Sen. Scott says Dems are trying to 'dupe African-American voters'

Publicat pe 20 aug. 2019
2020 Democrats have nothing but empty promises to run on, says South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, Republican member of Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs. #TheStory #MarthaMacCallum #FoxNews
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  • A Green new deal it is not a deal for the poor people but for the rich how can taking away all jobs associated with fossil fuel benefit the world can these people not think rather develop new ways of using fossil fuel cleaner put more money into research on this subject .

  • When you whisper in the ear of one guy, that guy hates you, and whisper in the other guy's ear, that guy despises you, chances are likely people will despise and hate each other.

  • I wish one democrat would read a few history books, it is a sign of their intellectual poverty that they lack knowledge and understanding of their nation's history. Thank God for this new generation of intelligent, well read and knowledgeable people of colour who, unlike the democrats, know their history.

  • Tim Scott is a Steppin Fetchet. He is nothing more than a token to provide cover for bigots.

  • Is Beto stupid? Is he forgetting about the Jim Crow era? Is he forgetting about DECADES of democrats voting and speaking against civil rights? Is he forgetting about the President who viewed Birth of a Nation in the white house and promoted it? ....What is wrong with people?

  • Guess what Democrats? African Americans are not stupid like you want them to be.

  • Black man here...yawning at the dems attempt.

  • Dont fall for this again African americans. Obama made similar promises toward the people and look where we are now. The Democrats just want your vote, but they will not help you.

  • You are nothing but trash

  • How long will it take for black people to call themselves Americans instead of africans?

  • Republicans should make pamphlets to hard out in dem areas ( especially black areas) giving correct quotes from Trump, comparing dems to reps, and siting websites of all the prof that’s written.

  • The dems have nothing to go on but racism.

  • Here comes the "Victim mentality" again. The best advice I can give anyone is this, and this is all inclusive. 1) Practice personal responsibility 2) Act with integrity 3) Give your best effort in whatever you do, and don't try and control the outcome 4) Look to improve on a daily basis 5) Treat others the way you want to be treated. Enough with the "Victim mentality". It does not do a lick of good for anybody.

  • Liar Liar Liar Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars Liars I can't say it enough the Democrats are liars if you believe that that is what kept people from moving on besides wasn't it white supremacy oh they changed it to racism now now we're all exclusive

  • We exist to lose ppl duh! Thats wrong wanting to succeed.. having ur own power.. that's not good..

  • It's not hard to fool a black Democrat. Just tell him he "can't have it", and watch what happens. It becomes an obssession..

    • Those people in Martha's Vineyard were all happy to stick us with Obama, and now he is moved into their guest house! We are going to get BIG laughs as the residents experience "buyer's remorse" when they have to put up with Obamas everyday.

  • Love president Trump and tim Scott ❤❤

  • Sen. Scott, when are you going to run for President?

  • Democrats are the true racists.

    • and true sellouts just like their rino operatives.

  • I am old and racism saw racism when I was a kid. It was sad. There is still some racism toward minorities but as an old white man, I found out that there is also reverse racism. My last boss told me that he could not have hired me if I were young. They had quotas and he was not allowed to hire white men at that time unless they were over 50...not positive of the age cutoff. After reaching their quota, they could hire whoever they preferred.


  • If we had honest news media, Trumps approval rating would be 80%, but they ignore his accomplishments and lie about him continually.

  • If you pay our districts taxes, you come to our schools ! If you win the votes, your elected ! If not, your a demonrat whiner ! That loser BLAK female candidate lost because other guy got more votes, and no one stopped anyone from voting for you or other guy !

  • KAG !!! TRUMP is the greatest potus this country has had since Lincoln or Kennedy ! Don’t let them lie to you brothers and sisters ! Left if elected would ruin the nation within one year !

  • These people are nuts.

  • Isn't talking about racism being racism. IDIOTS

  • Dey been duped. The question is, are they listening? Decades and decades of putting “representatives “ in place, watching THEM get rich and coming back telling all of em why whitey is the root of all evil, and they punch the democrat ticket again. Crazy.

  • God bless Tim Scott!

  • Sorry but It seems that 70%+ of the black population, approx 70%+ of the Jewish population and 50% of whites are down right ignorant and stupid. Sad but it seems true. So many stupid Dems. Dem policies are stupid and moronic. Common sense is not to be found among a single one.

  • The Democrats have been duping black voters since the end of the Civil War... and I'm not saying Republicans are any better, but Democrats are the ones who continue to make "empty promises", while labeling anyone who disagrees with them racist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, mysoginic, etc, etc, etc.

  • Meanwhile the African-American comunity is busy going to work & enjoying life like anyone else....but the Dems don't know it😂😂

  • They have been duping African american voters since they were granted the right to do so in 1870. At this point the "fool me once shame on you,fool me twice shame on me" applies.... as africans are on like "fool me 5000000000" by now and still hasnt sunk in yet. I dont have sympathy for stupid.

  • They think we are idiots. Just make up things! We will believe it.......NOT

  • The race card over and over again. That's all the Democrats have.

  • Black people in the USA are smarter than the Demon'crats give you credit for. They are fear mongering you into voting for their empty promises.I have seen this played out in every Presidential election since 1960.Lets look at the fscts, you are better off now than in anytime in modern history.Trump is a Patriot for all Americans. Do not let them dupe you like Obama and Clinton did.

  • martha is an undercover dem, so many reasons to tune out fox these days

  • who is he trying to dupe, Scott is a Dem.

  • We have to own up to the truth that having light skin is enough to lose your job in america Jk what am I talking about I'm Canadian

  • Good job senator. Trump 2020

  • The only DUPED african american voter is this IDIOT on the screen........................."CENTRAL PARK FIVE" "BIRTHERISM"

  • Trump is not Racist

  • Vote Trump 2020

  • Stop lying about Trump.

  • Uncle Ruckus 😂No self respecting Black Man should appear on Fox 🦊 unless they are getting paid. Slave Mentality. Brother Get Paid. It’s your Hustle. Tell them what they want to hear. Shucking and Jiving. Slew Footing🤪.

  • beto should really do his own beta testing before he picks a platform to run on. I suggest he go skateboarding in a black neighborhood in Chicago on a Friday night to see how well his advocacy is being received.

  • What we are witnessing now is worse then racism. It is the oppression and indoctrination of minorities by propogandizing race; as a means of control.

  • Liz is still looking for that beer.

  • Im confused whats a African American is that a person with dual citizenship

  • Dem candidates , well Obuma fooled them why not me. lol Hillary tried with lies and cover ups. She going to prison with her evil gang.

  • So whats your point they've been duping blacl ppl for 50 yrs. Are you just now catching on

  • Dumbocrats doing what they do best - race baits

  • Alright I've heard enough this man for president right now

  • DEM 2020 are scammers

  • Votes come easy for the democraps they just say the word FREE and they all vote democrap. Then they get 0 in return and continue to vote jackass's.

  • Oh shut up Beto

  • Here is an idea a republican will never come with. Man has the technology to fight all wars on computer simulation. No more lives need to be lost. Soldiers no longer need to lose legs and arms or be badly burned. Computer simulated wars would stop some of the destruction of the planet. Now, whether mankind works to preserve the life of his fellow man and protect the world he lives on shows us how sick humanity really is.

  • His is absolutely right on that

  • Trying to? They've been doing it for years and black folk cant get enough of it

  • Oh yes,these white liberals really know what it's like to be black! LOL

  • Demoturds are lying cheating smearing slandering anti-American illegal loving obstructionist Hypocrites PERIOD! Most evil entity on Earth!