Skyblock Randomizer Challenge #7

Publicat pe 14 sep. 2019
The seventh installment in my challenge where every 30 seconds I get given a random block. On a single block of bedrock, I am expected to survive with one item spawning every 30 seconds. I own a fish called New Milo and a traitor called Jim-Jum
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Incompetech - Kevin Macleod


  • omg he could eat the fruit while falling and he'd teleport back up!!!

  • whyt tf would he delete the command block

  • "And I'll make sure I'll get what I need" **sky just turns grey,just after he says that** "YOU CANT HIDE JUST BECAUSE I WIN" legit I think sky god is a real thing that's not possible it can't be that everything that happened was pure coincidence

  • Omg maname

  • Wilbur: **gets a command block** Sky gods: ‘Ight Imma head out

  • My name is Lily I feel special

  • Any Lilys who watched this are shook

  • Its just a bit late butttttttttttttttt Happy birthday Wilbur (same as me)

  • you could've just given yourself an infinite amount of cobblestone instead of making the generator

  • How Does He Have 2 command blocks after he placed one he still had it

  • OMG i just realized something when he got the terracotta it sounded like it stands for tear-a-cod and when then he said “do you want me to kill the sheep” he got a sea lantern and sea is related to a cod i think it means that he has to kill him also he got dried kelp block and you get dreid kelp block when you put kelp in the oven make it into a block which means he has to cook Milo

  • I LOVE Milo

  • Honestly, who thought he was gonna get dirt instead of lava

  • When he I said hello lily I can say i was scared as heck

  • “I can see you watching this, Lily” Me: ...

  • Any one else feel a little triggered when he pronounced “Composter” as “Composter” instead of “Composter”?

  • IKEA bird

  • no wait chorus fruit no please

  • Sky block randomizer is a story of a man's slow descent to madness and dispair

  • *_to become god is the loneliest achievement of all_*

  • Wait, I always thought you cloud not open command blocks in survival. I think it was a feature at some point or it's an adventure mode thing.

  • hmm burning the temple of the sky gods with lava huh, That really is just your own big f u sign to the sky gods.

  • Reaches Nirvana

  • The rabbits work for the sky gods

  • C L E A N M Y R A V A G E R J I M J A M

  • That mic editing in the water was noice

  • I did this challenge I got 3 dirt in 5 minutes

  • In this episode: *WILBUR BECOMES A GOD*

  • Don't feed that biscuit to any parrots

  • I can't stop imagining the sky God as a pouting child


  • You scared us, Wilbur. Us Lily's fear you.

  • i forgot if biscuit exist in minecraft until he got a biscuit lol

  • This is the best series of non there is literally nothing done but it is entertaining 😂

  • instead of having the fish on that sign can’t you take it and put it in the tank?

  • The sky gods weren't hiding, they finally set you free. You did what they wanted. They relinquished control over you and gave you a command block. You have become one of them.

  • Composters make bone meal

  • Sea sounds like si and si is yes

  • The boots are still cursed.

  • Good series

  • Doesn't the chorus fruit teleport you to the nearest safe block??? Maybe??? that'd be so useful!

  • My names lily..... I’m really uncomfortable

  • If anyone's wondering, the music that plays when the Sky Gods come into play is "Private Reflection", by Kevin MacLeod.

  • I am Lily... I am a little uncomfortable in this shulker box...

  • Someone send me a prophecy chart for each item he’s given, here’s mine so far Glass: the path is clear Coral/prismarine: Milo will be safe Dirt: expand Blaze powder: death is soon

  • I have a feeling the gods want you to kill The New Milo and btw wasn’t The New Milo named ‘Milo 2’?

  • everytime he obtains a golden item someone dies

  • You could have got dirt with command block but OK.

  • If you diddnt cry when he lost the turtle shell helmet you are not human. Once he lost it meant he couldn’t swim with milo forever

  • I actually cheered when he got the cobble generator running

  • What the fuck is the character development in this series? Wilbur started out happy and optimistic, sharing his love and excitement with his animal companions. But after they all leapt to their own demises, he slowly began to lose that light. He became addicted to the company of one other, depending on them for solace. When that failed, he sought religion: seeking comfort in higher powers. However, it soon became apparent that even this would not do it, as he was driven further and further into madness. He built a temple, but it soon became a prison for its apostle. He hanged a sheep at the first suspicion of betrayal. He sacrificed his animal companions to the Sky Gods. This wasn't enough. Driven deeper into depression and madness, he took a rabbit hostage, threatening to kill them both if the Sky Gods did not appease *him*. He backed out at the last second, still in defiance of the Sky Gods, but realized battling them would achieve nothing. Having lost everything, he found what it truly means to be happy. He had tried religious fanaticism, blind optimism, and hoarding, but now he found the secret: helping others. As he built New Milo a city, a whole world to live in, he reached enlightenment. He let go of his resentment towards the Sky Gods who had scorned him, and the sheep who had betrayed him. He let go of sorrow, anger, need. He found inner peace. And when he did, he was rewarded the ultimate gift: a Command Block. With this, he had ascended beyond the Sky Gods who had laughed at his struggles. The skies darkened as the Gods accepted their defeat... and yet, with his newfound enlightenment, Wilbur took only exactly what he needed, and abandoned the power of the Gods, content to live as a mortal.

  • The story of a man who begins to decent into madness. Disregarding all he holds dear. Until he realised that all he needs for happiness is a fish

  • Hold on. So he got 2 command blocks because he had 1 in his inventory when he placed it next to milo?

  • But Wilburrr, It's Blue Peter


  • The sky was blotted out by a light gray carpet of clouds.

  • At the beginning of the vid with the ravager: *jim jong!* (or however you spell it.) *Daddy has a problem!*

  • I really enjoy this series, please film more❤

  • give yourself dirt

  • Hi