phone but the Radiation coming off of these things is cell destroying! Research EMF's Millimetre waves.

    • about the same radiation as a banana. every single thing in the world gives off radiation, this is about the same as a banana, which would take about 500,000,000 of them around you to even have a noticable affect and itd take 100+ years

  • I absolutely hate these curved displays. They should make models without it instead of forcing everyone to conform to it. Especially for the prices they ask for these things.

  • Lol just got my note 10 today for 550 after trading in a pixel 3a

  • No mention of headphone socket ?

  • Watching this on my note 10+ 😂

  • I loved my note 4 back in the day. It was a great size imo. Now I have an iPhone 11 and it feels so nice.. I couldn’t even imagine buying a note 10 plus. I’m sorry that’s just way too big.

  • Does anyone know how to make the lock screen picture show longer before it goes black again (back to sleep, I guess)? I am using a picture from my gallery and I would like it to last a little longer. I am not talking about when my Note 10+ goes to sleep, but, rather, the lock screen wallpaper picture that comes back on when I press the left side button for the screen to come back on so I can unlock it. Thanks for any input you might give.

  • I have a note 8 and now I have my eye on the camera I really want it but there is not possible way my mom will allow unless I smash my phone and blame it on my sister XD

  • Wait a min, $1,100? These people are fucking nuts!

  • I have a iphone 7 plus, and ready for an upgrade. Was gunna get the new iphone but really hate the notch and bezels, considering this beauty but dont know if ill regret it later...

  • 2012: 6.3inch display is gigantic 2019: 6.3inch display is normal 2025: 6.3inch display is small

    • People already kinda think 6.3 is small

  • I can see why ppl would go for a note 9, but I will say with this phone that the longer I use it and the more small features and small attention to detail that I find, the more I come to love this phone

  • I'm the big fan samsung and i still used three handphone samsung note2,note5,note9 and i like samsung note 9 more

  • Yesssssssssssss

  • best bang for your buck 11 pro max or Note 10 or 10+

  • the only thing i am unhappy about this note 10 plus is the selfie camera, depends on type of screen protector you use it easily gets dirty and the selfie quality is so so .... when you take a shot, it's making itself difficult... if only i could post my selfie pics here to show how difficult it is compared to all other smart phones

  • He didn't mention the omission of the headphone jack....on a Note.

  • Watching from my note 10🙃

  • Why get so excited about the colour when you need to get a protective cover anyway?