Selena Gomez and Jimmy Cry While Eating Spicy Wings (Hot Ones)

Publicat pe 12 iun. 2019
Selena Gomez and Jimmy go head-to-head eating spicy wings that get progressively hotter as Hot Ones host Sean Evans grills them with questions.
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Selena Gomez and Jimmy Cry While Eating Spicy Wings (Hot Ones)


  • Respect Jimmy!

  • Let her answer ... You credit stealing idiot

  • Fucking cheater jimmy

  • Sean Evans is so hot 😍

  • I would be tasting her little snapper

  • Why it seems like jimmy is over acting

  • 7:45 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • How many times did Jimmy actually ate spicy wings.. oooo

  • i love seeing celebs crying out in pain jumping around frantically in my spare time 😂😂😂

  • Selena is a Latino an that makes sense

  • I don't particularly like Jimmy Fallon, but it was really cool of him to let Sean Evans do the outro. Respect.

  • Bring him back on!!!! His awesome 👏

  • I thought they were ripping off hot ones glad to see Sean

  • Selena automatically disqualified for using ranch

  • Try the Bhut Jolokia chillis from assam india!!

  • PeeWee Herman, Adam Sandler impersonations We’re SPOT ON! But who Can think straight after That Hot Sauce from Hades🥵👿 #🥰JimmyFallon

  • Who are these people? I thought Hot Ones was supposed to have famous people.

  • But Selena was eating something white cream with chicken wings too beside the milk

  • I missed my baby😭😭😭

  • Selena Gomez with the ranch...represent Texas girllll

  • Makes you realize that Jimmy Fallon is really not good at what he is doing. Sean Evans is. He took charge.

  • Selina making her Mexican side takes the spot be like

  • Wat’s the sauce selena used as dipping sauce?

  • Trinidad in the house...scorpion pepper has done it again.

  • Jimmy is so dramatic

  • Is it just me or does Jimmy Fallon appear to be very fake , not just on this but even during interviews ??!?

  • She is look a little bit like peecee....

  • I have to stop watching this everytime I get hungry

  • Why the F*** is the hot ones RO-tv channel not linked in the description??? So puzzled...

  • Well this just proves Selena is a fucking fat ass piece of shit! LMAO!!!

  • Somebody needs to zip Jimmy's mouth, let the other man talk for fuck's sake.

  • Why can't Jimmy complete a single sentence!!??

  • Man I wish Selena never got sick. She used to be sooo friggin gorgeous. The most gorgeous on the planet. No'w shes still pretty but shes gained alot of weight making her less gorgeous of course and its because of the meds etc. Oh well.

  • i am just sad about the waste of milk.

  • A sweetest reply❤0:03

  • ✅👌😂😂😂😂

  • What happens next day morning after eating this🤠

  • This show is so terrible, they have to bring another interviewer to do their job. Jimmy should just quit now.

  • I luv Selena

  • Dude I could tell who all the impressions were...pretty sure Im getting old.

  • You’re the fucking host... you don’t have to try so hard. 🙄😒

  • Selena after the bomb: It's ok, I got this . . I got this . . .. . This is horrible, I HATE IT!!!!!

  • wtf is jimmy doing? lol

  • Commenting that Jimmy Fallon is fake is so outplayed about you go watch the shows that are up to your "realness" standard and stop boring us with your predictable petulance.

  • 😂😂😂

  • Isn't spicy foods bad for your kidneys gurl?!?!?!

  • I don't like selena gomez...she is very arrogant girl.....i don't know she behaves as if she is the only one who has achieved somethng....lot of big Hollywood actresses are more humble than her.....she has lot of attitude

    • What a stupid comment is this?😂😂

  • Selll❤😍

  • Selena is really hungry! haha

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  • I love Sean. I want to punch Jimmy every time he smacks his lips while eating.

  • Hahaaa to funny

  • Selena never seen hot ones ?? She'd be suprise of she searched it on youtube and bunch of the big stars already on the show .

  • Came here because of Hot Ones.

  • I dont think the sauce is hotter, its the combination of different sauces

  • Why they keep talking while eating.

  • She is boring to watch.

  • Jimmy looks wasted

  • Jimmy look tired in here.. Looks like he hasn't been sleeping much.

  • What was the white stuff Selena dipping in? Kinda not fair.. 🙄