Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Hands On

Publicat pe 8 aug. 2019
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus hands on.
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This is my Samsung Galaxy Note hands on video. The Note 10 (Plus) represents Samsung's top tier smartphone offering packing a 6.8-inch AMOLED display and up to 12GB of RAM.
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  • My Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - DEEP DIVE (20+ minutes) -

    • Unbox Therapy hi Lew, what watch r u wearing in this video?

    • Hay iam your big fan

    • Any idea how the haptic feedback is on the note 10?

    • Funny how you didn't mention no headphone jack on either phone and the note 10 doesn't have expandable storage

    • Hay bro please give me a galaxy note 10 please....................

  • Can't wait for the Note 11 to come out and see if I can afford this Note 10

  • Iphone: *destroys headphone jack* Samsung: FUTILE HUMAN BEINGS WE ARE NOW FULLY SUPERIOR TO YOU!! Also samsung: we took away our headphone jack lolol now buy our wireless earphones your poor idiot

  • Improvement sure, but it's still a loss with that hole punch. I like the Note 9 more.

  • I bought a Galaxy Note 7. The bastards at Samsung informed me that they would replace the phone and had done even tighter QA on the 2nd relaunch. One day, I got a semi-permanent notification on my phone stating that I needed to turn it in as the phone was no longer supported and they were blowing up again. They tempt me with the 10, but damn if iPhone isn't just so damn good.

  • Can you review Moto z4

  • Never cared for the colors of any phone. Since I purchase a case immediately. Screen repairs are stupid expensive.

  • i think im gonna stick to my 200bucks Redmi note 5 pro for a while now

  • They've done an under the screen fingerprint scanner so I guess the next step is to do an under the screen camera somehow.

  • Imma stay with my A70

  • I enjoy these reviews mostly cuz the guy is hot af 😍 his skin color. his eyes. His graying beard. Ufffff🔥

  • Looks like the old Xperia

  • look at the galaxy book s

  • Wish there was an option for headphones or pen

  • Nowadays, better smartphones means just another reason to spend more time on it so you can get your monies worth

  • Off topic... After two years using Note 8, I changed my s pen tip to the white one... Amazing. The pen just glides across the screen (Whitestone Dome Glass)

  • 8:55 I'd never ask for a detailed selfie lol

  • What smart watch is he wearing?

  • I don’t know why but initially you were handling your phone so precisely..... I thought its thermal fingerprint paint on it and you will tell later . 🤣

  • Y isnt there a pink one 😒😒

  • Juat ordered mine yesterday now for the best part waiting and watching videos in anticipation! I feel like Cartman waiting for the Wii...

  • Who's waiting for OnePlus 7t Pro ???

  • I would just like to point out that the Note 10 Plus doesn't 'scale up the Note'. Its the same size as the Note 9. They just made a smaller Note and called it the normal Note. It's not, it's just smaller


  • Have they finally got rid of Bixby? I can't stand I would buy a new phone just to get rid of Bixby

  • Making reconsider my decision with apple

  • I saw the note10 few weeks before in the samsung store

  • So Samsung fans complained about no headphone jack and high priced Apple devices and now Samsung did both. hypocrites

  • Do you know where to find the 3d scanner? Couldn't find in my note 10 plus

  • I used to buy just samsung Note phones because the had everything you need and more...but what samsung is doing now with the Note 10 is just fucked up!

  • ...also, because the black Note10+ is the only fully loaded specks... The Spen, usable on the smaller brother or the other way... are they the same Spen and can we use a Note 9 Spen on a Note10 or use a Note10/Note10+ on/in the Note9 and the same with the tips ?

  • Samsung is making fool people as they give updates only for new models while iPhone updates are released for all models even old ones. Samsung not give security service like apple.

  • Police: what colour of your stolen phone? You : ..ish!!

  • I have been using the pixel 2 xl for a couple years nowm it's great but the biggest downfall is the brightness. Going to pick this one up on launch. Love the note series.

  • Zzup Lew! Can you make a review on Nubia Z20?

  • I haven't watched your videos in a while...You seem so "toned down" regarding your personality...weird, but still great video, Thanks (:

  • It was slow when u touch to focus on the back Camera test

  • So glad I got the OnePlus 7 pro, literal flagship killer and only cost me £550 for 8gb ram 256 GB storage 🥳

  • Galaxy note 10 the begin of the end

  • Dvd

  • Already bought it just waiting for release.

  • my Note 9 still looks beautiful and does everything the 10 can do. im good✌

  • I'll keep my note 9 with headphone jack. Not much different with the 10 and they took the headphone jack away

  • Your heartbreaks when you crack such a beautiful screen

  • Android didn't learn much from Apple pulling headphone jack. Seriously

  • So cheap for Americans as their per capita GDP is $50,000. 😂

  • Can u buy the spen for the note 9?

  • After Note 4, Samsung makes garbage phones.

  • That's bullshit... So Well tell you something? I guess you made too much money.... You have lost that originality... Last time watching you bbye bye

  • So I heard you do things that other don't... How about show us a test of 3D camera..I guess Samsung has blocked that for you

  • Hry Lou! As a Canadian viewer that loves your channel, thanks for the price in CAD! Puts it into better perspective. Ur the man.

  • was going to upgrade maybe mid next year but it doesn't have a headphone jack so I'm not interested. beats headphones on the market are 100% wired

  • I love the look of the rainbow color. I put 3M sylix film on my current note to get the look but you get a lot of reflection light bounce when taking pictures or video. I ended up taking it off so keep that in mind if you take lot of pictures.

  • I thought they were supposed to be 5G ready

  • Does anyone know what watch he is wearing?

  • I'm getting the Note 8 good price now!

  • This was the most useful rewiew I've seen so far, thank you so much!

  • I come watch this every other day n getting more hyped NOTE WEEK IS HERE! Lets go

  • You kinda forgot to mention the real difference - the smaller note 10 does NOT have SD card support and BOTH phones do not have headphone jack!!!

  • Yeah, I dig that iridescent back but I hate the lack of a headphone jack. If it wasn't for that, I would definitely go for one of these. Instead of getting my note 9 fixed.

  • Oh , note 10 + costs my salary for two months

  • Do a comparison between Samsung note 10+ and one plus 7 pro please

  • XD

  • Notice that this fake Justin Timberlake ass motherfuka didn't mention that they removed the headphone jack out of the Note 10. The reason being is because it is a terrible selling point. That means he's probably getting money from Samsung. Fuck this Justin Fimberlake ass hole and anybody for not being mad about the removal of the headphone jack.

  • This is better than iphone!

  • I think I'll just stick with my OnePlus 7 Pro

  • Might buy note 10+ just for the cool functional cases available for it

  • What watch are you wearing

  • No head phone Jack? Fail

  • I love this mobile

  • Dual SIM or no?

  • Who pays $1,000.00 or more for a phone ????? And why ????? I'm just curious.

  • ok w.e bigdeal.

  • The greatest invention humans have ever created in the history of this planet is the Note10

  • Way too many hand jestures are we in a rave party?

  • Scrolled through no more than ten comments before being reminded how stupid people are and how toxic the comments all have become. You have some of the shittiest people on the internet viewing your videos.

  • I hate the auto beautify that Samsung phones do

  • at 7:57, was there some kind of typing happening on the top of the screen in Landscape mode? Phantom Touch?

  • Just waiting for mines. I am a power user. Samsung gave some great incentives to purchase.

  • I had the note 9 is a great phone loved it but if you don't use the s pen why not wait for s11 its gets most of these upgrades